Horse deaths baffle vets in WA’s south-west

April 11, 2012AUSTRALIA Veterinarians say they are baffled as to what caused the death of four horses on a property in WA’s south-west. The horses died unexpectedly over a six-day period in Margaret River last week. Samples of hay, mineral mixers and other food sources which the horses had access to are being tested. Vet surgeon, Rupert Mothersole, says two of the horses were found dead and another had to be euthanized hours after becoming ill. “We’re looking for horses which are either found dead or horses which are showing profound depression, sweating, respiratory distress, muscles tremors, and things like that,” Dr Mothersole said. “Some of those signs are quite consistent with a snake bite so they’re the type of signs that a horse owner would be making contact with their vet very rapidly anyway.” –ABC News
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10 Responses to Horse deaths baffle vets in WA’s south-west

  1. dihydromonoxide says:

    burning hickory maybe allot of wild fires latley or radioactive grass its not a good sign but a sign of what well lets wait and see since things are moving so quickly


  2. Between radiation in water and air and chemtrails.. how could they miss?


  3. A horse has a very sensetive nervious system. Kinda like a canary in a mine, The horse will be effected before cows sheep & wildlife. I would suspect some rain carring radiation from the melted japan nuclear plants.


    • Chris says:

      Except I’m pretty sure the cloud drifted over to the States, not south to Australia. But yes it is weird to see animals die randomly, but it’s not anything new.


  4. frackenstein says:

    None of the above…here in the South West I’ve not yet seen chemtrails. Nor have we had drift from Fuku yet. East coast did, over Brisbane, and also New Zealand. Prevailing weather from the south west oceans comes from Antarctica so it’s fairly clean still. In north Queensland we’ve had several outbreaks of Hendra virus (similar symptoms), which is spread by fruit bats (flying foxes), but we have none of those here – they live in the tropics…

    Thanks Alvin for keeping us informed…


  5. Patricia Moline says:

    Oil pollution could have caused death of 481 dolphins in Lambayeque, Perú. Are currently more than 600. It is believed to acoustic pollution. It is not commonto find many dolphins in this area . Scientist are looking for reasons why so many dolphins in this area. Look this link:


  6. tonic says:

    I once seen something similar happen where weed killer was used in a field a week before the horses were taken there. It was only after the owner of the field, mentioned that he had treated the weeds, that the mystery was solved.


  7. posted by Jenny McNeal

    MAINE :: 23 horses die at Gorham farm of rare botulism outbreak

    “A rare botulism outbreak has killed 23 horses in the past month at the Whistlin’ Willow Farm, according to the state veterinarian.”

    Read Full Article At ::


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