17 Responses to Largest air force exercise in Gulf history takes place with U.S. aircraft carrier group

  1. yamkin says:

    Does anyone remember the film called SALT with Angelina Jolie acting the star role? Well, I have this inner feeling that when USA and their poodle UK attacks Iran, the SALT film could become reality with Iran unleashing their might.


  2. wayne says:

    its almost like usa does not want iran to come to talks.


  3. John Durango says:

    Need congressional approval to go to war With Iran,…China…Russia…Venezuela ..Pakistan


    • Phyllis says:

      not according to the pentagon,they told congress all they need is the un approval and they would let congress know about it.


  4. Gordian Knot says:

    The Russians will be moving through Armenia to reach the 102nd military base to prevent any spillover proxy wars with Iran and Syria et al. To have the upper hand when it comes to strategic oil transport/reserves by way of Georgia will be easier to accomplish and takeover with troops amassed in these areas.

    I don’t know how this will play out for the U.S. i.e., if the Russians will support or hinder us, but the Russians may want to clean up their finger (nuclear) prints left behind with some of the Islamic Republics before they start playing the blame game and denials . . . just sayin’.


    • justme says:

      I’m starting to think what is going down, is just for show. Remember the movie 2012, or Knowing? A big a*& CME hits the planet. Put your tin foil hats on…why would every country in the world go broke at the same time and no government cares? Why would the Russians build underground bunkers for their citizens, that have to be ready by 2012? Why are the Chinese building subway systems to accomadate all their citizens? Why have they sealed up the seed bank? Why are people in the united states hearing mysterious noises at night, (building underground bunkers/hiding for the elite?) What keeps me sane is the fact, that this is all predicted in the bible. In the end, the good win. They can steal, lie, hide like rats, but it won’t matter, their fate is sealed .


  5. Justin says:

    @John Durango – Not anymore…Have you kept up on the latest treason going on in Congress? They openly admit they do not need approval but rather will consult with the UN.


  6. Roger says:

    He who lives by the sword, dies by it…


  7. Irene C says:

    Another chess piece has been moved.



  8. nickk0 says:

    The News just keeps getting Better and Better.


  9. Rob says:

    Is that said in jest Durango or do you really not know that your statement is how things USED to be & SHOULD be but is NOT the way it IS? Do you not know that(IIRC this was early March) Officials from the Pentagon went before Congress &, in essence, informed them that Congress is an overpriced & over emphasized nuisance that the Pentagon no longer needs to bother with because, and I believe I have this part accuarate enough to use quotes, “We get our orders from the UN.”? Yeah, you heard right. Look up the videos on YT. NDAA, new EO & now the US can go to War WITHOUT having to bother discussing it with a KEY component of the system of Checks & Ballances that this Country was founded on. Sadly, Truth is often stranger, not to mention scarier & much more sinister, than Fiction.


  10. dogbrownify says:

    The U.S will kick some butt here. We have ten, 100 times the power anyone else has. Not even Russia and China combined can help Iran. Our defenses against any nuclear or traditional attack are already in place. We can shut everyone down with one EMP, here, there, anywhere. Computer viruses, etc. They are already in place, and the staellites are up there, just waiting. We have already pulled it off in the past. It will be quick, silent, and so effective it will blow your mind.


  11. Lance says:

    The pentagon is a symbol revered by those who worship and serve the “beast”.


  12. Larry Buffalo says:

    same old american pride to bad we are not even mentioned in the last show, where do you think we will be??????


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