17 Responses to Tension mounts over long-range rocket as North Korea moves rocket to launch pad

  1. Kauai says:

    If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. Until the UN (cough cough) I mean the USA…has a consistent nuclear policy with all countries….we have ZERO moral authority with any of them. Let’s start with that friend of ours in the middle east….. not the one working toward nuclear power…but the one that HAS it already and actually, the country that already attacked us. (USS LIBERTY)
    If we can test rockets…why can’t they? The USA could be the greatest country on earth…instead…it has lost it’ moral authority.


    • IM

      The weapons were created. They’re apocalyptic in their destructive capabilities and how they can alter life on this planet for everyone. The world has already reached this rather disgusting juncture and that is nothing new. What should keep you and everyone else up at night is the new ideology and statements that these weapons will be unleashed against another country in a bout of rage. This is the currents of insanity running through the world that no sane person in their right mind should be wading in regardless of their ethnicity or nationalism or disdain for Zionism. North Korea and Iran are the countries who have openly stated they will annihilate another country and wipe it out of existence and both have nuclear programs. There will be no peace and security on this planet until all such weapons will be destroyed. Since that won’t happen by human volition; the forces of nature will lay belligerent countries to ruin. The fact that the forces of nature silenced the war drums in Kashmir and buried 135 Pakistani soldiers under 27 meters of snow should be a wake-up call to the world’s depraved warmongers.

      “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and time…that they should be judged…and destroy them which destroy the earth.” Revelation 11:18


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      “The USA could be the greatest country on earth…instead…it has lost it’ moral authority.”
      That’s what happens when you kick God out of everyplace and murder babies in the womb of their mother.
      The USA is getting exactly what it asked for, a Godless society.


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      We’ve lost more than our “moral authority” we’ve lost our leadership to the world, all because of greed of our Godless leaders. God’s wrath is about to be cast down on America very soon because we turned our back on Him just like the Jews of the Old Testament did thousands of years ago, look at how they were taken captive and lost everything to their captors. America will experience the samething because the majority let the minority control us. All the God fearing people sat back while the Godless few destroyed America and we did nothing to stop it, it’s our own fault.
      Stand up America and put God back into our nation.


  2. Adam says:

    It may be utterly crazy to think this, but maybe they do want to send a rocket to space. It would be doubtful that said rocket would serve any good purpose but paranoia is running rampant and I feel like some country will end up prematurely trigger happy very soon. What would a satellite do in space that could hurt us so bad? Loaded question, I know, and all is dependent upon (what I consider) a very crazy country’s honesty.

    Alvin- this is my first comment on your site but I have been glued to your site for about a year now. Thank you for what you do, it is very much appreciated.


  3. Jazz says:

    This is gettting stranger and stranger. Even though they keep trying to show they are only using it for satellite. Its like the leader in lybia how in one of his interviews the reporter keep trying to insist to him that his people are protesting against him and there are these violence and strikes going on but when there is a satellite view there is no evidence of any of that stuff happening and watching the people they protested against the allies and keep saying they love their leader but the people outside the country are fed some ill propaganda. Could this also be happening here?


    • As with most things in our world. Things are seldom what they appear. See updated post….


    • Mike says:

      Jazz, you are absolutely correct. You have to take a look at the “news source.” There is much propaganda and lies being fed to all of us. There are 5 corporations in the world now that own all the “mainstream media.” These 5 corporations have an agenda and at best tell 50% of the truth. You must look beyond the fear mongering and continue to hold your Light. Stop feeding them your fear and continue to spread your Love and Light. If there were to be a nuclear war it would have occurred by now. We have the Devine on our side and all attempts to start a nuclear war will be stopped. The Pentagon knows this and intervention has already begun. Our Angelic Guides are here.


  4. Dianne Ford says:

    Holy Wow! in Luke it says to keep on praying and never stop. Oh, we need to do that for sure because of all of the tensions around the world with atomic warfare. GBU for putting this information on this site and for Bernie for sharing it too !


  5. K.J. says:

    Once upon a time it was only the US and Russia that had to keep their wits about them and exercise an abundance of caution because the toys at their disposal were apocalyptic.

    Today we have the threat of war on numerous fronts with many more players possessing nuclear weapons. The twists and turns increase the danger of someone pulling the trigger exponentially, especially with some of the head cases that are playing the game.

    It does keep me awake at night.


  6. jake says:

    Whn it comes to space launches from anyone other than our allies, i cant help but wonder: satellite or emp?


  7. Thera says:

    Behind the expected appreciation of the cherry blossoms, the green tea and the polite bows of the Japanese who by the way will back North Korea in this game they’re all playing ….just who will be alive to tell the story.

    One thing you can bet on is that no one will do anything until a way is figured out for the, (for lack of a better word) “the elite” to save themselves from the holocaust they have planned for the masses. They will disappear quietly in both the day and the night….if it comes to that. In other words what I’m trying to say is that they have no plan on destroying themselves.

    So right now what we see is rumors of war, etc.

    Think people think – you must begin to think like them. Not feel like them but think like them.


  8. tonic says:

    It’s like K.J. said, it’s not the US and Russia any-more. The more countries that get this technology the higher the chances are, that a some lunatic will eventually be given control of the red button.


  9. Rob says:

    Thera, are you unaware of the current mass exedus of CEO’s that have been “disapearing”?


  10. errrv says:

    Unfortunately, the only country that has used nuclear weapons on another country is the USA. We have lost the morale responsibility of telling anyone what to do after countless invasions and hundreds of thousands killed for a foothold in the middle east. If there is any war mongering country, I’m afraid I not only live in it, but have been one of the few to deploy countlessly overseas in the name of democracy. Be prepared mentally & physically for changes that come. Be safe,


  11. yamkin says:

    N. Korea Launches Rocket: Defence Ministry

    On Friday, North Koreaon launched a long-range rocket, South Korea’s defence ministrysaid.

    “North Korea launched a long-range rocket at 07:39 am (2239 GMT Thursday),” a defence ministry spokesman told AFP.



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