Strong wind storms leave 14 dead in Argentina

April 7, 2012ARGENTINA At least 14 people died overnight into Thursday in Argentina following storms that saw strong winds cause damage across the capital region. “Seven people died — six were crushed and one was electrocuted,” near Buenos Aires, local emergency coordinator Luciano Timerman told reporters. Police also said three other people died in a neighborhood to the south of Buenos Aires when an illegally built home collapsed. In the capital, a man died when the walls of his home collapsed, authorities also said in an initial report. They later reported the death of another man crushed by the wall of a gas station abandoned in Florencio Varela to the south of Buenos Aires. A woman was killed after another wall fell on her. In central-eastern Santa Fe province, a high tension cable snapped by the high winds killed a man, Timerman said. Strong winds blew down four ramps of spotlights at the Nueva Chicago football club in the capital, while the San Lorenzo and Huracan clubs also suffered heavy damage, their directors said. The sheet metal roofs of many homes were blown away, while the winds broke building windows, in addition to other damage reported by witnesses and local media. The Buenos Aires parks and recreation chief said 114 trees had collapsed, destroying many vehicles and blocking roads, while parts of the capital and the suburbs were in the dark after the power was cut. –Terra Daily
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5 Responses to Strong wind storms leave 14 dead in Argentina

  1. radiogirl says:

    I have read in one article or another that during a pole shift the winds could become incredibly strong.I have been wondering about this as this past Christmas there were high winds in Colorado that damaged many homes..Our home is on a mountain ,not hanging off it like some but built almost into it on a large piece of solid ground.Even so,those winds were frightening and the pines outside though huge around with deep root systems swayed in a fashion that was unsettling.
    The sound of a wind like that is especially eerie.


    • Columbine says:

      Hi radiogirl. I was born and raised in Colorado and these high winds are basically normal. Happen every year. I don’t know where you live exactly, obviously, but 20+ years ago we lived in the Wet Mountain Valley and once I even had to stand all night against our front door to keep it from blowing open. I prayed continuously through the night that God would “put his finger on our house and hold it down”. He did. 🙂 That said – it seems like these strong winds are coming more often and there seems to be a vicious edge to them that hasn’t been there before. News from the Wet Mountain Valley this past fall and winter has included literally hundreds of pines blown down (shallow root systems) or they, along with aspens, snapped off half way up the trunks. Tall old trees a couple feet thick snapped off like a toothpick. This is NOT the norm! I am also in agreement – while in Colorado this fall and early winter, the wind sounded eerie to me also. And even here in Eastern Europe where I am currently at, the sound of the wind has changed – and it gives me the creeps every time it starts to blow. We live in strange and unusual times.

      How happy I am that I know Who is in control of all these things that are happening! Happy Easter to those in the West! (Palm Sunday here.)

      Thank you, Alvin, for this blog. I come here to read it and the comments several times each day. I am blessed by your comments and by your gentleness in answering people.


  2. BYHelq says:

    This wasn’t “strong winds”. This was a full on TORNADO. I’ve seen pictures and video. Unfortunately they don’t have a weather advisory that warns people of this type of disasters, and they are pretty common in this time of the year.


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