6 Responses to China shut down 16 websites and arrests bloggers

  1. tonic says:

    How can a country suppress the people who made it a world leader.? They need to take some serious time out. Otherwise all this technology they created, might come and give them a great big bite.


  2. Michele B says:

    We may as well get ready for the same thing to start happening in the US. All in the name of “protecting the population,” no doubt.


  3. RealUniverse says:

    Good they broke the law in china..they know the rules and most probably are CIA operatives trying to cause disruption and over throw the China govt. just like in the middle east.


    • Wendy Davis says:

      Corruption including extortion and bribery which has infiltrated the highest level of government leads to rebellion. Deal with it. Beat the masses down only to see them rise up stronger and with more support. It’s the human spirit’s response to oppression of expression and the ability to pursue happiness. The rich are suffering from delusions of grandeur across the globe. Fatal flaw.


  4. mhbenton says:

    So much for the old saying, “sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words can never hurt me.”


  5. nickk0 says:

    It is better to NOT have an opinion in China.
    If you do have an opinion in China, best to keep it to yourself.

    What a great concept, for running a society ! 😐


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