Aleutian Island’s Cleveland volcano continues to erupt

April 7, 2012FAIRBANKS, AlaskaAlaska’s Cleveland volcano in the Aleutian Islands is continuing to erupt. The Alaska Volcano Observatory said Friday that low-level eruptions continue to occur inside the volcano located on a remote, uninhabited island 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. The volcano’s lava dome in the summit crater was destroyed during a short explosive eruption on Wednesday. The resulting ash cloud reached about 15,000 feet above sea level. It was the third lava dome that has been destroyed by explosive events since the eruptions began in July 2011. –FDM
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2 Responses to Aleutian Island’s Cleveland volcano continues to erupt

  1. Terri Stoikes says:

    The biggest danger with Cleveland is that it is on the air routes to Asia. Many years ago we almost lost a jet due to an Ash cloud from Mt. Iliamna (or possibly one of the others in the Anchorage area, Redoubt, Augustine) It’s been several years ago but I think it was a KLM 747 flying the over the pole route. The ash choked the engines and the plane fell several thousand feet before the pilots were able to get them restarted


  2. yamkin says:

    *****VERY URGENT*****


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