7 Responses to U.S. says it would accept a civilian Iranian nuclear program

  1. Captain Australia says:

    Are they serious? This is a sign of weakness on Americas part. Iran having any form of nuclear technology will start an arms race in the Middle East.


    • jake says:

      A sign of weakness? Try diplomacy. For years, Iran has been saying they want nuclear tech for electric and medical use. This is their chance to prove it. We all know what happens if they are lying about weapons development. Americans don’t want another war. It’s nice to see an option on the table other than blow the country up, then sort out the details later (Iraq comes to mind).
      An arms race? You might be a few years behind. Pakistan, India, and Israel all have nukes; so as far as materiel, the arms race is already over and done with.
      The real issue at hand is keeping nukes out of the hands of a regime that most likely doesn’t abide by the Mutually Assured Destruction concept.


  2. Beau says:

    Thing is you Seppo’s,Iran couldn’t give a rats a*# what you accept.
    Iran is having trouble respecting a country who’s only growth industry is weapons & homeless citizens.
    The bully tactics only work on smaller less able countries.


  3. Rob says:

    Beau “less capable” meaning what? Supporting & financing terror attacks & attackers? Posturing, lies & rhetoric? The “Leaders” have openly & repeatedly stated that they feel Isreal should be wiped off the face of the Earth. IF the nuclear program they have in place is for peaceful purposes they why do they regulate &/or refuse access to known component manufacturing & refinement facilities? Don’t think for a second that the US & other Countries are unaware of the locations of their enrichment facilities. The equipment has a well documented audio signature that is easily located once it’s known using the appropriate equipment, either by drone, high altitude reconesence or via satelite. Iran with nuclear weapons should be a concern to everyone as should their access to enriched material from which they can produce “dirty bombs”.


  4. Cerey E. Runyon says:

    This is the sanest thing I have ever heard coming out of this whole conflict.


  5. Edie Faylor says:

    From one lier to another – does any sane person believe all this?


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