17 Responses to Iran says it can hit the U.S. if attacked by Washington

  1. Carla Burgers says:

    Strike America with what ? Or is Iran relying on Russia and China to use their nuclear weapons?
    But then again……is Iran bluffing perhaps, they’re very good and verbal threats.
    Keep safe all.


    • Korheg says:

      I think they mean by using jihad, Islamic fundamentalists inside of the country already.


      • Ardy B says:

        There are too many in country now, and we let them in with open arms!!! The thing that scares me is that most of the Self-Storage places are run by Middleastern people. What if they are making “Dirty” bombs? Ex: In Granville,NY there are 3 storage places. Why does a town with so many barns need 3 of them?


  2. m c says:

    WOW….either they are bluffing or they have weapons of mass destruction/devastation (nukes, chemical, biological) either way it looks like things are going to get nasty very soon.

    Makes me wonder just how good a missle defense system can be.


  3. Moco says:

    They can say alot of stuff. Not much truth going around these daze.


  4. nanoduck says:

    I think caution need to be used in dealing with Iran. These are Persians, who have had a long and proud history of warfare– they used to be the second largest empire in the ancient world. I am almost certain that they have an excellent army built up, especially with supplies from Russia and China, otherwise they would not be making such bold threats. They are also in a very good position and at a good time to expand, as the other nations around them are in weakened state and chaos…so it would not surprise me if they decide to expand their territory to include Iraq and other countries. Also, although we have advanced weapons, our forces are spread thin and short on funds.
    Perhaps it is close to the time for the “Antichrist” to make an appearance and unite the Islamic world in a last battle?


    • Artoro says:

      As with most of the world, I don’t think China or Russia wants Iran to have nukes either. What will happen to them if a government takeover happens? Who would have access to them then, and who else besides the USA could be threatened. They could even bite the hand that feeds them, (if they’re really getting supplied by C & R) by turning and firing a nuke or two at them in a time of desperation. …


  5. Meridian says:

    War and rumors of war. This is only the beginning.


  6. I bet they have plenty of sleeper cells all throughout America just waiting to pounce if we attack Iran!


  7. John says:

    They couldnt even defeat Iraq. How are they going to cross an ocean and fight us. This is a joke.
    Quit being afraid. When the government wants to take away your freedom, they say something to scare you. Wake up.


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      John I believe you will find out along with the rest of us just how easily Iran can attack the USA. They have like minded friends in Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico that would be more than willing to help attack the USA.


  8. Debbie says:

    They may be trying to scare us (and to an extent, it’s working), but the fact does remain that Iran is making VERY bold threats. If they were not in a position to fulfill them, they may not be so “proud” in their remarks. I wonder, like the rest of us IF China and Russia will back Iran? I wonder if our government is trying to get us prepare us maybe?


  9. wayne says:

    let us not forget just who Iran is.they adore holy wars,we in the west to them are very evil.and yes they do have folk here who are ready,willing,and able to die with any kind of bomb.the bigger the better for the bigger the better the greater are their rewards in heaven.anyone who thinks that there are no iranians over here now willing to die for the cause is seriously fooling themselves.every country has spies and sleeper cells.unfortunately wars must happen.Iran is a very serious,serious threat to the well being of people world wide.they cant be trusted at all,yet they deserve the same rights as anyone else.i do think we will see the antichrist come on the scene and bring in the peace treaty for the 3 and a half year time span.no doubt in the nic of time. Blessings in Christ


  10. Qwhiz says:

    Iran is an asset to Russia and China. These countries have contracts going 100 years on oil. Iran gets weappons in return. Russia and I think CHina are having war games right now both warning not to attack Iran


  11. antiwar says:

    iran is not a 3rd world country,it makes its own cruse misiles and subs,the powers that be in the u.s. are conserned about a war with iran ,i would think and based on what i have read on current iran.they are well in a posistion to in a time of war to hit the u,s,i invisage large navel loses to the u,s, times are different in the way a large war with iran will be fought.this wont be an iraq or afgain type war it will be a lot different and worse.and it will come home to the u,s, and wake people up that war is wrong .that is why it is just talk about war to date, the u,s knows it got a big problem and thats why they havent gone to war to date,think about it…referance war games the u.s.conducted and lost and iran won.i want peace to pervale not war……..


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