Google’s new vision of the future: integrated cyber-vision

April 4, 2012TECH WORLDThe New York Times first wrote about the glasses in late February, describing an integrated contact len interfacing with an augmented-reality display that would sit over the eye and run on the Android mobile platform. A video released by Google on Wednesday, which can be seen below, showed potential uses for Project Glass. A man wanders around the streets of New York City, communicating with friends, seeing maps and information, and snapping pictures. It concludes with him video-chatting with a girlfriend as the sun sets over the city. All of this is seen through the augmented-reality glasses. Project Glass could hypothetically become Project Contact Lens. Mr. Parviz, who is also an associate professor at the University of Washington, specializes in bionanotechnology, which is the fusion of tiny technologies and biology. He most recently built a tiny contact lens that has embedded electronics and can display pixels to a person’s eye. Early reports of the glasses said prototypes could look like a pair of Oakley Thumps — which are clunky and obtrusive sunglasses — but the version Google unveiled Wednesday looks more graceful. There are reportedly dozens of other shapes and variations of the glasses in the works, some of which can sit over a person’s normal eyeglasses. People I have spoken with who have have seen Project Glass said there is a misconception that the glasses will interfere with people’s daily life too much, constantly streaming information to them and distracting from the real world. But these people said the glasses actually free people up from technology. –NY Times

Future world: This is what the wearer would see

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21 Responses to Google’s new vision of the future: integrated cyber-vision

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I think that this will create unwarranted anxiety and panic attacks. The brain could be overworked by too much information which I believe could lead to more strokes or other mental ailments
    not mentioning the stress on the human eye itself. Also, could a person be programed by using this technology? What is it? Does someone want us to someday look like the BORG?
    Just a thought……………


  2. Granny Bear says:

    To have ones glasses or contacts play that awful “musak” i.e. elevator music, would be incredibly annoying, to me. However might be a great boon for certain types of brain injury, and physiological and neurological disorders, such a perseptual intergration disorder. Or the loss of short term memory such as comes with certain addictions, This technology could have very useful therapeutic applications. And sadly, also punitive.

    And as for ettiquete … already people walk around talking to persons invisible to others via cell phones. Now it will be invisible non-persons and self, as well as invisible to others, but real persons or message collectors. Everyone not plugged in will be sayimg “What? Whaz-at? Did you say something? Did you speak to me? Did you say something? I didn’t quite catch it”

    Fortunately this user did not ride the subway or drive or ride a bicycle or, Heaven forbid, a motorcycle or scateboard. Imagine navigating a motorcycle trip with these contacts. You ask your computer a question, but blink at the wrong moment, and get an answer with incomplete visual data. Lots of unfortunate scenarios come to mind. Things that sometimes happen to bikers when their vision is occluded at the wrong moment.

    Do the contact version have to be removed to use bio-ID?


  3. tonic says:

    Wonder what we will look like in a thousand years from now. Possibly, there will be no point in googling, eyes, window, soul.


    • Thera says:


      Somewhat ironic that you would think along those lines.
      The song mention below was the # 1 hit in 1969…….as a youngster adn to this day the song has always appealed to me.

      In The Year 2525 – Zager & Evans – ZagerEZPlayGuitars

      The song describes a nightmarish vision of the future as man’s technological inventions gradually dehumanize him. The overriding theme is of a world doomed by its passive acquiescence to and overdependence on its own overdone technologies.

      The song also references examples of technologies that were not fully developed but were known to the public in 1969, such as robots, as well as future technology that would come into existence long after being prophesied in the song, the science of test tube babies and genetic selection by parents of their future children. Such a concept had been explored in a few science fiction novels but had not yet been mentioned in the mainstream media until “In The Year 2525” was released in 1969.


      • tonic says:

        Hi Thera, I can remember hearing this song ages ago, but only listened to it properly now. Love it, thank you!


  4. Supreme Siddha says:

    Personally I’m sensitive to subtle energies, including some of my spiritual friends. All these new techs that are coming out, and all cellphones, especially the Iphone is all harmful to our electromagnetic field or aura. Whenever I get close to these electronic devices, I feel nasty harmful energies. These glasses I am sure, it will be pretty harmful to our auras, but many will probably not notice it, because the problems can arise after a long time. But if any body does deep meditation, wearing these technologies on the body is pretty harmful to anybodies spiritual progress and will be able to easily sense it. People who are not sensitive to these energies, it is because the dense consciousness with so many thoughts and emotions prevents the harmful energies being sensed but it is still there. These Radiations are powerful. Every electronic device affects our bodies, but not as much as cellphones. Iphones for example, with the 3g satellite internet connection, and other signals coming to it is pretty harmful. When I get close to them, or use them, the energy goes right into your ears, and spreads into your brain. Its pretty tangible if people learn to sense the etheric(energy) body they got. Just some advice from my own personal experience and others, hope it helps:) If anybody here has to use devices all they, then a good shower after can cleanse some energies(cold shower is best). Hopefully God frees us all from harmful technologies, and lead us to a bright future with technology that is intertwined and balanced with nature. Anybody else feel the weird energies of cellphones and other devices?


    • nanoduck says:

      Interesting that you say that all this technology can affect your energies. I don’t claim to be psychic or anything, but I can definitely sense some electromagnetic disruptions when I am close to a TV or computer, as well as some static electricity and heat. I can’t tolerate watching more than few hours of TV or computer, because it seems to interfere with my thinking processes and sleep cycle…I have noticed that the more time I spend at computer or in front of TV, I have lot more trouble sleeping. My daughter said that she can tell if a TV is on or off with her eyes closed. I can somewhat say the same myself…so yeah, definitely all this technology influence us in many unseen ways.


    • Yogeshwari says:

      Namaste! why am i always checking websites/news and filling my mind with unnecessary information? I never wanted to own a mobile phone, now i never do a day with it off !
      This is surprising for me because i never in my life owned a TV !
      I never felt good with these devices.
      … and i loved the days when we had to be more intuitive. It was easier to develop our more subtle faculties and “meditate”. People were happier. I feel like this technology is an “entity” from another realm that controls us. It is a Being ! As far as the new technology goes, “i don’t wanna be a Jetson”… the way we are going with all this information technology, flickers to the brain, and electromagnetic pulses to the body and subtle bodies, the affluent societies will be extinct before the poorer people and nations.


  5. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    Something neutral which could be used for good or bad…

    The danger is though, if this project glass should activate while driving, there is a tendency the driver might focus on the message more than his driving. IT could leads to accidents.

    Does it have a built in camera? That would be scary. A criminal group could be more easily controlled by a mastermind gang leader who could do his crime more efficiently.

    Even worse; the FBI, CIA, etc. could use these programmed with an RFID chip detector; and at a later date, immediately know those who carry the mark of the beast or not just by looking at them as they travel around.

    Still an advantage for Big Brother.


  6. Cherrybaby says:

    Wooooh this is really amazing – and kinda scary at the same time!


  7. Caroline L. says:

    My son went to Onondaga Community College in Syracuse ,NY and one of his professors was working on this design concept. now my son is at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY taking Industrial Design. At first thought it was exciting to him but then he thought it would be too intrusive to his own personality after having his cell phone killed and realized how it was freeing without it. I suppose you could always take them off, if it wasn’t prescription, but I am sure addiction will probably set in just like it has for all the cell phone users. I just cant imagine trying to drive with other people on the road using them.


  8. Marie-Louise says:

    I do not believe in those high-tech gadgets. I do not believe in those gadgets and I do not believe they could be implemented. Their promotion at thisend time is about scaring us away from love or tempting us into technology devoid of soul. This is all too absurd!
    Humans beings are divine creations and do not need more messing around with them than there has already been. Satan had its time, now it is time for the Lord and His/Her Love.
    Let’s not pay attention to these futuristic gadgets. Love in our heart suffices. Glory be to Christ and Mary, thus The One!


  9. dan says:

    just what we need….more self absorbed people.


  10. grace says:

    The more the multinationals and the ‘elite’ have us staring at a screen or monitor the greater the degree of control they have on us. They keep ‘offering’ us new ways of viewing and intergrating with ‘our’ technology thus assuring their grip on us. We are not their addicts, we will rebel and use technology in an appropriate manner determined by us and us alone.


    • remnant13 says:

      Scarry stuff – mind-controlled by subliminal elctro-magnetic aura disruptors; more frames per seconds than the eye can see but the brain can; and, more sound than the ear can decipher, but the mind does and reacts. Mind boggling to say the least, and likely the robotic granfather of the mark of the beast.


    • Thera says:


      Read tellthetruth1’s comment – some can barely wait to be hooked up so they can tune themselves out..


      • tellthetruth1 says:

        Well guess what? They’d more than likely be far too expensive for most people. What’s to be scared of? It’s just computer technology, like any other gadget. The mark of the beast theory that many people are spouting is a bit silly, since he hasn’t arrived yet.


  11. tellthetruth1 says:

    This one had me stumped when I first watched it yesterday. I get all the YT Google reports and, when this came in, I wondered what it was all about until I found another news piece about it. Brilliant film. Wouldn’t mind a pair meself!


  12. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    I view this as another step towards Big Brother Watching us!


  13. Irene C says:

    I have to admit that I find new gadgets (toys) fascinating, but I don’t even own a smart phone or play video games. But this seems to be more harmful (sinister?) than useful, except perhaps for those suffering from brain injury/disease. Also, with my ADD, I would not even attempt to try to use it. I’ve had to train myself to focus on whatever I need to do in order to accomplish any chore or job.

    As for the ’69 song “In the Year 2525, I was thinking about that song as I was reading the article. I remember that song when it first came out, and I agreed with it even back then. Frightening to realize that I’m now seeing it all happen.

    I am so ready for our Lord to come and deliver us from our own follies.



  14. Darlene LaMar says:

    While I think a concept like this is cool and a wonderful technological advancement I can’t help feel like it’s also dangerous and to soon. The present nature of mankind is to immature for such a device because we’re still trying to get adults to not text while driving and things like that. Not to mention if it records video or live web feeds all some derranged sicko has to do is “accidently” leave their glasses in a restroom, hotel room, etc… and get or provide a peep show. Wait untill mankind grows up enough to where we aren’t so socially, economically and enviromentaly irresponsible and stop giving us “toys” we aren’t ready for.


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