12 Responses to Distress of nations with perplexity: Clinton warns no easy way out out of current crisis with Iran

  1. John Durango says:

    Make no mistake….this war will be about saving the US Dollar… Iran wants to accept any currency for the sale of OIL contrary to the agreement to trade oil in dollars only…Ask Iraq and Libya what happened when they tried to do this… The US Dollar is backed by OIL. if the dollar is replaced trillions of dollars will flow back to the federal reserve and inflation will be out of control…
    NO WAR with Iran unless congress votes for it…When does a secretary of State have the authority to threaten all of these countries and put our soldiers lives at risk…. It is time for the American citizens to speak up on these matters..Forget the Liberal or Conservative non stop propaganda. If America or Israel were bombed would we not retaliate? Iran will also retaliate and may eventually be destroyed with many innocent children. The question is will China and Russia intervene? If so will this be WW3? The military industrial complex is the most dangerous people in the world, according to President/General Eisenhower and he should know them….


    • Good thinking, John.


    • glenna says:

      BINGO! John, you summed up our foreign affairs problem perfectly. The end of the American petrodollar is the push behind the rush to war. Saddam Hussein wanted to eliminate the US dollar, we sanctioned and embargoed then invaded. Same garbage…different year. I feel so powerless… I bought Alvins book, it is intense, eye opening. I haven’t had a lot of time to read lately. I’m planning a trip to the ocean the weekend after Easter. Can’t wait to sit in the sand and finish the book. Just hope the world holds together til then….. Keep praying for peace.


  2. I read that the forthcoming nuclear talks with Iran and the powers listed in this article may hit a snag, as Iran has objected to using Istanbul as the venue. Iran wants Moscow, Geneva, or one other place as the venue. This could hold up the talks if the venue situation is not resolved.
    Powerful words from Secretary Clinton. Smart woman.


  3. Thera says:

    “Clinton, who traveled over the weekend to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, voiced concern that a nuclear Iran would trigger an arms race in the region.”

    Don’t buy a war, let alone an idea, from this miscreant ex-first lady who is becoming nothing more than a war sales person.

    Make a note that the ‘global elite/Hillary does not like the idea that people are catching on to what’s really happening therefore, do not be surprised IF Iran does any of the things she says: it will all be CIA OpEd.

    One only has to look, (recently) at Egypt and Libya to see what this sales woman is all about. Yes she is a polarizing figure, but also a war monger.


  4. Where is the commensurate rhetoric on Israel’s nuclear programme and weapons? And it’s refusal to sign the non-proliferation treaty. There are already millions of earth’s citizens condemned to slow and painful deaths because of radiation: warheads, weapons tests, Depleted Uranium munitions (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya), Nuclear Reactors and powerplants…and now Fukushima.

    This is where the world’s attentions should be, decommissioning ALL of it, and working out the best way to minimise the effects of 100s of 1000s of years of ‘storage’ of the acutely toxic waste. Here is a clip about what’s going on in Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool 4. If that topples off it’s crumbling building we will all be launched into a survival race. It wont be easy. Especially with so much earthchange and severe weather to deal with as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sUcxcMLL6s&feature=share

    Clinton and her warmongering resource-pirate corporocratic sociopath cabalistas should unravel their pacts with the devil, repent, and start using the power of their office for the good of the planet…otherwise I fear we will fail the Lord’s test of our intelligence as a species, and we’ll not pass to the next level of evolution.


  5. Schwarzer Peter says:

    They are getting ready to rumble!


  6. son of man says:

    Agreed, Ms Clinton is a dangerous war-monger and a very powerful LIAR.


    • sickputer says:

      Clinton made a deal a year ago with Japan to allow all imports (food or durables) enter America without being tested for radiation. You can judge from that where her gazillion dollar paychecks will come from post-politics. Just a page out of the same old scratch my back policy in Washington DC.


  7. Don Church says:

    We will see some very hard times come real soon.the machine is starting and I don’t believe any one Human can stop it. No country’s with debt like ours can repay so this alone will elude to some pushing and we are in the middle .litterly…


  8. The UN Agenda 21 already has control of all of our National parks which really has the wealth of our country in them, so we are locked out of any kind of bailout from natural resources.
    I have watched for over a year now daily what Dutchsince is reporting on about weather modification and he is on target. Alex Jones is backing him up with information from Bob Fletcher about a UN agreement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qthltk_04YU&list=UUvsye7V9psc-APX6wV1twLg&index=10&feature=plcp
    Dividing the USA into Regions( with 10 military Governor waiting to be appointed) instead of states has happened (FEMA 10 Regions) Fema is run through the 10th Region which is the one which includes Alaska where HAARP is located. Economic destruction of the Country and soaking(priming) of the New Madrid Fault for the Big Earthquake sets up the Emergency needed to openly call for Marshal Law and Obama as Cesar before the Nov Election. We need to watch for the evacuation of important people from the New Madrid Region which will signal the impending timing of The Quake.After that is when the military will start using electromagnetic radiation guns on the crowds of people who resist.


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