Tornadoes rip through Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

April 3, 2012DALLAS, Tx. – At least two “large and extremely dangerous” tornadoes ripped across the Dallas-Forth Worth area this afternoon, collapsing roofs, tearing down power lines and tossing trailers around like toys, the National Weather Service says. Several other developing twisters were reported as violent storms moved north through the metropolitan area. The weather service says “considerable damage” has been reported near Cleburne, south of Fort Worth, and Lancaster, south of Dallas. Local television footage shows overturned and smashed semi-trailers on the ground in the southern portion of Dallas County. Dallas Police spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey says twisters also have caused damage in the city limits. A tornado watch — meaning that conditions are ripe for tornadoes to continue to form — was in place for 33 counties in north-central and northeastern Texas until 8 p.m. CDT, the National Weather Service reported. –On Deadline
Tractor-trailers tossed in the wind by torndoes in North Texas, April 3, 2012 – (c) WFAA News
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24 Responses to Tornadoes rip through Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

  1. Lisa says:

    One of those trailers landed into the back of a house. My sister-in-law and brother both in Joshua saw the first tornado. He was at work and closer to the tornado. We had plenty of hail here. Wicked weather! Have a feeling there is much more in store for us in the coming weeks ahead.


    • radiogirl says:

      Hi Lisa Im west of Fort Worth and we were lucky as it rained and passed over us.This season is indeed worrisome …Take Care,R


    • Love Faith says:

      Lisa, glad you are alright. God bless.


    • tonic says:

      Take care in the weeks ahead. Parts of Britain were having barbecues last week and building snowmen today, and hose pipe bans are coming in all over the country. Weird, dangerous, weather worldwide


  2. Irene C says:

    I had just come home from work and turned on The Weather Channel. I was watching the live feed as the tornado was hitting. I immediately began praying for all the people in the path of this storm. I am also praying that we don’t have another season like last year. Stay alert and stay safe everyone.



  3. Darlene LaMar says:

    I watched a mockumentary about what would happen if a big twister hit Dallas just a week ago and if it was as bad as that show made it out to possibly be then this is definatly a bad sign. I’m completly freaked out right now.


  4. romalynn says:

    Thanks for all of you here who post and read that prayed today. My daughter and grandbaby, just four months old were right in the smack middle of this. Arlington and Euless Texas. Praise be to the Lord Jesus no deaths reported but major damage.


  5. DaddioLP says:

    fear mongering…..


  6. Jack Fat says:

    I’m sorry, I thought radar data from combined sources might have patterns? Obviously the data is pieced together from a number of sources which makes these fictitious patterns that you do a great job causing alarm over. But then again you knew this before posting your hilarious HAARP attribution. Do radar sweeps have a round edge? I know, I am just wasting my breath and adding to the warmth and humidity giving rise to additional storm potential. Love your stuff!


  7. Kaos says:

    Here in the UK last week we had temperatures around 26-28*C felt more like summer than spring…
    This morning its 2*C and snowing.

    I hope all in texas (and surounding areas) affected by this are safe and well.
    My thoughts are with you all.



  8. Moco says:

    The nados that hit here in mushagain are unusal from the standpoint that the cells were so much smaller and meaner. Usually storm cells are larger with a degree of intensity through out the larger cell, where the small cells came out of nowhere and were extreme. This dallas cell was old school and looked large, but mean none the less. Stay safe.


  9. b says:

    more from the disinformation dept. they must have 1000s working all hours of the day. they must be chinese


  10. We have tornados in the NE Arkansas region quite often. the last really big one was in Jonesboro Ar. in 1974. I sometimes make fun of the current doomsday forcasters and survival preppers. However I think everyone should invest in a storm shelter and have reasonable amount of survival supplies cashed in it. They sell concrete above ground units. I reccomend that even a renter should obtain one. If you relocate it can be moved.


    • pagan66 says:

      Skeptical – I’m curious as to what sort of prepping & doomsday scenario you find so amusing as to ridicule it & what sort of disaster you think it is feasible to prep for?


      • Ok its fine to prepare to be able to have shelter for some short term disaster. We had a ice storm that totally destroyed the local coops distrubution system. We had a generator & fuel and food to take care of our needs for a few weeks. Never had to ask for help. However we did help our neighbors who wherent as fortunate.Its called being self reliant. However if you hoard food and ammuniton to excess and let prepping take over you life to the extreme its not healthy. We have prepared for the new madrid quake. However Its not something im losing sleep over. Most things folks worry about never happen. I will not shoot or harm another person to protect worldly goods. If something really big happens. Ill let anyone who need it have my supplies until they are exhaused before I kill anyone. The preppers on the Nat Geo Channell are the ones I redicule. However the Lady from last nite who had the place in Helena Montana wasnt the greedy type. Those folks on TV teaching their children to be killers are misguided. Let the kids be kids. its feasable to prep for a small localized event. Its not feasible to obtain a arsenal and many years worth of hoarded goods to try and survive armageddon. its better to be self reliant and Have Know How than be owned by a unrealistic prepping mentality. We all eventually die. The most importiant thing is to take care and not endanger your immortal soul. reasonableness and moderation are prefered to Gloom & Doom.


    • For at least the last dozen centuries some bible thumpers have sincerely believed that they where indeed living in the end times. And so far they have all been incorrect? And by all means take care of your immortal soul!


  11. skyleral says:

    I’ve had overwhelming feelings of major events continuing. I walk around looking at people who have no idea. Some don’t even care to learn what is happening. I had a Holier than thou guy tell me that its not good to try to learn what is coming, when we see Jesus we know its time. I recall that I’m supposed to be aware, not unaware. So many will perish without the saving knowledge.


  12. J says:

    I’m kind of glad I dont live in Dallas anymore. I went through many storm seasons and tornado drills there. I’m still in Texas though and fully expect an increase in Tornadoes, like all other places in the globe that are seeing various increases in weird weather patterns and records broken, though they won’t be the end of the world.


  13. Brandon says:

    Skeptical Citizen,
    I ‘m gonna take Alvin’s advice and not even try and argue with skeptics and naysayers. The truth will be vindicated and so will the words of Christ. Peter in the New Testament told us about scoffers in the Last Days. Please be very careful how much disrespect you show God’s word. If believing every word in the Bible makes me a thumper then I’m fine with that. I’m probably the last person on earth who cares what people think about me, and it’s the most liberating feeling in the world. God bless you.


  14. tonic says:

    We put our trust in God, and then forget, that maybe, He puts his trust in us.


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