Mantle Plume: El Hierro island struck by two small tremors

April 3, 2012 CANARY ISLANDS IRIN volcano 24 hour monitoring network of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) recorded two earthquakes of 1.7 and 2.7 magnitudes on the Richter scale this Sunday on the island of El Hierro. The largest of the earthquakes, recorded at 22.03 hours, occurred southwest of the town of El Pinar. This event was located at sea 15 kilometers deep. The second quake also occurred southwest of El Pinar at 20.36 hours, to 13 km depth and epicenter in the sea. Since last March 24, the island of El Hierro has been nine earthquakes, including this Sunday, between 1.5 and 2.7 °. Of these, were substantial enough to be felt by the population. Sunday’s tremors were located west of Frontier and southwest of El Pinar, and were 10 and 29 kilometers deep. –La  (translated)
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14 Responses to Mantle Plume: El Hierro island struck by two small tremors

  1. Debbie says:

    If the activity here were to increase, would we possibly (on the east coast) be affected? An old man used to tell me when I was a little girl, of course, that there was going to be a huge wave hit the east coast in my life time. Although I always thought it was jibberish intended to scare the dickens out of me, now I have to wonder. I live only 2 hours from Savannah GA, and am getting nervous….


    • LP

      Nothing to get nervous about at this point. An escarpment remains where about one-third of El Hierro has already fallen into the ocean long ago. La Palma is said to represent the hyphothetical Canary Island tsunami threat and short of El Hierro disintegrating in a volcanic firestorm, a tsunami threat is not an issue at present.
      America’s greatest tsunami threats in order are:

      1.) Alaska tsunami caused by avalanche – historical place of largest tsunami ever seen, 50 stories high
      2). West Coast Cascadia fault Quake – overdue for a 8.0-9.0 magnitude earthquake
      3). Caribbean tsunami from a major earthquake – overdue for major earthquake
      4). Lake Tahoe tsunami caused by avalanche – simulations of a major avalanche have produced waves over 100 meters high


  2. Dave says:

    this is THE source for quality info….much appreciated


  3. Irene C says:

    I concur with all the other commenters, this site is much appreciated. And the answers you give to our questions are very easy for us to understand. Even if I am too tired to visit any other site, I make sure I come here. Much blessing to you, Alvin.



  4. Thank you Extinction Protocol. You’re all awesome.Top notch information that everyone should be aware of. Thanks again!!!


  5. Sonet says:

    Hello, I have been following your site for nigh on 2 years now, it is my daily pleasure. I am an “earth mother” and have felt for the last 7 years that something was amiss with our planetary aura (for want of a better desciption). On a regular basis I have an urge to “nest” and my family over the years have joked that Mum is having one of her end of the world times.

    I predicted the economic collapse and this changed my families complete attitude towards my instincts and they are all secret horders now. I still haven’t managed to pursuade my husband to let me have a wind generator but have got my son to design a bike to generate some power, even though a little it is better than nothing.

    Your intelligent response to the change in elements leaves me in awe and I thank you for all the information you post on here.

    Best wishes and mother nature protect you.


  6. yamkin says:

    El Hierro Volcano : Green and Yellow alert – 5 earthquakes so far today! – Last earthquake is extremely shallow below the sea volcano


  7. A 3.1 quake just struck near the Canary Islands around 6pm EST on June 24th and some of us are very concerned as to the stability of the Island after the 1940’s quake opened the crevass and partially started a collapse on the side of the Island facing North America. Did this recent quake adjust the crevass? Should the Eastern Seaboard of the United States be educated as to the potential damage a 600 mph pressure wake from El Heirro could deliver in under 12 hours? Sincerely, Douglas K Pearson


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