New Zealand residents report ‘loud boom’ from large fiery meteor

April 2, 2012NEW ZEALANDA spectacular, bright meteor that left a long trail in the sky has stunned witnesses in Wellington and Christchurch tonight. The WeatherWatch website has been inundated with reports of the fireball, which witnesses say rushed across the sky at about 6.30 pm. A Nelson resident described it as an “unbelievable”’ green, orange and white ball flying past at “super speed,” leaving behind a massive trail that lasted for nearly 10 minutes before dissipating. A Hanmer Springs resident said they heard “a loud boom”’ about two minutes after it streaked past. “Not sure if hit the ground or sonic boom, perhaps the latter, very exciting! Much more exciting than putting the washing out.” A Wellingtonian said the meteor was “full on magnesium bright and flaming”, while another said it was “almost fluorescent and very intense.” A Cantabrian said the whole family were excited by the meteor, which came low to the horizon with two bright flashes and trails of smoke. “Like an arc welder torch, it seemed very close and low to us, was waiting for the bang it seemed so close and bright, but obviously moving at tremendous speed. I have never seen anything like this!” Police central communications shift inspector Ken Climo said some of his staff had seen the event and described it as “quite spectacular.” The Rescue Coordination Centre described it as a contrail, he said. –NZ Herald
contribution by Carla B.
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7 Responses to New Zealand residents report ‘loud boom’ from large fiery meteor

  1. Korheg says:

    Booms worldwide seem to be increasing as we approach the cataclysm event.


    • Rosie says:

      When do you think the cataclysm event is… people say december 2012 then some people say 2013… What do you thinks going on!


      • Brandon says:

        I’m with Rosie. What’s going on? 2013???


      • All indications are, it’s shaping up to be a year potentially worst than this one. We’ll have to wait and see what happens…


      • nickk0 says:

        It may be a mistake, for people to associate a cataclysm with a ‘date’ on the calendar.
        I think that Alvin would agree with this.

        Even if we get through the next two years (2012-2013) relatively unscathed, there are many other ‘chronic’ threats, that are threatening to turn into very serious crises.

        It’s the very real *potential* of these manifold threats going out of control, that should worry people….. and not a date on the calendar.

        – Potential for war in the Mideast, going ‘DEFCON’ and sucking in the major powers
        – The potential of economic collapse, being triggered by the above, or by a banking crisis
        – Super-resistant new viruses and germs, untreatable with antibiotics
        – Climate change leading to droughts and floods, severely disrupting the food supply
        – The earth’s weakening magnetic field, allowing more cosmic rays to penetrate ( which will lead to a host of OTHER problems )
        – Terrorists and Terrorism. They think they are doing God’s work !!

        Meanwhile, people and politicians ‘dither’, and argue about ‘global warming’ being a hoax, so maybe we should just ignore it….. So that CONSUME-MOREs will continue buying Huge homes and SUVs that they don’t really need, and continue to ‘invest’ their money through the purchase of little pieces of paper known as ‘stocks’, which are supposed to continue going up in value forever and ever……

        Boy, I must be on a roll… I just said a mouthful. 🙂 I need to go to bed and get some rest….


      • I agree. We shouldn’t set dates for anything. The compelling sequence of events will unfold on Earth as it was meant to happen. All we can know with some degree of certainty is that tommorow holds the dire potential of being worst than it was two weeks ago.


  2. I

    There are two types of waking up. The waking up now is challenges by the spiritual to embrace a more meaningful existence, where God and conscience imbues a connection with creation and each other so we are both stewards to nature and part of the sphere of brotherhood in the human family. Waking up to a ‘harsh reality’ in absence of this induces ‘fear, foreboding and panic.’ Unfortunately; this is the path of the world.


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