Cyclone Daphne may threaten flood-logged Fiji with more rain

April 2, 2012 FIJIPeople in flood-ravaged Fiji have begun returning home after spending several days in evacuation centers. At least four people have died in some of the worst flooding the country has seen in decades. Officials in Fiji say locals are likely to be spared a further heavy downpour, with Cyclone Daphne, which formed on Monday afternoon, expected to pass the island. Tafazul Gani, a correspondent for a Fijian magazine, says many of the island’s residents are struggling to cope. “A lot of people are thinking ‘what do we do next? How do we cope?’ And having two floods in a matter of a couple of days, a lot of people they don’t have basically anything,” he said. Mr Gani is in one of the worst affected areas of Nadi. He says flood damage there is extensive. “Basically, if you look at the town, the town is totally decimated. It actually looks like a warzone,” he said. “There is not a single shop in the town which has not been affected. Some shops actually have nothing left, everything that was in the shop, the counter, the merchandise, everything got washed away.” But floodwaters have now begun to drop and the clean-up has started. Tourist flights into Nadi have resumed but power is still cut off in many areas. Fiji government spokeswoman Sharon Johns says the extent of damage is still being assessed. “It’s quite extensive. In Nadi town, shops in Nadi town, the floodwaters went right through that,’ she said. Over the past few days about 8,000 people sought refuge in evacuation centers. “They’re being well looked after that, rations are getting to them. We’re …organizing water sterilizers for the children especially. So evacuation centres we would expect that to decrease slowly over the coming days.” Tourist flights into Fiji were stopped last night but most airlines have resumed all services. Australia has offered $1 million in aid to Fiji for water sanitation, blankets and other supplies. –7 News
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8 Responses to Cyclone Daphne may threaten flood-logged Fiji with more rain

  1. John Kilby says:

    We in Queensland know all about that situation, You must all band together and you will be back to normal in no time at all. Help your neighbour and he will help you.


  2. lili-ni-viti says:

    Thanks Alvin for the mention of Fiji’s latest flood event. It was the second event (3rd if you count this last one as 2 floods in one weekend) for 2012. January 2012 also had a similar event. Most of it occurred on the western side of the largest island where the international airport is and where most of the tourists stay because of it’s fairer weather. There was a 2009 flood event which was pretty bad but this latest is reported to be worse than that. This weekend’s floods were associated with 2 fast moving tropical depression systems. I heard an elderly man say “I have never seen anything like that before,” after the localised flooding of his village completely submerged all the houses so that boats were manoeuvring around the fronds of coconut trees. Thank the Lord there was a 24-hour respite from the incessant rains of last week; so that the rains and winds associated with Cyclone Daphne are just being felt as short-lived squalls and all that excess water from the weekend had time to get drained to sea all of Monday. We’re on rationed power and that’s nothing compared to what we’ve been spared! Hallelujah that the Lord understands and knows that we are so small and gives us just what we can bear! At latest count, 7 dead and 1 missing.


  3. c/o Emanni

    April 12, 2012 – Flooding in Fiji – Ironic sign in video “NEWWORLD”


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