‘That noise was not thunder,’ Poconos residents say: Boom violently shakes houses in Pennsylvania

March 31, 2012PENNSYLVANIAStrong thunderstorms hit the Poconos Friday night, moving through shortly after 10 p.m. and continuing for at least a half hour, but the weather event that had folks talking was a loud sonic-like boom that shook houses at about 10:15 p.m. Gilda Spiotta of Long Pond said, “The shaking last night lasted unusually long. Didn’t sound like thunder, didn’t feel like thunder, was wondering if something happened on 380/80; tanker accident.” Another Long Pond resident, Lorene R. Allman-Mars: “My son was at the back door letting the dogs out and he reported that he saw a large flash of light fill the sky toward/above the FedEx distribution site on 940, then he heard a loud boom. It didn’t look like lightning; it looked like a bomb blew up in the air. I was on the second floor of the house; I didn’t see anything but I heard the boom and felt it shake the house. I actually felt it under my feet. The floors shook; I have never felt lightning shake the house like that before and we’ve been up here 20 years!” Some readers suggested an earthquake or an explosion, but said that definitely was no routine thunder. Meteorologist and Pocono weather expert Ben Gelber offered this explanation: “One possibility is that thunderstorms in our chilly environment near the surface tonight, associated with an inversion of warm air aloft, sound much louder.” He added, “The sound waves are refracted back to the surface and reverberate in ways that we normally do not experience as they bounce between the surface and the inversion near the base of the clouds.” Other residents commented from across the Poconos: “My kids and I heard the sound in Saw Creek,” said Winnie Michaluk. “Our windows rattled and our dogs were barking like crazy.” Russo Albuja of Tobyhanna said, “I was driving along 196 on my way home from work when I felt the BOOM. It was so extreme, my car shook and on my left hand side on an empty field – all I saw was this HUGE flash of light coming from where the airport location would be at. Afterwards, I heard nothing. Kinda scared me that I rushed home and locked my doors.”
Katee McCarthy said, “Felt it here in the Tannersville area. Quite scary.” As of 11 p.m., she reported lightning and sleet in the area. Tim Aziz said, “Just heard something at 10:35 in East Stroudsburg, the whole house vibrated!” “Yes I heard the boom, but thought it was just thunder!” said Pete Howey of Snydersville. That was the same reaction of Rosalie Ems, who said, “We heard it; just thought it was thunder rolling in with cold air against the warm air?’ Some more comments from our readers: Elisabeth Foster Marshall: “Yes we did, here in Snydersville. My husband said right after “what the hell was that?!” he thought it was the furnace exploding….” Jessica Gomez of Albrightsville: “We definitely heard it and felt it! It shook the whole house. What was it?” Samantha Chevalier of Effort: “I definitely heard a loud noise and then my whole house shook, my dogs went crazy, and I smiled. I love thunder and lightning!” Pamela Dunbar: “We live in Bushkill by Timothy Lake Resort, and we heard the boom. My granddaughter came out of her room and said, ‘Was that thunder?’ It sounded like a bunch of huge trucks barreling down the road.” James Arnold: “We live in Tobyhanna and we felt it, too. We thought it was a storm starting and shut down all our electronics. Our whole house vibrated.” Jennifer Knarr of Milford chimed in: “My husband and I were in bed watching tv when we heard this rumbling noise we thought it was thunder but it lasted a while he even got up to look outside no storms at that time here. We live in Milford on top of a mountain, sounded like a bunch of semi trucks going down our quiet street!” Laura Bush: “Yes, I felt it here in Sciota. I immediately texted my kids in their rooms, ‘What the heck was that.’ One said, ‘I don’t know, earthquake?” Judy Ann Porter: “I live in Pocono Farms Country Club and my family and I were sitting watching TV and felt a loud bang and the house shook. We thought it was a earthquake. We got our supplies together but heard nothing else after that. Someone mentioned thunder, but thunder doesn’t shake houses. Scary.” Phillip Mangat: “Yeah around 10:35 I thought another meth lab went boom!” Jill Nobles: “It sure felt like an explosion or an earthquake to me. I am up near Wooddale, by Analomink on the top of the mountain. At 10:12-ish, my whole house shook. It knocked things off of the counters, rattled things hanging on my walls, and shook my whole house violently. We didn’t sustain any damage, but the noise and the shaking were crazy. The sound was like an explosion, or a freight train in my bedroom. Not thunder.” And another from Long Pond “I live in Emerald Lakes and at about 10:15p.m. I heard a loud noise and the house shook for about 5 seconds and my lights dimmed a little bit.” –Pocono Record
contribution JCF186
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39 Responses to ‘That noise was not thunder,’ Poconos residents say: Boom violently shakes houses in Pennsylvania

  1. VB says:

    It might not be thunder but I know from experience that thunder does shake houses and the ground. Thunder shook the house I was in so bad I couldn’t stay standing but the storm was right over top us and the sound was deafening.


    • pagan66 says:

      I wondered about that comment also. You’re right, I too have felt my house shake & the windows rattle from the boom of thunder.


    • Sparrow says:

      I believe that these ‘sonic boom’ sounds and shaking ground are caused by the planet Nibiru (Wormwood) that is one it’s way. With it’s magnetism it is pulling the magma closer to the surface which in turn is infiltrating gas pockets and exploding them. Seems that all the volcanoes on the planet are blowing their tops. Our governments don’t want us to know that our time is near. Make peace with all and GOD bless.


  2. Gordon Muma says:

    bright flash of light,,,,,,, big boom,,,,,, exploding space rock maybe?


  3. The Watcher says:

    Guess these people have never heard of a Positive Strike…….


  4. wayne says:

    when two magnets are held close together without touching isnt there some kind of reaction or charge,,if these booms are part of our magnetosphere perhaps it is where it is ripping apart perhaps and the booms and shakings are a cause of that.Alvin what do you think.is it possible.


    • If the effects were coming from the magnetosphere, where it propagates in space- sound can not travel in a vacuum. The sounds would have to be generated in the lower atmosphere for anyone to hear them and then if that, being localized, it has to be a locality event, otherwise everyone would be hearing it over a larger radius. That’s why its so important to glean as much information from these events as possible other than recording ‘weird sounds.’ There’s a set of scientific parameters most people miss in the excitement that could eliminate a lot of what it’s not.


  5. Andrew says:

    Probably a Positive(+) lightning bolt, much stronger than the more common (-) lightning strikes.


  6. ONe has to wonder if we are hearing sonic booms from space debris entering the atmospere, as we get closer to Dec 21 it may increase ahead of the “doomsday” event, much like the meteor showers are showeres of comet debris in the path of former comet passes….


  7. Jeff parsons says:

    I live in Iowa and had the exact same thing the night before (On Thursday),my wife was working and I told her “That was not Thunder” shook the house and rattled windows


  8. Andy hrehorovich says:

    The loud boom was likely the sudden release of energy caused by a buildup of barium and aluminum in the upper atmosphere.


  9. Jonas says:

    Lightening for sure. I have some very strange sounds in big storms and depending on what kind of strata your building is sitting on, some very noticeable shaking.


  10. Carla Burgers says:

    And why are these loud booms mostly happening in the Northern Hemisphere ?


  11. pagan66 says:

    Strange things are happening here in South Aus. I’ve heard booms on & off all day, some are faint & others quite distinct. They do not sound like thunder. I rang my boyfriend to see if he was hearing them as he works outdoors – he told me the gas plant was on fire & the booms were explosions from that. He then told me about 3 hours later that there was no fire & he’d said it as an April Fools joke but that he & his crew had heard the booms also. It’s after 8pm now & I havent heard them now for a few hours, I went driving up to the quarry & it was shut so it wasnt from there & there was no storm – the sky was clear all day. We can’t think of anywhere they could have come from. Bizarre.


  12. Grandpa says:

    its just the manipulating of the jet stream to assure the average man will have a tough time producing or foraging food for himself this year


  13. jcf186 says:

    Alvin,Thank you for posting this. I live near Marshalls Creek PA and after a quick look at the map found the reports of this event were in a 20 mile radius of my home,and one report hearing it as far as Milford PA (30+ miles).Thunder from what i have read is rarely heard past 10 miles,and my guess is that the vibrations from it is far less.Yet we have reports of houses shaking from Timothy lake to saylorsburg (approx. 40 miles) This was more than just a thunderstorm.


  14. Robin says:

    4/1/2012 A double booming noise like an explosion woke me and my family last night. A similar incident occured the other night. We live in West Tennessee and were not that far from the New Madrid fault.


  15. Here in South Africa we have similar experiences. The first incidence was a lightning bolt coming down and when hitting the ground about six seconds after the flash, it sounded like a plane dropping a load of bombs.
    After the initial bang, it sounded like thunder flashers that was thrown in sequence, (about 7 to 8 of them) with the noise running from East to West.
    The same happened about 5 minutes later when seeing another lightning bolt which seemed to be bang on where the first one hit, this time again about 7 to 8 bangs, but running from West to East.

    Because i was waiting for a second strike, i was looking skywards when i noticed firstly consecutive
    lightning flashes (like it was circled) one above the other like an upside down saucer or an umbrella (at least this came to mind at this time) these flashes reminded me of a white disco light flashing.
    It became obvious that there was a bang for every flash when the lightning struck the ground and for a minute i said to myself “lazer weapon tests”?
    The following morning when my son went to town he found hundreds of small falcon,s dead and lying in the streets under the trees at the railway station and surrounding areas.
    One day ago; March 31st 2012 we had a single lightning bolt where the rumbling continued for about 30 to 40 seconds before it died down, the second and which followed after also sounded endless before dying down.
    My family, friends and i are all in agreement that some things are no longer the same.
    Any thoughts on this Alvin?
    Ps, earthquakes are very rare in Southern Africa where we live, i have also noticed that the plates meeting at the South and West ends of the country is way off into the sea!


    • I

      The Earth is changing in every way; both in the geology under the ground with processes ocurring between core and mantle and with how those processes react with other mediums on our planet like the atmosphere. We have to also realize that the magnetosphere is basically electromagnetic, the ionosphere, below it, is a sea of electricity, as is the lower atmosphere where storms develop. Inside the Earth, the outer core generates electromagnetism – so we’re in a sea of electric currents. Whatever changes are happening to the planet are also affecting the fundamental inductive properties of forces in these mediums.

      See this similar story that happened in the lower midwest portion of the U.S. just recently: http://wp.me/p1eYXc-58T


  16. Jane says:

    Guess none of you have ever experienced a thunderstorm in the tropics or the semi-tropics. I was in Key West for Christmas in the ’80’s staying with my husband in a bed and breakfast. During one night a thunderstorm hit. We had never heard such a loud storm. The entire building was shaking, so much so, that the bed we were in started moving across the floor! It went on for so long we thought it wouldn’t end. Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep and in the morning the island was flooded with about a foot of water. No storm drains in Key West. I will never forget that night.


  17. We heard it here too in NW GA at or around the same time. My Dogs went nuts. And we had no storm over our house at the time


  18. Steve says:

    Best explanation I have heard is that the sounds are coming from space and are related to the solar waves. Basically the waves go around the earth’s protective layer and are stretched out like a rubber band. When they reach out too far on the opposite, side they literally “snap” back like a rubber band causing the boom. Of course main stream sources do not wish to “scare us”. Source: MrCometwatch.com


  19. ace says:

    Last night (Saturday March 31st 2012) in Iowa, I was sitting with friends at my home and the weather had been normal when they arrived 20 minutes earlier. Then I heard a loud BOOM and asked one friend if it had been thunder, she shook her head and I looked outside and it wasnt raining, 2 minutes later it was and there was no thunder or lighting at all . It subsided only minutes later and was just an odd occurrence.


  20. zabou says:

    Forgot to say that it shook our house too. And my sisters 150km away. They are saying there was no sismic activity at that time…


  21. Glenn says:

    Listen folks; this is our EMF shifting. There was a shift reported on spaceweather.com and it cited how: “the magnetosphere shifted, opening a crack”. Well, cracks eventually close. Magnetic lines of force travel faster than the speed of sound and have been proven to cause “sonic booms”. The lines of force cannot be symetrical to result in a sonic boom, which furthers the worry….


  22. nj boom says:

    Just experienced similar sound over in the freehold area of nj. I didn’t not see anyflash but my entire house shook and the sound was not typical for thunder sounded like an electrical explosion or something woke myself and family up terrified so I google “thunder shakes house” which brought me here. Living in nj 20. + years and have watched lighting blow up utility poles …not even close to this.


  23. Herman Munster says:

    I live in Florida and this last year I’ve witnessed more superbolt strikes than all my life. I’ve witnessed these as a super bright flash more intense than regular cloud to ground lightning strikes by far, more like a camera flash close in your eyes and accompanied by a boom that sounds more like a rolling howitzers going off in the neighbor’s yard or a few nukea 10 miles downrange. The bolts appear much more thick, very coherent (not much zigging and zagging) and appear to go from ground up in a rainbow arc to 15,000 ft or so and go 10-20 miles laterally at that altitude into the clouds. The bolt definitely is overcoming much more potential than a regular bolt going up to 20-30,000 feet and is the most amazing display of energy I’ve ever seen and heard. The sound is awesome – it makes regular thunder seem like a balloon popping. I’ve heard big explosions, multiple rocket launches, Shuttle launches, and sonic booms and this blows them all away.


  24. Steph says:

    If you live near a military base, go to their page on Facebook and like it. The next time they are doing “ordnance” (the cause of all the shaking!!) they will update their status. They aren’t required to test large ordinance very often, but you will hear it and feel it from many miles away, even father if there is a cloud cover, or if it is cold, both of which help carry the sound. Also, if they aren’t doing very much, there won’t be an update, only if they will be at it all day. All cases of this in middle to southern NJ and Eastern PA are likely caused by ordnance from Joint base McGuire Dix Lakehurst.


  25. morgan says:

    I live in boise ID and this happened at around 3:30 am this morning. I’m originally from southern California and lived thru many earthquake but this thunder really scared me, it sounded so unnatural… it started like a rumble kinda like a garbage truck dumping a can then would end with a massivley powerful boom! It shook our house. We went to the sliding door and I said I’ve never heard thunder like that and he said he didn’t think it was thunder, he thought a jet had crashed. I thought we go bombed. Not cool mother nature.


  26. Brittney M says:

    Someone I need help understanding something that just happened at my home in Monroe, NC! Only about 15 minutes ago there was a LOUD thunder roar threw my house and shook everything!!!! I ran outside to investigate and there’s no storm clouds it is currently a beautiful sunny day with little clouds in the sky! I expected to see other nieghbors outside but nobody came out and it really scared me. I’ve done everything to debunk what I heard and felt but there’s no explanation. I know what I heard and felt.. What do I do, how can I report this? Please someone I need awnsers!…


  27. ronda says:

    I live in Iowa and i saw a flash go through my house then a horrific boom! It shook my house my windows rattled. This happened 2xs! I was alone and scared along with my dog she just looked around and at me. I’ve never experienced thunder or whatever it was before. It wasn’t raining out, just out of the blue it happened.


    • ronda says:

      all I could do is hold my head. I looked outside from the window, I was too scared to go outside. Please help me understand this the floor in my house vibrated it lasted the first time 15 or 20 sec. The second time after the first one about 10 sec. I hope i never experience that again.


    • Could have been a meteor, of it could’ve been a thunderclap – since you said you saw a flash of light (that also most likely rules out a sonic boom from a supersonic aircraft). More information may be needed about the incident to try and isolate a causative agent. Did any of your neighbors experience something similar? I’m sorry you were subjected to what sounds like a horrendous ordeal.



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