15 Responses to New study shows parts of Washington D.C. could survive a nuclear blast

  1. mikey says:

    nuclear missles from china, russia and iran can destroy bigger than that. china has a satelite with 24 missles and can destory our satelites and weaken out military strength using computers, aviation navigations, and communications. we are outnumbered by the chinese and russians and we need to outmatch china and russia by making our own satelites with more missles than the chinese satellites. will someone forward this to the pentagon and white house? we need to be better prepared against bigger enemies such as russia and china. bible prophecy says that a 200,000 million man army will wipe out 1/3 of the earth. usa might be part of that. i hope and pray we are prepared. p.s. it is my understanding that youtube says that china is in mexico and u.n. troops are in florida and russia is in california preparing an invasion. wake up and bring our troops home before we are destroyed!!


    • Jared says:

      Americans are armed. We would fight an invasion. This is our home and land….they better pack a lunch cause it would be a long day 😉


      • Moco says:

        Sorry Jared, you have already been invaded by corruption, fraud, banksters, criminals and evil. Constantly distracted by the real enemy.
        God did not give the right to any person, to kill and destroy.
        The battle between good and evil is always present.
        The war appears to becoming lopsided.
        Going over into bogus wars, killing for absolutely nothing, has to stop.
        The great creator might not accept ignorance. Especially for people that try to hide their ignorance with unawareness, shunning of the truth and denial.
        Be spiritual, my friends.


      • Thera says:


        We need to get OFF this course we have been put upon & demand they find alternatives to war, compromise do whatever within reason to avoid it otherwise we will ALL, if we’re lucky, live to regret it.


    • Gerry says:

      OK Alvin, hope all is well.
      Comments like the above need references if they are to be taken seriously. There is enough happening for all to see with earthquakes and volcanoes, but tbh comments like the above are pure scare mongering without any references. I’d like to see proof that China has a satellite with 24 missiles on it.


    • Richie says:

      No offense to you whatsoever, but I believe our better option would be to take our focus OFF of war, it really is just senseless, ‘fighting for peace’. However I know it’s not that simple, and the powers that be wouldn’t have it. But if the people of this nation were to rise up from our very dualist if views and make a firm stance, I really believe we could bring an end to all these conflicts, and the unnecessary suffering they bring. Here’s to hoping!


  2. Boux says:

    Gotta wonder how many debt-d0llars they spent on this blather.


  3. AWT says:

    A 10 Kiloton bomb is a firecracker compared to what else is out there. Of course with a nuclear explosion that small DC would survive.


  4. Andrea says:

    In the video nothing is said about Russia or China attacking the US after all who would buy their goods
    they have an interest of not going to war against America although American has being the aggresor all along in fact I call it the silent iiiworld war by picking countries such as Egypt Lybia etc
    and demorolising their infrustructure and killing their people, surrounding Russia with thier Missile Shild in Poland and Turkey and others , that’s called accretion,I am sure if America steps over the line there will be more than one coming your way


  5. Isaac says:

    whoever presses that nuke button is the anti-christ


    • Supreme Siddha says:

      I believe anything that goes against the natural laws of nature, or the Creator’s universal laws, I would say that is the anti-christ, or is unconsciously supporting destruction. Nobody should have nukes or any sort of destructive weapon in the first place. That which was created with the intention to kill is meant to be used. Bombs were created to be used, not to sit there. All countries must somehow find a way to de-materialize the nukes, but I doubt that. Our prayers will definitely help and our actions aligned with God’s Divine Plan is even better. I believe we mustt revert back to balance, back to natural living.


      • Isaac says:

        I’m with you 100%
        we have ways now of harnessing energy from wind and wave and sun, there is no need for nuclear energy, let alone strategic warfare when the Earth is changing itself.
        we are but visitors, and should leave it as we found it, Eden


      • pagan66 says:

        Supreme Siddha & Isaac – Beautiful words & I agree completely. I wonder how Man must have justified himself, as he finally discovered the means of obliterating himself & causing untold misery to his own species & every other species he shares this planet with. I have often wondered how different things would have been if he had refused to delve deeper into the creation of nuclear bombs & destroyed the capabilities then salted the Earth where such things are manufactured. Before too long man will find out the hard way that the end will never justify the means.


  6. wayne says:

    my question is this,,what are they trying to prepare us for by showing us this information.this is here for a purpose as in to prepare the populace without causing panic perhaps,,i dont see it as chance news,,i see it as serving a very extreme warning and purpose to the general population.remain FAITHFUL in CHRIST JESUS


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