10 Responses to Storm clouds of nuclear war gathering on horizon: Iran threatens ‘total annihilation’ of Israel if it attacks

  1. Willard says:

    Did Haman the Agagite not say exactly the same thing ??


  2. This seems profound. The truth being that a lot is not known by our intelligence services. And to add another ring of obfuscation, we do not know if they don’t know. Evidence seems to point to US getting ready to fight, with the Enterprise and other ships of the US and Israel going to the gulf to continue our watch. But this may be precaution and bluff. We don’t know. I don’t, anyway.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Much disinformation being put out by both sides.

    But, but, one item stands out as being very important of all. That is; Iran’s belief that Israel can be taken based on their failed 2006 33-day fight with Lebanon and so they are surrounding Israel with missiles. Rumor control says that over 20,000 missiles are available from Lebanon alone.
    As written, I believe we could see Israel use a pre-emptive WMD strike just prior or at the same time of a Iranian strike.

    Worth watching here, getting intense……………


  4. Tlindemann says:

    It is all staged!! If anything was miscaculated about Saddam, it was that he was either no longer useful or manageable. Whether Iran is making or has made a bomb is irrelevant. Every war has been staged by the PTB, funding both sides, for their purpose. This war is inevitable. It is just a matter of time. In the meantime, the Joe Public, we in the West, and they, in the East need to be propogandized.


    • Cookie's mum says:

      Well said Tlindemann …it’s all been set in motion prior to the actual events…I really resent having to live on this beautiful little planet which I love and appreciate so much, to be subjected to a bunch of power/money hungry waring individuals that I have absolutely NOTHING in common with..it’s all wrong…it will take some kind of shift in consciousness to change the game….it’s just thoroughly depressing….


  5. Niebo says:

    M.A.D. and MADness all over again.


  6. Im more worried about a Nuclear war than the earth changes & pole shift. All it would take is for some of those loonies to believe they could win by a first strike. Or some looney wanting to make the propecys come too pass. I believe we are much closer to nuclear war than we ever where during the cold war with the soviet union. And I dont have much confidence with the Obama administration being able to promote peace & stability. Its hard to be optimistic? I hope im wrong?


  7. Grandpa says:

    The only thing to save the US from completing its communist tranformation is if they get it on and start shaking some satellites out of orbit..


  8. Lance says:

    Human “progress” has led humanity to the place where it is now. Just shows how messed up the human way of thinking really is.


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