7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes near Maule, Chile

March 25, 2012CHILEA magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit central Chile on Sunday, 64 miles (103 kim) west north west of the town of Talca, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake was at a depth of 6.2 miles (10 km). Magnitude 7.0 earthquakes or greater are capable of causing widespread and heavy damage. The epicenter of the earthquake was 219 km (136 miles) from Santiago, Chile- near the vicinity of a moderate 5.1 magnitude earthquake that struck the region on yesterday. Seismic tension has been mounting over some of the world’s most dangerous subduction regions in recent weeks and stress eruptions may not be over yet. This is the second 7.0 + magnitude earthquake to strike the world in 5 days, provided the USGS doesn’t downgraded the earthquake. On March 20, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck the western coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. Chile in on the front-line of the Nazca plate, one of the most dangerous subductive plate boundaries in the world. A 9.5, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in modern history, devastated Chile in 1960. –The Extinction Protocol
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5 Responses to 7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes near Maule, Chile

  1. Nikkoale says:

    I caught a period on the Global Incident Map earlier today in which there were 11 earthquakes of magnitude 4.3 to 5.3 within three hours of each other.


  2. radiogirl says:

    Earlier today,I heard a low muffled boom and my house give in to a quick shudder .My husband also felt it in another part of the house but heard no boom.


  3. richfish30 says:

    First Mexico had 7.2 now Chile! What surprises me the most is how they all happened few days appart!!! strange…


    • Dart says:

      Piers Corbyn forecaste these past few days to be a window of very high seismic and volcanic activity due to a combination of solar and lunar effects.


  4. CBS says:

    The moon, venus and jupiter are in conjunction as they were on the last M7+


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