USGS claims ‘booming noises’ are attributable to a missed earthquake

March 23, 20112 WISCONSIN – Sharon Binger cracked basement floor was testament that something actually happened. Now authorities say a minor earthquake occurred this week near the eastern Wisconsin city where researchers have been investigating a series of unexplained booming sounds, federal geologists said Thursday. The U.S. Geological Survey said the 1.5 magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday just after midnight in Clintonville, a town of about 4,600 people about 40 miles west of Green Bay. Geophysicist Paul Caruso told The Associated Press that loud booming noises have been known to accompany earthquakes. It’s possible the mysterious sounds that town officials have been investigating are linked to the quake, he said. Earthquakes can generate seismic energy that moves through rock at thousands of miles per hour, producing a sonic boom when the waves come to the earth’s surface, Caruso said. “To be honest, I’m skeptical that there’d be a sound report associated with such a small earthquake, but it’s possible,” he said. Those reservations didn’t stop Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss from declaring ‘the mystery is solved” at a news conference Thursday evening. She said USGS representatives described the event as a swarm of several small earthquakes in a very short time. “In other places in the United States, a 1.5 earthquake would not be felt,” she said. ‘But the type of rock Wisconsin has transmits seismic energy very well.” The U.S. Geological Survey says earthquakes with magnitude of 2.0 or less aren’t commonly felt by people and are generally recorded only on local seismographs. Caruso said the Tuesday earthquake was discovered after people reported feeling something, and geologists pored through their data to determine that an earthquake did indeed strike. Local residents have reported late-night disturbances since Sunday, including a shaking ground and loud booms that sound like thunder or fireworks. –SF
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25 Responses to USGS claims ‘booming noises’ are attributable to a missed earthquake

  1. Nikkoale says:

    What is interesting about the article is that at one point someone refers to the booms/incident/quake as a “swarm” which makes me think they aren’t telling us everything.


  2. Richard says:

    Shuuurrrrr it was. How about Tesla weather manipulation of the earth ionosphere. One look at the rotating storm and bizarre jet stream that formed over land and has barley moved should be a good indicator that something is causing unusual change. Those ELFs used to do that have unintended consequences…like weird booming noises that sound like earthquakes


  3. Can someone please tell me what the heck is going on @Lake Mary in Yellowstone?


  4. SANDRA says:



  5. jeff says:

    Sorry not buying this explanation! How long is this thread now, on this topic?
    I live in Sydney and last night at 10:30 we had the second boom since the begining of 2012.
    The dogs went berserk as they did last time, and the rumble seemed to ‘drone’on after the main boom.
    Yes, Sydney is a fireworks city, but my dogs are so used to them they do not react. Plus there are noise laws and there are no fireworks after ten on a week night.
    Plus? The biggest curiosity is that it just does not sound like fireworks.


  6. nickk0 says:

    THANK you, USGS – They may not KNOW everything, but the earthquake explanation is consistent, with what other people report, in seismically-active areas.

    Now, I wonder if there are some undiscovered ( or newly created ? ) faults, that have yet to be discovered.


    • Nikkoale says:

      Yes, I have wondered about newly created faults because there is more than one boom reported at Clintonville and elsewhere.

      Or, if those escaping seismic waves coming from the ground to the atmosphere produce a sonic boom, where do those seismic waves begin?


  7. wayne says:

    im sorry but i for one refuse to accept this explanation as being the reason for the cause of the booming noises.yes its possible but its just too neat and timely of an explanation to ease the publics minds of worry.such a teeny quake which was missed by the usgs it was sooo small.we should perhaps think broader and a little wider,perhaps the booming noises are to do with our atmosphere in some way.magnetosphere maybe. Blessings in Christ


    • Susan says:

      Wayne, hello, susan here, I agree. Didnt the initial report that came out that the USGS said it wasnt an EQ, now they are trying to backtrack and say there was just to ease tensions!! I bet the pressure is on to explain away these sounds, so they have to blame it on EQs. I bet you they are stumped just like we are. I believe its the Lord giving us the signs of which was written about in the Bible, otherwise there would be a good explanation for it.


      • Mary says:

        I agree – It is predicted there will be a shaking and it is going on everywhere now- You can google strange sounds coming from the earth. It has been about a year now -It is a great time to be alive and see these prophecies fall in place. Maranatha


  8. Justin G. says:

    That’s exactly what I think…. Tesla weather manipulation/resonant earthquake creation.


  9. gnewsreader says:

    If tiny earthquakes are to blame, why are people just now reporting these noises (in the past year)? There have been earthquakes forever with no one reporting these sounds. Something else is going on for sure.


    • Chris L says:

      No kidding, I live in Saskatchewan and I’ve heard some of these weird sounds that I’ve never heard before in my life. Saskatchewan doesn’t get any earthquakes above around 3.0 (ntm no faults in Sask, and all earthquakes in the province are caused by mining). And the good old backtracking theory of saying “oh no it wasn’t earthquakes” to saying “oh wait maybe it was this tiny earthquake that caused it” is absolutely bogus. Where the hell do they come up with these explanations that make no sense and completely contradict what they said before? Maybe they shoud stop trying to ease the public by blabbering about BS just to make us feel better. They obviously hate not knowing the truth and just expect that they will be heard the most and whatever they say we will believe it.


    • Greg says:

      Booming sounds have been reported for centuries. Nothing new there except its strange in wisconsin. The monster EQ in Japan is causing the earth to shift all around, i’m starting to think


  10. Phyllis says:

    uh yeah sure any explanation to sooth the sheeple,but I aint buying it.


  11. Carla Burgers says:

    Just thinking about the emus i used to farm, the female makes a booming sound, like a drum. She creates the sound by puffing up her sac ( lower neck) and by letting the air escape through a slit which is on the lowest side of her neck. I don’t mind if this info puts a smile on your face 🙂 , the point i’m trying to make is that perhaps within earth gasses are being created which need a vent – small earthquakes. Love to hear comments about this.


  12. Guest says:

    I just heard and felt a rumble in Georgia (USA). About 2:26PM Eastern. Immediate thought was earthquake, but nothing is showing on the USGS website. Loud rumbling noise like explosion or thunder in distance, and floor vibrated.


    • desiree says:

      I heard a very similiar sound hear in Arizona. Nothing in the news. But I have to say it was the loudest noise that I have ever heard in my life. Very odd…


  13. Nikkoale says:

    I finally heard a mystery noise. It sounded just like the “booms” (I personally would not call what I heard a boom, but for a lack of a better term…) on a video taken by a hiker in Colorado last year. The noise occurred yesterday at 5:24 a.m. and traveled from the south southeast to the north northwest. The sound was loud but there was no vibration along with it. This was in southern Illinois in the New Madrid fault zone.

    Here’s the link to what sounds very much like what I heard:


  14. Ok I heard this exact booming continual two different places one day after the other. First booming was early mid july 2012 at Harriman State park and the second next day at Depew park Upstate Peekskill NY. So what the heck is going on? For this booming to be heard from one state to another, you have to wonder…


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