Media news station attempts to unravel enigma of bird deaths

March 23, 2012ARKANSAS Remember New Year’s Eve 2010 when thousands of birds mysteriously dropped from the sky over Beebe, Arkansas? Well, the mystery has been solved. Last May, a crew from the National Geographic Channel dropped by the NewsChannel5 Weather Office. They wanted to see what important information we had found regarding the bird deaths over Beebe. Indeed, my research indicated a unique radar signature several thousand feet above the birds just as the mass deaths were occurring. With the help of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a unique weather phenomenon was blamed for startling the birds and causing the mayhem that resulted in the demise of thousands of birds that night. On Thursday, an all-new National Geographic Special will debut explaining the Beebe event as well as several other mass animal deaths that occurred last winter. The show, Omens of the Apocalypse,” airs on the National Geographic Channel at 10 p.m. Results from preliminary testing released today by the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission Veterinary Diagnostic Lab show that red-winged blackbirds died from massive body trauma. The trauma was mainly in the front breast tissue of each bird. Officials say the birds suffered internal bleeding and blood clots in the body cavity. The veterinarians also examined the major organs and found them healthy, normal and not effected by disease. The gizzards and stomachs of the birds were empty. According to the report, “Further tests will be done to rule out other causes, but the birds suffered from acute physical trauma leading to internal hemorrhage and death. There was no sign of any chronic or infectious disease.” What caused the trauma is not yet known. Meteorologists reported a heavy thunderstorm over Beebe earlier in the day. It is possible that the birds were sucked into the updraft of the storm and then either struck by lightning or pummeled by hail within the storm. Fireworks were also being launched around the town just before the birds began falling. Since blackbirds have poor night vision, they may have suffered extreme anxiety and become disoriented. –News Net 5
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17 Responses to Media news station attempts to unravel enigma of bird deaths

  1. chris says:

    why an explanation? its been on the news multible times that we are in 6th mass extinction.


  2. Mavis Stucci says:

    Why would the blackbirds even be flying at night? Even migrating birds have to sleep.
    Also, if a thunderstorm and/or fireworks caused the trauma, why were the areas of damage so consistently targeted in such little bodies?


    • Barb says:

      I think it’s because the birds were frightened into flight ….right into a cloaked ufo. I’ve seen pics on the net captioned “what is this”? You can see ufos hiding in clouds. Or I should say, trying to hide in amongst clouds.


  3. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    I don’t buy that explanation. There are still too many questions. I believe that trauma was the cause of the birds dying, but why just this time? If it were fireworks, then why don’t birds fall out of the sky during every July 4 and new years eve? Why not in any other firework celebration, or any thunderstorm?

    We know that birds – especially migrating birds – are sensitive to the geo-magnetic pert of the atmosphere, which is why they can fly thousands of miles and end up in exactly the same place they migrated to last year. Now, if the magnetic poles are shifting, that would confuse them and create trauma. Could they be also affected by resonating pulses created by HAARP?


  4. rog says:

    That is one mass bird death, what about an explanation for the hundred other mass bird deaths in the past two years across the globe.


  5. radiogirl says:

    I watched the program and the conclusion given was man has a tendency to apply omens to coincidental patterns generated naturally or man made to the environment.No doubt mass death of wild life occur from many causes.BUT……………………………….

    Since the show hedged heavily on the coincidence theory…. .lets broaden that by asking and applying these events occurring at the same time as mass animal die offs ….Extreme record breaking weather globally.. ,rise in volcanic eruptions,increase in earthquakes,destabilizing magnetic field,timing of extreme solar cycle,earth and space threats of many kinds,the rise of life threatening pathogens to man and animal,world war crisis at an all time high..and of course there are more such as world food shortage and global economic collapse etc…

    Science is being challenged on many levels today.Many will say we have always had this and to some degree that is fact.Yet in my 50 years it has not involved all these processes of man and earth to the limits they have now been pushed to…and it appears to be accelerating instead of leveling off.
    At this stage of the game I dont believe you can conclude most animal die offs are mere coincidence nor could you say every group of deaths is a sure sign of the end..But if you look at the big picture …we are in trouble. .No coincidence theory needed..


    • elizabeth0raven says:

      Excellent post, Radiogirl! I watched the show too, my thought on it is that their rational explanations for all the mass deaths are possible, but I don’t rule out other theories, such as some of the poster’s on here. I find that on most topics, if you really look you can find both rational or mundane explanations, and you can find deeper ones that would be considered radical. IF any of these mass deaths were caused by something like HAARP or changing magnetic fields, it certainly is not going to be said on NatGeo, but then it really could have been all of those simple and mundane explanations. I agree with your statement, however, that if we look at the big picture, we have serious problems.


  6. Mary says:

    I’m hearing HAARP but you won’t hear it from them.


  7. 5000 birds is a very small percentage of the millions that roost in the beebe area. Now every time a number of birds are frightened from the roost by fireworks or something. Also it dont need to be fireworks to scare the birds a housecat , owl , Raccoon ect could frightn a tree full of roosting birds. and one tree will easily hold 5000.That flock likely wont encounter a gas cloud of methane or some othe gas. however If your a bird flying and by chance your gassed you stop flying and crash to the ground. When you hit the ground you will have blunt trama. If the beebe event had happend out of town in the woods or fields. we likely would have never heard about it.


  8. Helen Parks says:

    How about they all flew into an invisible space craft
    A big one


  9. John says:

    Did anyone address the unique radar signature ?


  10. Kathy says:

    The show would have us believe this is “all in our heads”. I know one thing for sure, on March 21, 2012 it was 86 degrees F, in Chicago, and I had to put my air conditioning on. That was not in my head! When there are too many coincidences, it is no longer coincidental.

    God Bless us All!


  11. Kareen says:

    Dear Extinction Protocol – What are your thoughts on the video titled “What in the World Are They Spraying?”


  12. I agree with everyone here as they all touch on very important points. I fear that NatGeo has went the way of political pressure and was warned to come up with some type of debunking information to keep the sheeple calm. I ran across the below information not long ago and still don’t know how this will all play out regarding mankind and or what ‘they’ have been responsible for regarding some of the unusual events taking place in our world today….

    One of the first to begin exposing the Government for what it truly is,
    William Cooper was killed by authorities on 11/5/2001.


  13. Steven90403 says:

    You can give someone all the FACTS and they will still believe in a conspiracy among people who do not even know each other. Populations die when they run out of food and conditions are so severe that all of the group can’t survive. Starvation is part of life. When we over populate we die too. What government is responsible for that?
    We hear so many things about the lack of ice in the northern seas and how it has caused the death of polar bears. There are more bears than ever. In fact, there was so much ice that it killed about 1/3 of the California Gray whales but they are now in recovery mode because they can feed and breathe. Can you imagine the death of a whale under ice so think that it will not allow them to surface? We are talking about 11,000 whales. I’m glad there is less ice in the north because the whales can feed again but just like everything else … the population will increase and then the sea will freeze over again and the whales will die because they can’t breathe and feed. What do you think those big crabs up there eat?

    Do people really still question the single bullet for JFK? All new and old science still proves it to be correct. Google it. Watch it. Get on with it.


    • @ Steven90403: I looked at the link you had included. The information from grindtv was kinda interesting to read. I see that NOAA is RUN by the GOVERNMENT…just like NASA is. Hmmmmm

      NOAA works closely with the ACS. ACS was “founded in 1967, the American Cetacean Society (ACS) was the first whale conservation group in the world. ACS is a non-profit organization with an office in San Pedro, California and chapters in Los Angeles, Orange County, Puget Sound (Seattle), Monterey, San Francisco, and a Student Coalition based out of “Indiana” University. <—-(Indiana?! Um…ok)

      "The history of ACS is RICH in IRONY. While founders Bemi DeBus and Clark Cameron were exploring the notion of eradicating world hunger by "FARMING" whales, they discovered that the whales themselves needed saving." <—(guess the Japanese havent understood that issue yet as they continue to kill the whales left,right and center…sigh!) Anyway… ACS was launched on November 3, 1967. At that time, it was the only whale conservation group on the planet and the first to take groups of children on WHALE WATCHING TRIPS.

      During the past 30 years, more than two million children and thousands of adults have enjoyed whale watching trips SPONSORED by ACS. Thus increasing worldwide popularity of whale watching (A ONE BILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR INDUSTRY that now ATTRACTS NINE MILLION participants in 87 countries) and the growth of a global conservation movement that ACS helped to launch.

      Perhaps NOAA/ACS/GOVERNMENT would want to offer a less stressful 'report' to the sheeple regarding the actual amount of whales to be viewed? Would our Government lie to us for ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR? Naaaaah, Our Government would never take part in a conspiracy of hiding the truth from us for their commercial whale-watching operations….would they? (phifft)

      At least Wikipedia offers some truth regarding whales. I read that the Pacific gray whale IS the ONLY species of great whales to be REMOVED from the ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST! (sigh) = /

      BTW- I found this wonderful website called: Top Documentary Films. I've viewed some really great documentqaries online for FREE at this website! I just now checked up on the latest films being offered and I found a documentarie called: THRIVE. WOW! I actually bought the THRIVE DVD a few months ago for 20 dollars! This is well worth viewing imho!
      Blessings to all ♥


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