More tremors recorded near Mt. Etna’s slopes

March 22, 2012ITALYNew earth tremor last night on the southern slope of Etna, in the same area where tremors had already been felt yesterday afternoon. This second seismic event was 2.5 on a Richter scale, like the one felt yesterday and was registered at 4:46 by the National institute of geophysics and volcanology, that pinpointed the epicenter 9.8 kilometres deep between the towns of Belpasso, Biancavilla, Caporotondo Etneo, Nicolosi Paterno’, Santa Maria di Licodia and Ragalna. The volcano has originated small flows of lava and high smoke columns since the beginning of the year. –AGI
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4 Responses to More tremors recorded near Mt. Etna’s slopes

  1. Youcef says:

    I just happened to discover your website not so long ago and i must say it’s a great site!

    Do you know if there is a site that monitors the etna volcano?
    I found one but it’s completely in italian…

    Also what do you think of the 188 cycle theory that predicts heavy earthquakes around march and september.

    I find the recent earthquake swarm in mexico kind of odd could this be a sign of a big one coming in that region?
    I also noticed that area in mexico is located near dormant volcano’s….
    What do you think off all this?


  2. mrsotto says:

    Just wondering….if WI towns are hearing booms and then there’s an earthquake on the other side of the world, could they be related? Is WI opposite of Italy at all? Interesting….


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