Is mysterious rumbling noise in Wisconsin spreading?

March 22, 2012WISCONSINThe strange sounds heard over three straight nights in Clintonville, Wisconsin, have now been reported 70 miles to the south in Montello. What are they? Also, officials in Montello are reporting an unidentifiable slimy sludge has invaded the waste water system, never seen before. Can it have something to do with the weird booming noises residents of both towns are reporting? In Clintonville this evening, a town meeting is being held with city officials doing their best to answer questions and allay fears. But, they admit, so far they have no explanation for the mysterious, thunderous booms shaking the ground in both far-flung towns. Residents are bracing for another sleepless night, even for those not in the affected areas, because of the unease and fear this phenomenon is causing. Why is it happening only at night? Are aliens starting to work the night shift? Some believe it indicates the strange sounds are a result of some human activity which someone is trying to shield from the public eye. Possibly for illegal reasons? It wouldn’t be the first time that greedy, uncaring people put others, and the environment, at risk purely for personal gain. Unfortunately, it’s a story which has repeated itself over and over. At least in some scenarios, aliens who visit the Earth in a UFO have benevolent reasons for disrupting the lives of unsuspecting citizens. If it’s found that a group of people is doing something harmful, without thought to serious consequences, sleepy towns in Wisconsin, like Clintonville and Montello may wake from peaceful slumber in a mighty nasty mood. –Gather
contribution by Vicky Grover
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31 Responses to Is mysterious rumbling noise in Wisconsin spreading?

  1. nickk0 says:

    Aren’t the noises from ‘Seneca guns’ normally associated with seismically-active areas; or areas that have earthquake fault lines, whether active, or dormant ??
    The only (dormant?) fault lines in WI. that I know of, are in the SE region ….. Unless there are some undiscovered fault lines…. OR perhaps new ones forming right now !
    Perhaps the latter possibilities should be explored.


  2. howard says:

    electric magnetic sonic vibration feedback emaninating from the approaching brown dwarf your ancestors called Nibiru (Babylon), red dragon (Chinese), red kitchina (Hopi), wormwood,destroyer (bible)…these sounds are being heard around the globe exponentionally increasing with intensity, begin to research Nibiru there are over 3 million sites on line fail to prepare prepare to fail MAKE NO MISTAKE THE OTHER HALF OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS APPROACHING


    • There is no Nibiru returning. Zechariah Sitchin said he believed in a planet but was not mixed up with the cult of Nancy Lieder. This is all nothing more than New Age occultism being channeled by greys or demons, for lack of a better terminology and has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. There is an agenda being pushed by people that manifested with the Comet Elenin hooplah and Nibiru and a hosts of other names. What I suggest is people do their research before being sucked into Youtube indocrination of this New Age occultism.

      “The idea was first put forward in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, founder of the website ZetaTalk. Lieder describes herself as a contactee with the ability to receive messages from extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system through an implant in her brain. She states that she was chosen to warn mankind that the object would sweep through the inner Solar System in May 2003 (though that date was later abandoned) causing Earth to undergo a pole shift that would destroy most of humanity. The predicted collision has subsequently spread beyond Lieder’s website and has been embraced by numerous Internet doomsday groups, most of which link the event to the 2012 phenomenon. Although the name “Nibiru” is derived from the works of the late ancient astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin and his interpretations of Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, Sitchin denied any connection between his work and various claims of a coming apocalypse.”

      Where is all this coming from? Mormonism also believes in a lost planet called Kolob. It was portrayed as Kobol in the Science Fiction TV series Battlestar Galatica who was founded by Gary Larson, a Mormon. The 12 Tribes and the Nibiru was the 12th planet, the chosen ones, the lost ones returning to earth, the return of an apocalyptic comet at the end of time, the missing planet, the Anunnaki – all this starting to sound like demonology? If not, perhaps you’ll recognize the lord of Kolob in Joseph Smith’s relief below?

      The creator – Kolob according to Joseph Smith’s Hypocephalus

      In case, you didn’t notice who the horned goat-like being was. Here’s another picture

      He’s known to Satanist and the Occultists as Baphomet

      Further, Joseph Smith, a Mormon, hypoce-phalus was called the “Eye of Ra” or Horus the Sun god- another name for Lucifer. Where is the Eye of Horus?

      Eye of Horus – New Age World Order

      It is no coincidence that Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, a Mormon, has received more financial backing than any other presidential candidate.

      The Anunnaki are the siblings of the seven evil demons known as the Utukki.” -Dictionary of Ancient Deities, p. 59


      • Phyllis says:

        oh wow,thank you so much,Alvin for posting all this,so much disinfo out there,so there is no planet at all or dead sun or nothing that is causing any of this?I was getting to believe all that mess,thanks so much.


      • The day a planet 3 to 5 times the mass of Jupiter enters the solar system is the day, everything on Earth will die because the entire elliptical plane would be torn apart in the upheaval.


  3. Sheryl Minns says:

    Gracious, these noises are starting to sound like the plot for a B grade sci-fi! Can’t wait to see the ending, but please spare me the overacting.


  4. omar says:

    maybe their expanding their underground facilitys.


  5. About seven years ago, there was a phenomenon in northern New Mexico called the Taos Hum. I heard it one night when I opened my window. It sounded like a low fog horn and came in rhythmical waves. We have no need of foghorns in land-locked New Mexico. No one ever figured out what it was. Not everyone heard it.


  6. darran foss says:

    We have had these noises here in the South of England since Sunday 18th March 2012


    • kiares07 says:

      Im in south of england. I am so glad im not the only one. 3 nights ago i was sitting out on my patio having a cigarrette. It wasnt immediate. I almost had to be listening out for it. It was a hum. Coming from all around. The sky and the ground. Never ever heard anything even similiar to it. This was about 10:30 at night.


  7. Peggy says:

    Thank you again clearing up the miss-information out there. I think Omar is correct about the underground facilities. It seems alot of the noise out there around the world sound almost mechanical with a rythmn.


  8. King kevin says:

    I don’t know what is up but it’s definitely strange…I guess I really can’t say it’s this or that because I honestly don’t know. Seems like everyone’s having a hard time figuring it out. Either way, it’s happening here and then there, and in other places all around the same time. All I know for sure is that its weird..


  9. Kirk says:

    “The day a planet 3 to 5 times the mass of Jupiter enters the solar system is the day everything on Earth will die because the entire elliptical plane would be torn apart in the upheaval.”

    Thanks for this statement, which clears up the Planet X disinformation put out by Nancy Lieder and Howard.


  10. Christy Harris says:

    My husband and I have heard similar noises…a low frequency boom that vibrates our house. This has been going on for a couple of years.


  11. Christy Harris says:

    We live in Algoma Wisconsin, right on Lake Michigan.


  12. Lauren says:

    Wow. It all makes sense now.. I was skeptical of mormonism before but I did not know any of this. I think people are getting way too crazy with their theories like Haarp technology and earthquakes.


  13. Mike says:

    Man and women are God’s perfect creation as we were created in His image and likeness: Genesis 1:26-27, Psalm 8: 5-6. Nature is God’s perfect creation in the sense that it (nature) is without sin. What you are seeing and feeling is nature rebelling against the SIN of this world.


    • tonic says:

      Hi Mike, You have the uncanny ability of putting my thoughts, into words,(far more elegantly than I can) so please forgive me if I reply to your posts sometimes. It may well be SIN, or, perhaps, an untuned instrument (us) in the symphony of nature itself. Only a thought.


    • Phil says:

      I am sorry but, Man is far from perfect and God knows it. God is accused of destroying man once, that we know of. God’s next try wasn’t any better, so he just let us progress anyhow. Now the World is in so much upheaval and unrest mostly due to Religious differences. So many conflicting beliefs that peace will not be accomplished by Man.
      Now this is God’s creation, isn’t it wonderful?


      • Cecil says:

        God created things in a perfect image. WE as Man destroyed this perfect image. Human beings are like a virus, continually consuming all resources and reproducing until there is nothing left. We persecute our own based on race, gender, or religious belief. If I was him, and had put all this work and effort in, just to watch my own creation attack one another, I’d be pissed too and about to hit the reset button.


  14. Robert White Wolf says:

    It’s interesting but a waste of time to get all paniky and fearful about it. There’s absolutley nothing you can do about it but find some humor in it and enjoy the ride. Every day of life is a gift so enjoy this one. If you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you’re with.


  15. lili-ni-viti says:

    From the timings of when there are spikes in the hearing of these strange noises (however and wherever they may sound) my gut feeling is that certain agencies are using technology to stave off a statistically probable seismic event that might disrupt the flesh-pot lives as it is known. Gut feeling only, no proof, not interested enough to research it – just have this knowing that this might be what’s happening. After all so many reliable people coming forward to report these noises haven’t been taken seriously enough by the authorities to seek and offer a legitimate explanation – instead it is being treated lightly and dismissed, even suggested as imaginings. The Lord lamented to me that “the womb had opened and wayward Ephraim hadn’t presented himself at the opening…” – if there are sons of the Most High playing in the sewers, they smell stink to His nostrils and the fuller’s soap and a furnace is coming to blowtorch this nonsense off. He will disclipline in righteousness; or servants will have to replace disgraced sons.
    a servant


  16. Bundy says:

    Dear Alvin don’t let that nasty Nancy Leider get to you,we saw how she attacked you,but you must rise above that,don’t stoop to her level.Personally I believe in the existence of planet X (which is what the Zetas believe in,not Nibiru) as here in New Zealand I saw years ago on television NASA saying they have find this planet,and it was only named X because they were yet to name it.Planet X actually came from NASA first Alvin.Also doing research back through newspaper archives,the Smithsonian Institute,and personally asking my father,yes it does appear that the search for a planet goes back into the 1950’s at least.Also as a believer in the Bible as I know you are Alvin,it does mention something out there.


    • My response wasn’t to Leider; it was about who is pushing the return of a apocalyptic roaming planets and killer comets through the solar system. Having a potential TNO out in space which may be responsible for the perturbation of Pluto was conceived as a scientific possibility in a hypothetical Planet X scenario by NASA and science but that object is held in outer orbit by the Sun’s gravity, as would be comets in the Oort cloud and would not be a marauder planet- which means it ‘cannot’ meander through the solar system.


  17. James says:

    The sounds are happening all over the earth, The Goverments findings are lame. Todays news says findings are that it was small earthquakes after all. What happened to the past reports from engineers looking into it that stated they had no idea where the sounds might be coming from? and again only at night.. Im sure now there will be accurrences during the day you know for good messure. I live in California and I know the sound of the earth moving,shaking and cracking. How these people discribe the Booms under ground is like nothing Ive experienced. Countries all over the earth are digging in for some reason, and its coming soon. IRAN, for example the one place on earth we all know are building a bunker so deep they feel nothing can touch them. Why? War, Comet, Extreme weather, Earth axes shift what ever the reason they are getting ready for it. This is not a conspiracy story Iran is a dead give away FACT something is coming. These people maybe crazy but they are not stupid. I see the signals every place I look but I am just a average person. I DONT LIKE THE FACT that like as in the day of noah’s ark, I will be one of the ones outside the ark!! How do people who live just pay check to pay check survive? I know, we laugh at it and say we are just paranoid or what ever happens happens. Me, Since I do not have a ticket in I’ll just pray to God for the wisdom to stay alive some how.


  18. Elizabeth says:

    6 catholic priest survived at the center of Hiroshima when the bomb fell. They lived cancer free and long lives.
    God protects those who trust in him.


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