Super-bolt rumbles in skies over Oklahoma

March 21, 2012OKLAHOMA It woke up sleepy Tulsans, set-off car alarms and freaked out the family pet. Many people thought it was an earthquake that hit Tulsa at 3:33 this morning. Instead, says National Weather Service Meteorologist Steve Amburn, is was a “Super Bolt.” Amburn says a super bolt is a positively-charged cloud-to-ground stroke of lightning. Computer records indicate a single “super bolt” struck in the heart of South Tulsa just after 3:30. No damage from the super bolt is reported. –KRMG
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14 Responses to Super-bolt rumbles in skies over Oklahoma

  1. stan brooks says:

    My grandson felt it and thought it was an earthquake. Channel 6 (cbs) meteorologist stated it was a “ground to cloud” strike and referenced it as a “thunderquake.” And reported “one persons bed shook 4′ from the wall.” It was felt and heard from Broken Arrow to Owasso at least… Thanks for the post and reference!


  2. susan says:

    @ 333 – how perfectly perfect 🙂 Gods’ midnight


  3. Hannah says:

    It shook the whole house and lasted so long that the thought of an earthquake went through my mind even the possibility of a large explosion. Wild.


  4. wendell says:



  5. Columbine says:

    How common are these “super-bolts”? I’ve never heard of them before! And what would cause one to form? Weird!


    • Phyllis says:

      my guess is we are going to hear of a lot of things never heard of before,this would scare me to death if it happened here.


  6. rachel soliz says:

    we are seeing signs lets wake people this a calling from the almighty from up above.lets get closer to god……………………………………………..


  7. Rivers says:

    3/21/12 at 3:33. Very odd number symbolism here. If you know how numberology works the date would work out to 3/3/3 by adding the numbers in the sequence they appear one digit at a time. 3:33 is a very superstitious time and the number 3 is a very superstitious number.


  8. Youcef says:

    Could be haarp at work loading the ionosphere with energy. Maybe an uncontrolled discharge.


    • The U.S. is not the only one who has electromagnetic weapons technology. Russia and China are both in possession of similar technology and Iran is likely experimenting with it. Russia’s Woodpecker Electromagnetic system goes back to the 1970’s. Anytime you can alter the ionosphere, you can affect electon flows in the atmosphere- not that this is the culprit but there are many such multi-platform EP transmission systems in operation around the world by different countries.


  9. Bundy says:

    Another strange phenomenon ummm…last year here in the Christchurch area of New Zealand my house got hit by “thunder snow” very loud and actually quite scary. The intense lightening caused an electrical surge to run through the pc,with an ear splitting sound to come from it. Apparently thunder snow is a very rare occurrence, but given the fact that to even snow in Christchurch is not common at all, this makes it even stranger.


  10. Helen Parks says:

    Anyone see the V wing craft smack in the middle? I used the picture as wallpaper – and there it is!


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