Mysterious rumblings bring down a barn in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

March 21, 2012CANADA A barn on the 4000-block of Otter Point Road collapsed after a series of unexplained tremors rumbled through the region on Thursday, March 15. Barrie Hanslip, owner of the 35-acre property where the barn was located, said the steepled barn tumbled downward after a large “boom” and rumble at 11:30 a.m. The large tremor was preceded by two smaller shakes around 9:00 a.m. Hanslip wasn’t home at the time of the collapse, but her niece, Sandra Richardson, said two seconds after the large third rumble, she heard a creak and the barn collapsed. “I thought my aunt was underneath it and was screaming for her, but I ran up to the barn and saw her car was gone,” Richardson said. Richardson, whose residence is located adjacent to the dilapidated barn, said the earthquake-like rumbles shook the stove pipe in her home. Hanslip said although the barn was 50 years old, it would’ve stood erect if left undisturbed. “It’s fairly old. It was due to come down, but it certainly wouldn’t have fallen down on its own. It was well-braced,” she said. Alison Bird, seismologist with Natural Resources Canada, said there were no earthquakes in the region during that time, adding there were calls from other residents who reported shaking. –Sooke News Mirror
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61 Responses to Mysterious rumblings bring down a barn in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

  1. absolutely weird but even more is that these strange rumblings are being heard around the world all stating about the same info in each article found!


  2. K says:

    Oh my this is a bit creepy to be honest. Truthfully as time goes on I don’t even know what to say anymore. But thank you Alvin for all your hard work to bring us this news. Otherwise I’d be left in the dark.
    Blessings in Christ


  3. 2Tonsils says:

    I still think the noises are made by earth forces , probably geo magnetic in origin. The hoaxes seem to be dying down now and the genuine ones are being posted. Stay safe folks, I think earth is going to give us a bumpy ride this year!


  4. nickk0 says:

    Alvin – Are there any theories that you know of, which might explain what could generate such ‘spontaneous’ booms and blasts ?? ( Assuming these are not man-made, which they don’t appear to be?)


    • Earthquakes are the most logical explanation, barring manufactured artifice. Given the gelogical changes unfolding in the planet’s interior, it may only be just the beginning of what could soon be literally a ‘tormenting phenomena‘ in seismically sensitive regions and coastal enclaves where the sea-floor is buckling, tearing and spreading.


      • Saunders says:

        Ouch Alvin,

        I hear the first “buckling, tearing and spreading” just shy of 20 years ago in Southern California. Yikes!


      • There is more to come. The subduction of the Juan de Fuca plate is rending the sea-floor off the coast of Oregon to pieces. This is the perils of living on a water planet, whose surface is covered by 71% water because most of these changes go undected and will become critical long before they start affecting land masses.


      • Susan says:

        That is truly scary. I think I have only heard such noises once here in MN and couldnt figure out the noises, it was eerie and we just had moved into this house. But the bible did say there will be signs in the heavens and distress upon the nations, on youtube one gentleman put all these noises together and it sounds almost like a symphony, with the shofar clearly being heard. ???


      • We live in interesting times. Soon, what is fringe will become mainstream. When everybody is talking about what’s happening to the planet…you’ll know we’re near a full-blown crisis.



      • Jill Lindemoen Dr. Gary Lindemoen says:

        Ok Bear with me, I DO know a woman who has been 100% correct on prediction of all earthquakes, earth changes and even correctly alerted us to cancer in my husband before we went to the doctor, exact location. I know you don’t know me, but I am a retired health professional and would never believe this but i have been working with her for past 6 years when she frost told me of these changes stating now, and she has been 1000% correct, to the month. Having said that she has a timeline of what is happening now and to come, and she says these noises are the earth center as it slowing down its rotation and she has a explanation on her Facebook, Mystic Prophesy. BTW, she is the only one I know who said the earthquake along the east coast this year would happen right when it did. According to her, this is just the very beginning of the earth changes to come this year, but accelerating to 2013 when things really change on the planet. After 14 years of school we put our trust in this one woman, too many correct predictions to not have something going on.


      • Actually,to me it sounds logical and rationale. You are correct, I do not know you, but somehow I feel what you shared and wrote is accurate…just think of the noise on your brakes when it needs changing lol ….anyway, I look forward to whatever is coming this year and the next…. exciting times we live in lol….peace…


  5. Lisa says:

    Good morning Alvin. Thank you so much for reporting about these noises. I really believe that the US is about to experience a rather large earthquake in the magnitude range we have not seen in a long time. We heard the strange noise last September and again this year here in Texas. It is a very eerie sound and will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I know California is due for a big one but what scares me even more is the New Madrid is also over due and I’m starting to wonder if these “sounds” are a forewarning to something big. Interesting times indeed!


  6. warspony says:

    the US Govt. has some extreme tunneling machines that might explain – if not post glacial rebound, see: www(dot)oobject(dot)com/category/20-interesting-boring-machines/


    • Or maybe the Earth is just changing as all indications seem to suggest. These could also be warning signs of more ominous changes yet to unfold.


      • warspony says:

        Thank you Alvin: Please keep up the great work! With Earth-change moving so quickly now, I find your site to be the most informative, educational and timely regarding earth changes. I wondered if you have an opinion on the Kuiper belt crossing the galactic equator . . sort of a Galactic dawn? Thanks again.


      • I’m doing a major report on it now- I’ll keep you posted on its release. We inhabit space amidst some very dangerous debris fields, Kupier being one of them. It’s greatest dangerous like arise from the gas gaints, all of which appear to be experiencing anomalistic charactristics from potential energy fluxes.

        Thanks for the support and for tuning in.

        Best regards,


      • The only thing constant in this world is change. The earth is always moving and changing. Everything happens in patterns. And everything that is or is to come has already been but we have no former rememberence of the things of the past so we look at things and we say this is something new when it something that has already been.


      • P

        Unfortunately, we have also forgot some things which most people also have no knowledge of. The massive volcanic eruptions that turned Yemen, parts of South America, Colorado, Siberia, and India into terrestrial infernoes. “Mankind in Amnesia” may be the correct Velikovskian colloquialism but “Mankind in psychological compartmentalization” may be the more appropriate prognosis.


  7. Phil says:

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to give everyone a chance to see this 3 hour video on how alien space crafts void being seen. This is a great theory and you won’t believe how many of these alien space crafts are around us at all times. It’s amazing. This video is based on NASA videos from the Shuttle and the Space Station. It is called: Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO’s. You can rent it from Netflicks or find it on YouTube.
    You will be enlightened for sure if you have an opened mind.
    Have a Great day!


  8. Saunders says:

    No matter whether this phenomena be caused by man, Lucifer, a god, the gods or the Almighty Omnipotent Supreme Being Our Heavenly Father known to many as God and Lord, something or someone is trying to frighten the heebie jeebie OUT OF or INTO the populace. If not frighten then: “get the attention of.”

    Whatever is going on – someone or “something”, maybe another “sentient life form” knows what’s happening and why.

    I said that to say this: it’s very unfortunate for us that Greek Mythology has been relegated to just mere myth maybe mankind has been on this path before.


  9. Carol says:

    Too bad about the barn and for the sweet lady. I certainly kind of wish I lived in Canda where she nonchalantly says there will be a big bonfire obviously not worried that this is against any law. Here we have to get a permit and inspection and pay someone if we want to do anything on our own property. We live in a nation of so many laws that Russia is more than we Americans. I’m moving to Canada if they will have me.


    • Mannah says:

      Canada is a great place, I as a Canadian would welcome anyone =D I have fear for the way America is??? Not the people…….


  10. pete moss says:

    Alvin,I have been visiting your site regularly for 3 weeks now. I find this site extremely informative and with much like-minded peaple. Keep up the great work,Thanks!


  11. millsap says:

    I do not normal reply on any com. However this past year, some strange things have occurred. We live out near wilderness country. We have hiked before up in the hills and we heard a strange buzzing noise last summer. We could not explain it for the location we were at. Also I keep hearing loud booms, more than once- right at dawn. we are not near military bases and near cities. People need to start reporting these occurrences, so we the people can start researching and finding some answers, since our government agencies and military seem to have no clues for the peoples concerns. Everyone is wondering whats going on- but no answers seem to follow.


  12. jeremy says:

    i live in cushing mn. and iv ben hearing a really big boom off and on for about 3 weeks never heard anything like it my wife is kinda freaked by it cuz we live in a rual area so we dont know what it could be


    • Shelly says:

      Jeremy, Cushing nestles right into state land, which is also the humongous backyard for Fort Ripley, which is where they practice all kinds of military training with live ammo, so let your wife know theres a explanation for the “booms” shes hearing….


  13. Kat Fischer says:

    That is the day we heard the large boom that rattled our houses! It was heard in a large area of South Tacoma on Thurs. March 15 @ 9:37am!! We are only a few hundred miles south of Vancouver. I find it odd we both heard/felt these booms. I think that rules out a sonic boom. Its unlikely any miltary aircraft would fly over another countries airspace creating sonic booms in both countries. Earthquakes have increased in this area in the last few weeks and the seismic data for the hour between 9-10am are missing for the Tacoma area. Underground nuke tests???


  14. markLouis says:

    There is a “theory” — or maybe just speculation — that from the Gulf of Mexico and many other sites there is extensive methane seepage. So much so that the normal ratios of gas in the atmosphere are changing, causing things like early sunrise in some Arctic cities (methane changes the refractive index of the atmosphere), and animal die-off (methane seeps often include hydrogen sulfide or something like that which is deadly), and these large booms and strange bright flashes at night like in Arizona and other places (methane becomes concentrated sometimes from random air movements and atmospheric static electricity or other causes spark an ignition of the gas clouds.

    There is a website about the “jumping jack flash hypothesis” but the site seems kind of fringe.

    On the other hand, the theory seems reasonable. It seems to offer an explanation for many seemingly disconnected and wide-spread things. However, if there is any truth to the theory, if methane is seeping at such a rate as to change the composition of the atmosphere, then I would guess an extinction event will happen sooner rather than later.


  15. Brandon says:

    Do you think Jill’s psychic friend could be right? Could this be the core of the earth slowing? That could result in frightening earth changes!


    • I
      The interior of the Earth

      I can address the science. There is differential rotation within the planet’s interior. The inner core is believed to be metallic nickel composite. The outer core is a thought to be a semi-fluid layer, where the planet’s magnetic field is generated.

      The solid inner core has an uneven consistency, with some parts denser than others, and this can either speed up or slow down shock waves from earthquakes as they pass through.” -Live Science

      While I’ve said repeatedly that earthquakes affect dynamo changes within the core and the transfer of heat energy and the propagation of seismic waves through mantle, we don’t know what the full effects of a slow down in either one of these layers- the faster inner core, or slower outer core rotation would cause and how this would affect an already-weakening magnetic field primed for a polarity reversal. Presumably, the effects would be potentially catastrophic if they a) impeded the planet’s speed of rotation or b). affected the convection of heat in the mantle below the crust. This is a highly pressurized environment that incredibly sensitive to the most minute changes in temperatures because a hotter planet becomes more geologically animated with volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate movements. In my model, the Earth’s rotation is slowed by a combination of factors inducing Earthchanges.

      Here is the ‘touchy‘ issue with science. The planet is thought to be 4.5 billion years old, versus the Bible’s devised chronology of 6,000 years old. If the planet is 4.5 billion years, it would have burned off half of its radioactive material from decay and the core should be in a primary stage of cooling. If the core is over-heating, that means the Earth is younger than what science has said and all science and geology goes out the window because the premise of evolution and everything is based on the geological time scale of long time. So most scientists will never readily admit anything but the core is in a phase of cooling off.


      • nickk0 says:

        Alvin – Regarding the comment on the ‘true’ age of the earth, which we may never know….
        It brings to mind the recent news articles that scientists have determined the current ‘radio-carbon’ dating method to be flawed, *since it appears to be affected by changes in solar activity!* …..And that they don’t understand How or Why just yet.

        My point being that, not to point out that the scientists were wrong – My point is that, the Sun can have an effect on Earth’s interior, that is not yet understood.


      • Troy and Jericho was both thought to be fabled cities that never existed until relatively recently when they were uncovered under an unprecedented amount of sediment which archeologists never conceived would be so thick- a clear indication that science’s own yardstick is the wrong size. A catastrophe can, in one second, cover an entire city to time by burying it in ash. In sedimentary geology, you’re approximate time based on strata of sediment and the presumed rate of coverage.


      • Lisa says:

        Wow, where did you come from Alvin? Thanks


      • here with all of you…

        You’re welcome


      • Don R. Soucy says:

        There have been several writers who suggested that the earth’s crust could (does) ‘slip’ in a more or less uniform fashion creating a zone of interface where some material is closer to the rate of rotation of the core and adjacent material is closer to the rotation rate of the crust. Through ‘adherance’ this slippage layer grabs and lets go, grabs and lets go. etc.
        Nasa has a page o one of their sites describing sloar conduits which form and unform through which massive amounts of energy are pumped into the core. These conduits (called ‘flux transfer events’) have definite periods and are subject to solar flare cycles.

        What if the energy being pumped into the core is increasing the slippage by melting more of the intermediate layers. The semi-crystalline material would have a certain shear strength and just as when you have glue on your fingers and rub thumb against finger to remove it, alternately grab and let go but on a global scale. The strange groaning sounds which seem to have no point of origin, might well be the crust itself transmiting the acoustic vibrations from within. The cycle of experienced sound seems to occur then cease and reoccur then cease entirely. If the FTE’s (flux transfer events) have similar cycles it may be possible they are heating the core, then allowing it to coll when they disengage.
        Just my theory. We are investigating the cycle periods to understand the correlations.

        Don R. Soucy
        Principal Geological Engineer
        Corpkinetics Research Group
        Vancouver Island, BC


      • I

        That’s rather coincidental that you mentioned this because I just finished working on a new model of the how and why celestial bodies use FTE’s and the subsequent thermal anomalies resulting in planetary core mechanics associated with them.

        I think your theory is sound. Similarlly to yourself, I have theorized the possibilities of the planet experiencing something even a little more dramatic like a seismic lurch event. I raised the issue in December 2010 upon seeing an inordinately dense band of seismic disturbances across global seismometers. Of course, on March 11, 2011, we had a megathrust Earthquake event off the NE coast of Japan. The quake, as you know moved Japan 2.4 m or 7.9 ft closer to North America and it also shifted the Earth’s axis by 25 cm (9.8 in).

        So these events are definitely conceivable and audio phenomena could accompany them. I look forward to hearing more about your theory.



  16. Katie says:

    It’s our second sun, the second coming. Every second time it comes close enough to trigger a magnetic pole shift to instantly align our magnet with theirs. The last time this occurred was when the wooly mammoths and Siberian tigers went extinct all of a sudden transplanted into an unlivable environment. at the Same time a catastrophic flood worldwide. And continuing as old poles melt and new ones form. It is described in practically every creation myth how the world was first covered with water. I believe the center of earth stops spinning as the magnet comes closer ..and the rest of the shell keeps spinning.

    I’m excited to feel like I solved the puzzle of my lifetime!


  17. Lisa says:

    Jill & Gary
    Thanks for your post …very interesting however I have be unable to locate mystic prophesy
    Can you give me more info?


  18. Peter says:

    Ref Jill Lindemoen Dr. Gary Lindemoen says:

    Whilst i have no wish to discredit what this lady says.If such a persons predictions as suggested happen then why not inform the authorities and EQ agencies of such forecasts and events.I always become a little suspicious of people who alway predict the winner of a horse race AFTER it has won.If this lady is as good as Dr Lindemoen says then surely this person could useful to mankind.To offer us all some gravitas then she should write them all down in advance and see how many EQs occur and devastate.One also wonders if she predicted the Japan Earthquake last March last year.I become highly suspicious of so many people who offer forecasts AFTER the event.Sometimes I feel that such articles do these sites discredit and ill repute.We all seek the truth and not just heresay because someone says so.

    Peter Lon don UK


  19. Peter says:

    Ref Jill Lindemoen Dr. Gary Lindemoen says:

    Whilst I have no wish to discredit what this lady says.If such a person’s predictions as suggested happened then why not inform the authorities and EQ agencies of such forecasts and events.I always become a little suspicious of people who always predict the winner of a horse race AFTER it has won.If this lady is as good as Dr Lindemoen says then surely this person could be useful to mankind and EQ authorities.To offer us all some gravitas then she should write them all down in advance and see how many EQs occur and devastate.One also wonders if she predicted the Japan Earthquake last March last year.I become highly suspicious of so many people who offer forecasts AFTER the event.Sometimes I feel that such articles do these sites discredit and ill repute.We all seek the truth and not just heresay because someone says so.

    Peter London UK


  20. manda cole says:

    this happened in Alabama a couple weeks ago, too.


  21. Dewayne says:

    Many theories abound but nobody seems to have a concrete explanation. The scientist in one news report tries to explain it’s a normal event but then gives no explanation why an event like this hasn’t been recorded in our history. As a minister I have to contemplate the idea that perhaps it’s part of the fulfillment of St Luke 21 “v11. . . and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven. . . . v25 And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; 26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” The Bible also prophecies of the trumpet of God being blown to proclaim the 2nd coming of Christ, but it doesn’t say how long it would be blown. Listen to this video of the Shofar being blown and see if you don’t see a similarity to the above sound magnified by 100s.


    • Phyllis says:

      I dont know,but to me these sounds make me think of a big whale,or a large boat being torn apart,like the sound the titanic made in the move,they sound metallic to me,yet they sound like something being tortured or tormented,i get goose bumps and chills when i hear them,i really think its our earth,it is being literaly pulled apart or something and is screaming in pain,it is the groaning mentioned in the Bible,I think.


  22. Grandpa says:

    If you watch the life span of a bubble its near end gets volitile ,spinning and overlaying like the crust of the earth and SNAP. Thunder.. when it goes you better have a hibernation hole cause thats when men in masks will come and stick ya.


  23. remnant13 says:

    Thank you Alvin for all this information. I believe warspony may be onto something, given the black hole at the center of the galaxy which no doubt has an elctromagnetic “Hadley Cell” effect along with – as you say, the associated “energy fluxes” – no doubt penetrating to the earth’s core.

    Along with the dust storm our solar system has entered (dubbed the G- (or Galactic-) Cloud) which is exponentially intensifying in density, no doubt there’ll be an uptick in fireballs and meterorites as our solar system/Kuiper belt/ort cloud crosses/crossed the galactic equator. I’m very much looking foward to your report!

    Your brother in Christ.


    • remnant13 says:

      Whatever the source, it is effecting/intensifying more than just Earth:
      – Apr 6, 2011 … Big Mystery: Jupiter Loses a Stripe & two swirling
      storms on Jupiter as they collided to form a truly titanic tempest.
      – Jul 6, 2011 … The storm system, which occurred during the start of Saturn spring, grew in size and intensity, eventually stretching around the planet . . .
      – Nov 19, 2011 … “The Saturn storm is more like a volcano than a terrestrial weather …
      & According to Nasa, some of Venus’ 1700 were recently active!


  24. Im

    No, I’m not that familar with them. I’ve heard the name. Also, galactic planes don’t trigger crustal displacements (pole-shifts); it’s the breach of a planetary Roche limits by a large celestial body, orbital perturbation by a object of larger or equal mass, or a sudden redistribution of mass on or inside a planet or moon- all very complex processes that requires idea conditions to happen but it can definitely happen. I might add, we live on the worse planet in the solar system for such a scenario to happen because almost nothing, man or beast, would likely survive it.


  25. Vickie says:

    I think that we are all in agreement that something is definitely going on with our planet. Has there ever been any consideration as to what role crude petroleum has on our planet? I don’t think that it was put here with the intention of all us humans using it for our vehicles and such. When you take an engines cooling ability away from it you have destruction of that engine. What if our planet needs this lubrication to maintain its natural ability to cool and rotate as it has for a long time. Just a thought, on my part.


    • called out says:


      I’ve heard oil isn’t exactly dinasaurs, that it’s a natural – a lubricating process that keeps the plates gliding along – or, ldnm for the resiliance against the “Angular Interference” as provided by earths Very crustral defractIoN of molten rock at extreme stress.

      As you say, I too belive the web of plates is lacking after human Interference? But, there are certainly exterior “controls” involved way beyond our control here.


  26. Karolina K. says:

    I have been hearing sounds that could be described as a “truck running outside of a house” for over fifteen years. At first it was only in certain areas, but now I can hear the sound almost every where I go. BTW, I live just outside of Washington, DC. The only period of time I did not hear the sounds was when the Pentagon was hit on 9/11. For almost a month, I did not hear the sounds. Because of the lack of sounds after 9/11, I tend to think that many of the sounds some people hear are the low frequency sounds that some government “sound source” makes. Also, I believe that the people who have the unfortunate ability to hear the sounds may have some loss of hearing in the mid-range. The mid-range loss may attenuate the low-range sounds, and this may explain why some can hear the sounds and others not.


    • Susan says:

      That makes a ton of sense. Perhaps all these places around the world are fast forwarding or like Wisconsin, just starting their bunker building efforts, and told the USGS to play up any reports, which would be a reason they said there wasnt an earthquake, then came back and tried to backtrack. Just throwing thoughts out there, plus we cannot discount HAARP, which is a low freq sound wave that has been blamed as a possible instigator of the Japan EQ.


  27. Walter says:

    Experts say most of the videos are not frauds. Are real. Authentic. There are also testimonials from people who say they have heard, and have not recorded on videos. In addition, many deaf can hear. Not everybody listen. Many feel dizziness, headaches, etc.. That they are “the trumpets of the Apocalypse” is not true, because that trumpets will sound only after God leads people to expect, for after this rapture in the clouds, hence, to punish unrepentant nations (perhaps tell the lie that the aliens took people disappear by millions. to minor children, about 6 years old, disappear, and people go crazy for these events.) and after that, God bless the earth with blessings never before seen or dreamed. So, first comes to punishment, after the blessings. Jesus prophesied that in the earth distress of nations there, confused by the sound of the sea and the waves (noises), the expectation of things to come, for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. These noises are heard, now, come from the ocean, and the center of the earth, and clouds, but they surround sounds. Maybe God is giving a warning for people to repent in time. Then it will be too late. And as he said, Jesus Christ, as in the days of Noah, no one believed, or wanted to ignore, so now, many will not believe, and sudden destruction will come.


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