Ireland residents tormented by ‘mysterious’ night time ‘helicopter noises’

March 21, 2012 IRELANDRoe Valley residents are mystified over strange late night noises high in the sky, which has left them scratching their heads. The late night noise surfaced recently in Drumsurn, according to local Sinn Fein councillor Brenda Chivers. “It’s very annoying. It starts around 7pm and can go on until 2-3am. People have been out searching to see what it is, but they see nothing. There’s no plane, just this constant drone, and nobody seems to know what it is; unless it’s flying saucers! It’s a mystery.”A similar noise was reported in Derry recently, but there was never any conclusion as to what it was. In the meantime, residents around the Roe have been “tormented” by late night “helicopter noise. People are telling me they are hearing this noise at a time when children are either going to or are in bed, and it has wakened some and prevented others from getting to sleep,” said DUP Colr. Alan Robinson, who said no one could tell him the source of the noise. “Someone knows the answer and I hope it will be discovered soon and the usual quiet Limavady nights return.” However, SDLP MLA John Dallat is convinced it is British Army helicopters.  “It’s happened several times before and it’s time the Brits honoured the Good Friday Agreement and took their hardware home,” he said. “Everyone knows those helicopters are in training to kill people in Afghanistan. It’s an invasion of people’s lives and it has to stop.” –Derry Journal
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10 Responses to Ireland residents tormented by ‘mysterious’ night time ‘helicopter noises’

  1. dennissde17 says:

    The Marine Corps Wing Commander posted an article in our paper again today saying he was sorry for the
    overflights of the three cobra helicopters that were using night devices for urban training.


  2. Niebo says:

    These scattered reports of sonic disturbances make me wonder if these are not “tests” of some new sort of morale-depleting psychological warfare….


  3. Jonney says:

    I live in the south of Ireland in Cork City and over the last few months I have noticed cracks appearing on the walls and floors inside and outside and in the last 2 weeks its happening and very noticable rate…..I has kept me awake on a few ocasions all the cracking and it is getting worse ………


  4. Jonney says:

    I have no idea whats going on but what makes it worse is nobody will even talk about these things and it is really frustrating people just want to stay asleep…… any taughts on ireland in relation to earthquakes/disasters would be very helpful please

    Alvin I would also like to thank you for the amazing work you do keep it going as long as you can
    and you will always have our support
    Thank you so much


  5. Shawn Bash says:

    I live in northeast Indiana. My friend Rex was explaining hearing this same noise outside his house four or five nights ago. Then I see it on here…. Enough to convince me that something isn’t right


  6. LAURA,SCOTT/ says:

    The earth is having a growth spurt ,our science is outdated .the moans and groans of earth expanding is what your hearing.


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