Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano rocked by major explosions, noise heard 14 km away

March 20, 2012ECUADORAnother series of explosions has occurred early today at Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador, the Instituto Geofísico (IG) reports. The eruption was reported to be very noisy and caused minor ash fall in nearby villages, but no damage. From 23:39 (local time) on March 19, a rapid increase of tremor was detected and observers reported roaring noises from the volcano in up to 14 km distance. About an hour after the onset of tremor reports of ash fall came from El Manzano and Choglontús. At 00h22 today, there was an loud explosion whose cannon-shot like shock wave was heard in Choglontús, El Manzano and Puntzán. Incandescent lava bombs could be seen ejected from the summit crater and landing up to approx. 200 m distance on the upper slope. From the 01h08 (local time) tremor decreased and also the noises from the volcano. Cloud cover prevented detailed observations this morning. According to a first analysis, only the south-west sector received ash fall. In the Choglontús area, ash continued to fall until 07:00 (local time) and was measured to have accumulated 383 grams per square meter, corresponding to less than 1 mm of ash. –Volcano Discovery
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13 Responses to Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano rocked by major explosions, noise heard 14 km away

  1. carla says:

    I have read many times that all of these earthquakes and volcanoes that are going on lately are very normal and there has been no increase. well i researched very well and compared the last 12 years worth and concluded that earthquakes have increased this year and late last year by more than 3 times. example ( february 2005- 573 earthquakes worldwide. february 2012- 2247 earthquakes) and ( february 2001- 52 volcanoes worldwide. february 2012 – 81 volcanoes worldwide) Please check out
    compare dates . this is very crazy.


    • I

      How about that? When I said this would be happening, people said I was a liar.

      Unto what shall I liken this generation? They are like children sitting in the marketplace
      saying, ‘We do not understand you. We have played music, but you refuse to dance. We have
      cried in travail but you refuse to weep with us.’ But wisdom is called wisdom by those who
      think they are the wise.


    • Phyllis says:

      I have been told all this is normal and nothing is increasing too,when I knew good well things were increasing,they laugh at me when I try to tell them the truth,thank you so much for posting this.


  2. radiogirl says:

    It is not business as usual anymore in any shape or fashion…all things are changing rapidly.We will all have to adjust as best we can.Much Love ,radiogirl


  3. yamkin says:

    Katla Volcano Has Another Quake Swarm

    Katla volcano in Iceland is having another quake swarm today, during what some say is supposed to be a quiet time geologically for Iceland, during the harsh Winter months. Seismicity is elevated today at the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, with some quakes even occurring at the neighboring Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Eleven tremblors struck within the Katla caldera within the last 24 hours. As I write this, the swarm is ongoing. Most of the quakes except for two were below 2.0 in magnitude, with the largest being a 2.5. Many smaller >1.0 quakes occurred.


  4. frankie says:

    ..but alvin how did u know all of this would be happening?


    • I

      yes, and its an ominous signpost that more change is due to come.

      “In 2010, the climate crisis reached dangerous new dimensions. Profound earthchanges have already taken place on planet Earth and even more catastrophic change is yet to come. We are entering a period of extreme volcanism. Earth’s magnetic field is faltering. Earthquakes are intensifying and the planet’s climate is becoming more chaotic, deadly and extreme. Civilization is poised on the precipice of a stupendous crisis in Earth’s history and we are running out of time to save what remains left of the human race.” –The Extinction Protocolwritten 2 years ago.


  5. Jon says:

    Alvin, I’ve no doubt there are major changes ahead, and I thank you for your wisdom and guidance, I visit your website at leat twice every day as it is the best source of honest information without doubt – thanks to all your hard work. My question is…. home come the main stream media does not currently report any earthquake or sign of volcanic activity? it was once a news reportable and worthy topic, I am 40 years of age and these items were comonly reported until very recently – is the absence of reporting a sign of things so bad that they are deemed to upsetting to report? and therfor likely to cause panic? therfor the mainsream keep it quiet? or maybe they are told to keep it quiet? Surely the current natural events are more news worthy than football????? it mystifies me.

    Thanks again Alvin for your huge efforts, they help so many of us, enlighten us and make us feel we are not alone in the changes we see before us.

    Kindest regards & thanks


    • T

      Jon, that’s a good question and the most plausible explanation has to do with the failings of mainstream science itself and it will eventually and inevitably be man’s undoing. Since it’s based on the uniformitarian model where change evolves over millions of years, most scientists see no cause for alarm from the changes that appear to be unfolding- no matter what the span of frequency is. I, on the other hand, believe some change is slow but in the catastrophic model, where feed-back processes foster thermally-induced geologic change; it can happen very quickly, and in some cases, overnight.

      Geological incidents = recurrent periods of cyclical change (uniformitarianism)
      Geological incidents = transitional periods of epochs- (catastrophism)

      What we do know is the five extinctions in the geological record of science were, for the most part, transitional periods marked by catastrophism and the World Ages, according to indigenous people’s mythology also ended in similar catastrophic fashion.

      On the other hand, if doctors thought cancers were normal…would they ever inform their patients? The answer is not likely. Science will fail in the humanity’s most trying hour and no scientist should be the subject of ire because of this- it’s simply a system that is outdated under today’s quantum science models where events can be synchronous, instant, simultaneous, and inter-connected. If it took thousands of years for most of them to get to their jobs; they wouldn’t have one.

      Kind regards and thanks,


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