56 Responses to Is America preparing for an unprecedented crisis reminiscent of WWII?

  1. Mark says:

    Obama is counting on war, or some other crisis, that would possibly keep him in office, much as WW2 did for FDR !!!!


    • arby says:

      That is bull. Most likely he is preparing the nation for a soveriegn debt collapse, that must occur sometime in the future. That would have nations considering taking assets from us, on top of total socioeconomic breakdown for a period of time.


  2. Brandon says:

    First of all I want to say it’s good to hear from you and that you’re okay. I’m sure you were taking a much needed break. Do you think this is in preparation for WW3? Also, not sure if you are aware of this or not, but they’re claims that CEOs and bankers and other Elite are resigning and getting out of Dodge. Some are even getting arrested. What do you think is causing these mass resignations?


    • That’s a good question. With an election year coming up, it sounds like heads of departments wants certain securities in place in the event of an emergency…I haven’t heard about the mass arrest. Perhaps you can provide a link. Again, we’re seeing things that people who have never imagained 3 or 4 years ago —- the British government adding volcanoes and solar storms on the list of threats to national security. It sounds like everyone is hoping for the best and contigency planning for potential worst-case-scenarios.

      No rest…busier than ever.

      Hope all is well,


  3. Mark says:

    May God help us all !


  4. Nkosazana says:

    Infowars article by Brandon Turbeville:
    “In a stunning move, on March 16, 2012, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the President and his specifically designated Secretaries now have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water. The EO also states that the President and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The EO also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of national defense.”
    We are headed toward tyranny, …and that on a fast track.


  5. Yes The White House is preparing for something big,it’s very obvious how much tension in the MidEast has increased over the last decade,and not only MidEastern countries but other countries are on the verge of some thing as well,America is at risk 24/7,we should get as ready as possible.


  6. Lisa says:

    Read the whole thing, this does not have to be a war or and national emergency they can do this in peace time, I am beyond concerned.


  7. Susan says:

    Per Sec 601 Sect of Labor #2 Director of Selective Reserves and Sect of Defense for the Sect of Labor – Regulating the induction and deferment of person for duty in the armed services. **this is what it said regarding selective services, it can be voluntary at first, then regulated to involuntary if needed. Now, before it was just men, what will it be this time since women are going further and further into combat roles now?


    • IMG

      This is a comprehensive Executive Order that covers everything including the draft, which I knew it would only be a matter of time before that became law given geo-political climate in the world as escalting tensions in the Middle East. There is also a provision in the Executive Order for the authorization of the use of chemical and biological weapons, which I don’t think would be included unless they were anticipating a spectrum of threats.

      Sec. 204. Chemical and Biological Warfare. The authority of the President conferred by section 104(b) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2074(b), is delegated to the Secretary of Defense. This authority may not be further delegated by the Secretary.


  8. Phyllis says:

    this one order alone would not be that scary if it were by itself but just look at all the orders he has signed here recently,the one where he can take the rural land,I forget what i=t was called and then then there is the ndaa,where he can lock up anyone with out reason or atrial and the one he just signed about protesters,and there was one one about growing food,not to mention the homeland security has already declared all of us to be terrorists,I tell you this 1984 stuf is already here and I am scared to death,Jesus help us cause we are going to need it,if you are not concerned you should be.


    • I think the fear of the unknown always seeds a nagging sense of unease. Without wrapping ourselves it too much of a climate of fear, let’s see how it all plays out in coming days.


    • Thera says:


      Wars and rumors of war.

      No offense Phyllis – “Scared to death” – if you were you would not have been able to write you comment. Words and the way one phrases them are very important.

      And please don’t say “scared to death” is just a harmless metaphor – it is not.

      Nonetheless, “scared to death” is where they want you – one can be controlled best when they are in fear of one thing or another. They can be quick to comply – brought under control.

      Now after having said that I will say this: if you are scared and in fear” you need to let go and “let the lord” take control. I realize it’s hard not to be scared, for we have been raised to be afraid.

      Things/situations are intensifying on a massive world wide scale, (some man made) and at a now very alarming rate all for a purpose.

      It’s already well established fact that the citizenry is completely divided – it they had stuck together none of what you mentioned in your post would be happening. Simply because people as a whole would not have stood for it.

      Faith can’t survive unless it glorifies ignorance.


  9. Richard says:

    This executive order is exactly what the Nazis did. It is a complete takeover of the country and all of the resources…including private industry where a small stake is retained by the owners. There is also the provision for the Civilian National Defense….Hitler called his the SS. Here are some disturbing excerpts. What happens to the person who does not want to be employed without compensation? Unfortunately, I already know.

    “and industrial resources are available from reliable sources when needed to meet defense requirements during peacetime”

    Sec. 501. National Defense Executive Reserve. (a) In accordance with section 710(e) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(e), there is established in the executive branch a National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER) composed of persons of recognized expertise from various segments of the private sector and from Government (except full time Federal employees) for training for employment in executive positions in the Federal Government in the event of a national defense emergency.

    (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation….


  10. Ken says:

    Alvin I have the link to the bankers resigning and the reason they are getting out of dodge is because the whole Global Financial system is about to Collapse. two weeks ago their were only 131 resignations today that number stands at 358. Please observe all the laws Obama is passing these laws allow martial law of the American people. Please observe the links enclosed below.


    Below is a 1 of 2 part video aired on Alex Jones on March 06 2012, 2nd video can be found on the right hand side of the below link. It is imperative you listen to both these video,s. These video,s speak about what Ben Bernanke said in a conference back in 2002 prior to becoming Federal chairman and it relates to what’s been happening right now. 

    He had a 5 step process he said he would implement during a depression and the US is now in the 4th and 5th step of what he said he would do way back in 2002, The 5th step would utterly destroy the USD reserve currency and the destroy the Global Markets. This specific speech can be looked up and verified online which reconfirms everything you will hear in the below videos 

    This is going to affect each and everyone of us very soon. This would also explain why in the past few weeks 100’s of CEO,s from Global Banks and huge Money Markets have been resigning like there,s no tomorrow. This seriously points in the direction of a complete financial collapse of the Global Monetary system thus the reason for implementing laws that lead to Martial Law, The Elites are preparing while the general population is sleeping 


  11. TheOne says:

    Well looks like we Military folks will be getting that big pay raise..


  12. Ken says:

    Hi, Alvin

    I would also like to add this graph of the real inflation, unemployment, Money supply, Back in 1982 the US government changed how they did CPI numbers which in no way are the true statics of today anyone that goes shopping can see that inflation is out of control, In this chart you can see the Collapse of the US dollar. This will be a real eye opener things are way worse than people are being told. This once again confirms the above video and what Ben Bernanke is really doing.



  13. This ‘ILLEGAL ORDER’: N° 1 is a piece of ‘toilet paper’ as aka (fraudulent documents) Obama as a born and nurtured radical has no authority to either write this ‘order’ or to enforce it! N° 2: This ‘ILLEGAL ORDER’ is active immediately in PEACETIME and does not need an ‘EMERGENCY’ or WWIII of any nature. It is ACTIVE! N° 3: IT IS TIME AMERICA WALES UP TO ‘HITLER JR.’ WHO HAS OCCUPIED THE WHITE HOUSE AND OVERTHROWN THE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT… THE BILL OF RIGHTS… AND THE POWER OF CONGRESS… OR ANYONE ELSE WHO OPPOSES ‘WHO?’. The MAJORITY OF AMERICANS are living within an illusionary high of being the ‘Saints’ within Humanity. INSTEAD it is the contrary! And, I did not give my entire Life and 6 years active service (USMC 1964-1970 / Vietnam ’67-’68 DMZ – TET) to see robots living in America let some 2-Bit who knows who TURN AMERICA INTO HITLER’S REIGN OF TERROR!


  14. jeremy says:

    its scary how history seems to reapet itsself guess this is not the land of the free any longer its the land of the government lol


  15. Niebo says:

    This sounds like a blueprint for Martial Law:

    Sec. 102. Policy. ” . . . in PEACETIME and in times of national emergency”:
    (Under section 201) the authority of the President “. . . to ALLOCATE MATERIALS, services, and facilities . . . to promote the national defense, is delegated . . .” to
    (1) the Secretary of Agriculture ” with respect to food resources”
    (4) the Secretary of Transportation ” with respect to all forms of civil transportation”
    (5) the Secretary of Defense ” with respect to water resources”
    and under section 601 (3), the Secretary of Labor shall: “. . . assist in making the exercise of priority and allocations functions consistent with effective UTILIZATION and DISTRIBUTION of labor.”
    (1) food can be confiscated
    (4) [according to 801, “definitions”, (a)] “. . . all modes of transportation. . . REGARDLESS OF OWNERSHIP” (except for the DoD SUVs) are also subject to confiscation
    (5) water can be confiscated, and
    Sec. 502: Call someone a consultant, and he is reduced to a slave.

    Combine this order with the NDAA bill (posted here 11-29-2011) and law (posted 12-15-2011), and anyone who protests or refuses is arrested for terrorism and is locked away forever. Or shot in the street. But they only act as though they are gods; as men in authority (Hebrews 13:17), they WILL be held accountable.


  16. dennissde17 says:

    We are heading towards a manufactured consitution crisis.


  17. msdarlene says:

    The question then begs to be asked, if you don’t have any outstanding experience and are only considered a serf (bottom feeder) what becomes of you? Especially those who question the government and their roll in destroying our rights and liberties as found in the constitution, which has now been demolished!


  18. kenn says:

    Yet another executive order that nullifies the constitution . . .


  19. Matthew Bath says:

    In Australia, we are experiencing incredible droughts, floods, in a harsh dry poor soiled land that is mainly desert. However these new challenges of super droughts, firestorms, duststorms, soil salinity, heatwaves, and floods are a godsend for preparing us for what lay ahead. We in Australia know our karma, divine retributive justice, or what comes around goes around, is long over due. We supply coal to the East and it is coming back to us in the above, and we are using the proceeds to get ready for harsh days ahead, In other words we are stupid but not totally stupid, By the way, we are probably 20 years ahead of the rest of the world in preparing for the above calamities as we utilise their ferocity for adaptive purposes, fallback is not an option as we go into the pacific. The wealthy West has become far too greedy and materialistic and the poor are becoming far too populous so of course the energy reserves sought after to maintain our way of life, that the rest of the world wants also, will be fought over and is now! So what your government is doing with these new acts does’nt suprise me at all. Our government has been organising us over here at a formidable rate, However we in no way make it obvious. We prefer Stealth to the point where we dont even know what we are doing ourselves, until the rest of the world goes into calamity and we don’t. EG the last ecenomic recession. In the super drought we built desal plants. Now we are building levees everywhere due to the floods we just had, as more droughts and floods probably of greater intensity are ahead, and as I said, we can not fall back so we dig in. Dangerous times call for Draconian measures and what amazes me the most is the suprise of most people on this web site to the Draconian measures that the American government is starting to instigate. Whats the alternative? Do nothing? Make like an ostrich and put ones head in the sand, I would’nt wish that on the woman I despise the most. If you cant prepare for calamity then stock up on lots of beer so you can drown in your sorrows, and if your government can’t find away to tax the wealthy and put the money into survival strategies then I suggest stock up on the beer anyway, “especially home brew”. In America everyone has the dollar concious, Its called capitalism, Over here we have the dollar concious tinged with social mindedness, How civic eh. Capitalism versus social capitalism. In time maybe people will eventually see that we are far more important than money, and I suspect the time is not far off, and Oh how lovely that crises after crises after crises, ongoing, will bring us all to this same communal point- rock bottom, ground zero, as this is as good as any place to rebuild a proper foundation for a society on. What is sad is that when things start running smooth again all the bad attitudes come back, so no, better for humans to stay in crises mode where humans are battling constantly for their very survival, think of the character and wisdom this will bring, something money cant buy!


    • Myra says:

      I know this seems odd, but I am looking forward to it. Karma playing out. Soul leaves when it is time for it to leave, why fear it? Embrace it. Divine intervention, I for one cannot wait, life has become so intolerable the next phase has to be better than this.
      I live in New Zealand, and am subjected to living in a Society which abuses, murders, and has sex with their children, we let sex and/or violent offenders live in our community. We steal from each other, hurt each other, have a high rate of teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, divorce rate, single parents…, all of our stats are shameful.
      There is no such thing as loving extended families, raising their children to be loving beings. We are so bad to each other and have to work to fund the lifestyle our society dictates. If we do not we are classed as “odd”.
      Money means more to our VERY wealthy leader (he is a banker/insurance man) than our health, education, crime. We pay GST on everything including food, petrol is heavily taxed, local government charge very high rates for very little in return. The Government is slashing at the Public Service and the people believe the propaganda that we are saving money. There is huge pressure to follow USA, unfortunately our leader has already proven himself as a puppet for the US. The Poli-ticks get pay rises each year- we do not because ‘we are doing or bit to help in the current financial crisis” – yet they work for us?
      People are struggling to feed their families, finance companies & banks charging people 25% interest on the loans people are taking out just to feed families and pay bills. Yet our employees – the Poli -ticks rush bills through Parliament which stops us from bartering our produce, or giving away excess veg.
      Let mother nature shake her back to get rid of the decay that sits there, just brace yourself in case you are supposed to remain here. Learn to live a simple life without technology, it is a lot harder and you will need many family and friends to work together to make it work. If we all have pure intent, then no one get hurt, everyone gets looked after like the beautiful beings that we are.
      I have no one religion, I have read parts of “the books” from all sorts of different faiths. These books which have caused us so much hurt, think for yourself people and Rejoice – end times are here.


      • pagan66 says:

        Myra – not odd in the slightest. Beautiful post. We do have a heavy debt to pay & how horrid that repayment is going to be for some. For those that are unprepared & not ready to let it all go it will be soul rending. There is no future for Mankind, not as we know it, time has run out. It is beyond me that people cannot see the signs, they are everywhere. The Earth is virtually trembling with impatience – I feel it stronger each passing day now. Mother Nature has had enough – enough of the cancerous growths that inhabit this Earth, enough of being raped for Her bounties, enough of being denied. We, in all our ignorant blindness have not only destroyed ourselves we have destroyed this planet – Her reckoning is coming, sooner than late.



      • Thera says:


        I agree wholeheartedly. I wish I knew you in person……..maybe our souls will meet in the future and be fast friends.

        Until then……. best now and always.


  20. Geo says:

    Obama Implementing Martial Law Coup


    • Phyllis says:

      ok i wont say i am scared to death,but I am pretty darn well scared,this is some scary stuff here,I dont understand why we are just sitting here making videos and talking about what they are doing,why isnt some one stopping this,when they try to lock us up it will be too late,oh God help us all!


  21. Ken says:

    Obama is a puppet to the mega Cooperations and banks, He takes his orders from the elite bankers, Soro,s, Rockfellers etc, The goal is to control the whole world, What’s seems to be truth is all lie,s all these people in power put on a great act pretending their there for the American People. The NDAA law is a great example, This law was taken word for word straight from Hilter in 1933 this is right before Hilter became dictator. This is happening all over the world their preparing for a Global Financial Collapse. While they prepare they have us all brainwashed with American Idol and Football Games, The truth is aired live Monday to Friday on Alex Jones @ http://www.infowars.com

    The Elite are about to bankrupt the US as this is the last stand for freedom and liberty. The government and FEMA have been preparing for this for decades, The whole financial system is a huge gambling casino which uses your money but the game is almost over. When it crashes the USD could devalue by as much as 90%

    You all see gas prices going up in the US the reason it,s going up is because of the devaluation of the US dollar, It’s way worse than anyone understands and its about to get a whole lot worse Hyper Inflation is coming because of money printing and it will take a days wages for that loaf of bread very soon. Sound familiar it’s in scripture. I hope this helps each and everyone of you understand the deception that’s going on in the US and world.


  22. John Kilby says:

    All this and more has been recorded in the best almanac of all time, it is called the Bible: There is no new thing under the sun, it has all been before. There will be wars and rumours of wars…these things must come to pass….All these are the beginnings of sorrows….you will hate one another…you shall be killed for your faith….the love of many shall wax cold. And much more. Nothing should be wondered at these days. Just be prepared. It is all written. God bless.


  23. Rich says:

    Why does it have to be seen as preparation for war? The first thing that came to mind in reading this was the Katrina fiasco. Bush wants to sit back like he did nothing wrong because, as he says, had he mobilized troops to go into New Orleans, it would have been an act of war because the Governor kept saying she had it under control. It was clear to everyone in the country that no one had anyting under control in that mess and WHO CARES if it would been an ‘act of war’-those people needed help and the Government ment to protect them, all but abandoned them.
    This act signed by Obama has pieces that I don’t like at all, but I feel the overall purpose is to allow the Government to take care of it’s people when needed and remove antiquated laws that serve no purpose but to let people die in cases of emergency.
    Of cours the arguement can always be made that this is one more step for complete Government control of our lives. Obama also signed on New Years Eve a law that basically states the Military can come into your home, arrest you, do as they wish, without warrant or cause. This is Unconstitutional, but if they use FEAR to make the masses believe it is what is best for their safety, then it will be accepted and expected.
    States have already passed laws saying you cannot record police. This is self-telling of the errors and terror that the people that are supposed to be here to protect us are exactly the opposite.
    One other point. Start watching police check-points. Along with your local police you will begin seeing military staff as well. It is the Governments intent to adjust you to a constant military presence which will only lend itself to complete Government control.


  24. Lisa says:

    Alvin I do not know what to make of this and was hoping you could look into it, a friend gave me the link and I knew that you are more knowledgeable than I. God Bless you ,Lisa

    PS, you do not have to post it but I would apreciate your thoughts one way or another.


  25. Geo says:

    14 United States Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obama’s Rogue Federal Forces!

    Elke’s warning
    She was born under Hitler, raised under the USSR’s sovereignty in East Germany, and came to America as a young adult.


  26. Fillade says:

    Right on Richard, I would suggest you all go to Beforeitsnews article on the hidden executive orders now revealed, it paints a very clear picture where this nation is shortly headed. This has nothing to do with fear mongering, they have been working on this since Carter and it’s all comming together under barry. In my oponion there will be no election, we will be in declared martial that suspends the constitutional process, if you can’t see this now you will soon. Our only hope in in our Creator God and his son our Lord and savior Jesus Christ



    • Susan says:

      I have been saying that about no election since last year, just wait and see, something will happen, something big, false flag or not, that will make him institute martial law and there will be no election, or there will be on huge fraudulent election that ole barry will win hands down and then martial law will be instituted and we will be at his mercy if there isnt a full blown revolution here in america.


      • Phyllis says:

        me too,I have said the exact same thing,i even got kicked off the pan site because my posts didnt fit in with their just wait till elections and we will vote them all out propaganda,I tried to tell them how? its rigged either there will be no election or he will win again and now with this rigged system that makes romney look the clear winner,for the nomination, I know its a setup for obama to win,there is no way that many conservatives are voting for the rino romney, I dont know of anyone that says they voted for him, its a setup like mccain was for obama to win,


  27. Tina Marie says:

    It really irks me that everyone wants to blame this on Obama. They have been building underground bunkers and preparing for “something” for decades now. With all the threats of war with Iran and wars between other countries, we have to be prepared as best we can. Could some of these things be used against us as a society? Of course they could, just like The Patriot Act can be used to listen in on anyones conversations. We know they know more than they’re letting on and perhaps they felt the need to address these concerns before something big happens, whether it’s war or natural disasters, so that there isn’t mass chaos. Some of these laws are already on the books, such as it being illegal to store more than 3 months worth of food, and the Government being able to sieze land. Remember the civil war, where they did just that? Obama didn’t do that. And I wouldn’t worry too much about whether there’s an election or not. Obama will win even if all goes as usual. The GOP canidates are insane and not one is qualified to run this country. If you think things could get scary under Obama’s reign, just wait and see what someone like Santorum or Romney would do in a simular situation. Bush proved all too well with Katrina what his priorities were and it sure wasn’t saving the people of New Orleans. He had all the authority and did nothing. He stood of a ship and declared “Mission Accomplised” when that was a huge lie, but hey it made for good PR right? Bush would have signed the NDAA and we all know it. He thought it was perfectly ok to torture prisoners and you think he would have cared about our rights? I feel sorry for people who sit around and play the blame game. It is more important that we unite as a people and prepare as best we can for whatever is coming. Pray with your families, friends and neighbors. And pray for God to protect us from ALL evil, not just the politicians.


    • Tina Marie: aka Obama is well aware of the Facts of Life. It has been proven beyond any doubt that his documents and life’s story are false. He is part of what has been going on in the past; and, he is their present ‘puppet’ who has voluntarily taken their plans ahead… The ‘Blame’ rightfully and lawfully goes on who is sitting in the White House. Obama is it!


    • Marilyn says:

      Bless you, for speaking the truth. Amen.


  28. Matthew Bath says:

    Africa and possibly India face demographic entrapment due to food shortages and massive overpopulation combined with a syncronious loss of soil and droughts, as well as loss of vegetation and biodiversity. And India is on the same path, and China is buying up as much farmland off africa as they can “whilst” all this is happening? Does this look like panic anyone? The west faces resource depletion, and should this suprise anyone due to our supermaterialistic way of life! We poison our soils in the west, with pesticides moreso yearly, soil salination, Transgenics, and a throw away society, that just add to the burdens. Climate change and throw in a war with china over dwindling resources, AND A CONVERGENCE OF ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS AT THERE PEAK, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS, ( including global economic depression ) between 2030 and 2040. And maybe sooner! And we wont have to worry about Near Earth Asteroids, such as Apophis slamming the earth, or aliens attacking! No, we are doing a perfectly good job of ripping our planet apart, and why would the invading aliens want to get in the way of that, EH.! We are so mutualistic us humans and we have now lost our capacity for mutualism through greed – A habit formation thing. And if we cant be mutualistic now with our families and each other, ( look at the divorce rate in the west everywhere – social problems anyone! ) how the heck are we going to survive when the calamities pile on! One after the other? My personal view is that this “Humans on Earth thing, was a stupid waste of time and energy as well as resources”. The sooner, the new evolved LUCY’s and STEVE’s or Adam’s and Eve’s that walk this planet in the future – arise the better. They will be nothing like the humans that exist now or in the past thank God, the good aliens, evolution, the universe, or whatever. And hopefully we won’t call them “Homo Sappiens Sappiens” ( Double Wise ).Like we like to call ourselves. A more appropriate term for humans now, and past would have been “Homo Redonculous, REDONCULOUS.” Anyway, the last ones left standing will be super hardened and supermutualistic and probably supersoore at the same time, and knowing the best time for either, and many of these won’t survive as well. The West is both ageing and depopulating, WELL, WELL, WELL! And to all those “christians” who think that they have an escape hatch and are going to exit stage left. Or want the easy way out, or to stir the pot then get a free pass out of jail, then you had better start using that God given brain , really hard, and about now, as that is where the solutions lie, and it wasnt given to you to sit on anyways! And as the old saying goes, use it or loose it! Do you think God or the Alliens want to be a crutch forever, in a Zoo that never works properly? Those with an “external locus of control” besides being the most painful humans on earth, usually want god and the universe and everything in it to satisfy all their whim’s at their whim, and that aint heaven, that is slavery, and God or the Alliens I can assure you dont want to become a slave to anyone. Mutualism is a two way street and to develop it as a constant habit and in order to survive the future its going to be a real balancing act of the mind and body and probably the greatest challenge anyone will face, ever! And if you dont, well, “Good by”, as goodby to a shimmering mirage.


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