Savanah Georgia region shaken by mystery ‘boom’ noise

March 16, 2012GEORGIAWSAV is looking into reports of a “boom” felt across the region this morning. We checked with the Chatham Emergency Managemet Agency and the US Geological Survey. Neither reported any tremors in the area. The National Weather Service says there was no weather related activity in the area. As far as military bases, Hunter, Ft. Stewart and Beaufort Marine Corp Air Station all say it didn’t have anything to do with them. However, the Air National Guard says anytime military jets are training off the coast they can cause a sonic boom. And GEMA confirms that they’ve talked to the military and they do have some reports of training exercises going on. Here’s what some of you had to say on Facebook: “Malinda Naquin said: I’m in Richmond Hill and it sounded like it does when a hard storm is starting up, the roof kind of ‘popped’ and then the windows rattled. But, it was sunny so I figured it was a sonic boom. We hear Ft. Stewart all the time now, again, but usually that is lower in tone than this was.” “Teresa Gocial said: too many people from all around felt it, scared the crap outta me shook my house like something slammed into it..nothing like what I normally feel from Ft. Stewart.” “Dee Southworth said: Heard it and felt it on St. Simons. I thought one of our large live oaks fell near the house.” The USGS says, “Earthquake “booms” have been reported for a long time, and they tend to occur more in the Northeastern US and along the East Coast. Of course, most “booms” that people hear or experience are actually some type of cultural noise, such as some type of explosion, a large vehicle going by, or sometimes a sonic boom, but there have been many reports of “booms” that cannot be explained by man-made sources. No one knows for sure, but scientists speculate that these “booms” are probably small shallow earthquakes that are too small to be recorded, but large enough to be felt by people nearby. As it turns out….there are many factors that contribute to the “sound’ that an earthquake makes. To begin to understand these factors we have to understand the different types of waves, the speed they travel through the earth, and the speed that sound travels through the air.” –WSAV 3
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29 Responses to Savanah Georgia region shaken by mystery ‘boom’ noise

  1. Moon says:

    Solar storm just passed through haven’t felt the total effects yet…


  2. dennissde17 says:

    This could be an omen to a great earthquake.


  3. Dov says:

    It is pretty easy for fighters to pop through the number (ie; make a sonic boom) and not even notice it.


  4. richfish30 says:

    Today down in Homestead, florida i was outside feeding the birds then suddenly a loud boom went off that scared the birds out of the trees at around 9 or 10 in the morning and it wasn’t thunder because the skies were clear and blue. It was also as if you can feel the boom, it was so loud that it set off two car alarms in my neighborhood. It really creeped me out!


  5. Bob Miethe says:

    when will they tell the public ,what is really going on ?


    • merle says:

      How true. That’s about all we can ask, because there are so many different scenarios and untruths versus truths…there is really nothing else we can do but question what is going on…most of us KNOW something is! I doubt we will ever be told until something actually happens.


    • Hades says:

      When it’s too late to do anything. Telling the public causes mass hysteria and an unraveling of our society. If you were in power and knew something catostrophic was going to happen you would hold out as long as possible, do what you can, and the hope for the best. It’s logical, sad, but true. My theory is its either the solar storms from the sun or the core of the earth is cooling but the planet spins faster causes a clash like sound. All of the real BOOM noises do not sound like jets, large trucks or other media BS. We all know and feel its something else but it (whatever “it”) is isn’t being addressed internationally because either A) “they” don’t know or B) they do and it’s too horrible to tell the mass.


    • Rafiah Karam says:

      I agree totally with and isn’t all this denial tiresome


  6. Irene C says:

    Interesting. I lived in the Ft. Stewart area for almost 4 years, and I never heard anything like that. Even with all the military activity that was going on.



    • Dennis E. says:

      I was Stationed at Fort Stewart, actually at Hunter Army Airfield in the late 70’s.


      • Irene C says:

        Wow, I left Ft. Stewart in ’79. Lived in Germany after that for 3 years. Went to Hunter for the air shows. I loved Savannah and the whole area.


  7. Robyn Havis says:

    3/16@9am– what time did this happen?


    • Thera says:

      The booms could either be manifestations of spiritual warfare to come in that the Lord is making for imminent Tribulation judgments.

      Nothing that’s happening is happening accidentally or chaotically, of course.

      As evil rises I picture the throes and feverish pitch of good angels fighting fallen angels, and the preparations for the climactic end season of man’s time on earth.

      However, these “booms” could all be man made and done to rattle the nerves of the masses so that man/woman will continue turning his/her back on the Lord and continue to look to the followers of Lucifer to save them and follow Him.

      On that note I must add that the first time I heard “the boom” was in 1994 – Southern California – since then I’ve heard two additional ones the most recent one was 2006 again in Southern California.


  8. JMJ ++ says:

    We are living in the end times …read your bible it will tell you what is going on !
    Prepare your Soul, Repent of sin , change your lives….Jesus will be back very soon!!!!


  9. Boux says:

    A double in rapid succession here in E. Central GA around 11:30a.


  10. Moco says:

    Until the last few years have never heard “dry” thunder. I’ve only heard a couple times, with no threatening weather. I had storms here in mushagian last night like the ones that had tornados a week or so ago. The storm cells are so much smaller and violent. I watched the weather channel radar for years and don’t recall seeing such weather structures occuring. Climate disruption is a better call. Maybe this dry thunder is merely an electrical event aside of “normaL” WEATHER?


  11. Kenny says:

    I heard it this morning…Didn’t quite sound like a sonic boom and I heard it several times…I’m in middle ga…


  12. Tina Marie says:

    I hate to be nit picky but the towns name is spelled Savannah with two n’s but anyway I lived there for 3 years and another 14 in Augusta near all the military bases. People there are very used to the various noises from military excersises and sonic booms. I doubt they would confuse a strange booming noise with any of the almost daily “normal” noises they hear. If memory serves me correct, many of these reports lately have been coming. From near coasts and I think Alvin and some others had the right idea with it being linked to slippage of some kind under the ocean. Even if the Gov’t knows what’s going on they aren’t going to tell us.


  13. Laura G says:

    I experienced this in Germany, in a tiny town in the Rheinland-Pfalz back in 2001. It felt like a truck had hit the house at top speed–it shook the house so hard I was worried it had moved on the foundation. Simultaneously, there was a LOUD boom, *exactly* like those made by a jet going supersonic. I grew up near an air force base, so I know what that sounds like. But I never felt an impact like I did in Germany. The windows would rattle some, but nothing on the order of what I felt in Germany. Maybe it was an earthquake.


  14. Frank says:

    I live in Cleveland Ohio and two weeks ago I was getting into my car when I heard this huge explosion, but it only lasted a second or two. I couldn’t believe how loud it was, I honestly went into my house to listen to the news and see what it was. I must have been the only one to hear it as I heard nothing on television about it. I just couldn’t believe nobody else heard it. Freaked me out for sure.


  15. nickk0 says:

    On a *related* note:
    Something interesting that I stumbled upon this morning, which reminded me of a rather rare (??) phenomenon :

    Perhaps ‘superbolts’ may help explain some, but not all, of the phenomena known as ‘mistpouffers’ or ‘Seneca Guns’.


  16. Tammy says:

    Story on TV here in Wisconsin…. Unexplained Booms and houses shaking! Booming intensifies overnight in Clintonville; remains unexplained

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012 9:30 a.m. CDT

    CLINTONVILLE, WI (WTAQ) – For the second overnight in a row, residents in Clintonville say they felt booms.

    Clintonville police say just before 3 a.m. Tuesday the area of the unexplained booms are getting bigger and intensifying. Reports are that the booming is spreading to areas south and west of the original area of explosions felt Sunday.

    The original area of the booms was in the northeast part of the city. The police department started getting reports Sunday into Monday regarding the explosion-like sounds.

    Police tell us there were many times overnight, 50 to 60 calls were coming in at once.

    Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss says she met with civil engineers and geologists Tuesday morning, as officials continue to check on the water system.

    As for holding a public meeting, Kuss tells FOX 11 there are no plans right now, but that could change later today.

    On Monday, police, fire and utility crews looked for obvious causes, like elevated gas levels in manholes and sewers. But city officials say nothing was out of the ordinary.

    The city did confirm there are no mining or explosive companies working in the area.

    Kuss says she talked with the United States military. Military officials say they have nothing going on in the area which would cause the booming sounds.

    City officials say they believe the public is safe.


  17. Aleus says:

    its funny i hear the people speak about the signs of the times, and the second coming and what not, so if we have 9 months left on this earth, when does the 7 years of trials and tribulation take place, that the Bible speaks of in the Book of Revelation;and the Antichrist and the Mark of the beast, this cant happen in 9 months, if so; is that the Raputre, and everything else happen after the 21st of Dec , or jus a major catastrophe, i do understand global warming, where its been 80 degrees for the last few weeks in Wisconsin and its March, could explain all these booms on the earth and its rotation, but im not a scientists, i jus dont get it why the gov is really hush on the topic and not really saying the truth


  18. James says:

    Let’s see now ….. We’ve had these “mystery booms” now in Hawaii Georgia AND Wisconsin …… hmmmm …. Still think nothing is happening???


  19. Greg says:

    In Tacoma Wash., a few years ago, they had numerous reports of localized booming sounds that corresponded to small micro-quakes. Read it on USGS web site


  20. Hannah says:

    This sort of boom has been sounding off for quite awhile now and it’s been more frequent the past few days; one just rattled the windows in the house a moment ago which is why I wanted to Google a ‘what is that???’

    I live in Pooler, GA and my neighbor said the community FB page said FT Stewart is performing training (maybe they’ve denied it to the press to keep these qualifications and what not discreet) but that’s about 40 or so miles away …… I’m curious


  21. Lori Chezem says:

    I live in st cloud, florida and we have been hearing these booms for weeks. I was just on channel 13 news (orlando) because tthey were interviewing people who have the booms. . Is definitely going on…


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