Section of White Cliffs of Dover fall into English Channel

March 16, 2012UNITED KINGDOM – A large section of the white cliffs of Dover has collapsed into the English Channel between Langdon Cliffs and South Foreland Lighthouse. Dover Coastguard says no-one was injured when tonnes of rock collapsed into the sea in the area known locally as Crab Bay. It is thought freezing conditions over the winter may have weakened the chalk and flint cliffs. – BBC
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6 Responses to Section of White Cliffs of Dover fall into English Channel

  1. wdywgr says:

    My aunt and uncle had a house there when we kids were little..I’m a Brit..and even then 100years ago or so! we were always warned to stay away form the cliffs….actually that was about 50years ago, but at this point who’s counting..smiling..


  2. isis2012 says:

    If masses aren’t melting they are crumbling … earth is is a fast process of change


  3. Erin says:

    Were those two ufos in the background?


  4. Donna says:

    All you need now is a giant blackboard.


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