Santorini: history’s most dreaded volcano awakes and is rapidly inflating warns geologist

March 14, 2012GREECEThe British Broadcasting Company named it the world’s best island in 2011. Santorini is a tourist magnet, famous for its breathtaking, cliff side views and sunsets. It’s also a volcanic island that has been relatively calm since its last eruption in 1950. Until now. The Santorini caldera is awake again and rapidly deforming at levels never seen before. Georgia Tech Associate Professor Andrew Newman has studied Santorini since setting up more than 20 GPS stations on the island in 2006. “After decades of little activity, a series of earthquakes and deformation began within the Santorini caldera in January of 2011,” said Newman, whose research is published by Geophysical Research Letters. “Since then, our instruments on the northern part of the island have moved laterally between five and nine centimeters. The volcano’s magma chamber is filling, and we are keeping a close eye on its activity.” Newman, a geophysicist in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, cannot be certain whether an eruption is imminent since observations of such activity on these types of volcanoes are limited. In fact, similar calderas around the globe have shown comparable activity without erupting. However, Newman says the chamber has expanded by 14 million cubic meters since last January. That means enough magma has been pumped into the chamber to fill a sphere three football fields across. Should Santorini erupt, Newman says it will likely be comparable to what the island has seen in the last 450 years. “That could be dangerous,” notes Newman. “If the caldera erupts underwater, it could cause local tsunamis and affect boat traffic, including cruise ships, in the caldera. Earthquakes could damage homes and produce landslides along the cliffs.” –E Science News
Santorini’s violent past destroyed much of the early Minoan civilization. The volcano is a pressure point between a juxtaposition of tectonic plates that dissect the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. –The Extinction Protocol
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10 Responses to Santorini: history’s most dreaded volcano awakes and is rapidly inflating warns geologist

  1. Bundy says:

    Hmmm so that’s why Greece was having tremors.These scientists surely must be seeing the earth awakening by now?


  2. Lauren says:

    Yikes. This sounds scary. With all these volcanoes on the verge of erupting, I just don’t get why it’s not being reported on the news here in the states. The changes here on Earth seem to be happening very quickly.


  3. Gill says:

    Are you sure the video is Santorini? I recognise bits of this from Souffriere, island of Martinique!


  4. Corn Stalk says:

    May God protect all the people.


  5. abbagabba says:

    That’s one way to solve the Greek debt crisis!


    • Eleni Mac says:

      If we in Greece go you go too pal you can kiss your *&% goodbye !!! and so will the debt crisis & humanity as we know it , so dont condescend a Nation …….. Period.


  6. Debra Kapellakis says:

    I live on Santorini. The tremors have stopped.


  7. 2012 says:

    I hope YellowStone doesn’t go off soon!


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