Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills volcano unleashes small pyroclastic flow

March 14, 2012MONTSERRATA small pyroclastic flow occurred from Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills volcano on 9 March, MVO reports. The flow was small, but happened with no warning at around 5:20 pm (local time) from the western flanks of Soufriere Hills Volcano down into Spring Ghaut. The pyroclastic flow traveled about 1 km to the west towards Plymouth before its ash dissipated to form a small ash cloud rising 1.3 km and drifting towards St. Georges Hill and out to sea. MVO has published further details and photographs of this event which is significant as it occurred during a quiet phase of the volcano with no current active lava dome growth and illustrates the hazard of sudden pyroclastic flows. “There were no precursors to this event. Although activity has generally been low, this event clearly illustrates that Soufrière Hills Volcano is still an active volcano and that pyroclastic flows can occur at any time with little to no warning.” –Volcano Discovery
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5 Responses to Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills volcano unleashes small pyroclastic flow

  1. reminds of nass r.B.C.,CAN. about 500 yrs ago,massive quiet plastic flow filled whole valley.messed up nishga indians life at the time.visit it about 3 times in last 50 yrs.


  2. Dave Webb says:

    4th volcano story today..2012 is shaping up as the year of the volcano


  3. radiogirl says:

    No precursors to this event….we will need to be ever vigilant.


  4. Niebo says:

    Though the process is complicated because I am missing a few fingers, I counted through twice for a total of fourteen eruptions of differing severity in less than thrity days. I have also noticed that the sunsets of late have been magnificent, too, as the clouds have a marked cast of pink, but the sunlight itself, just above the horizon, has been quite golden and soft enough to stare into for brief intervals without scorching my retinae (not that I recommend this, just saying). Has anyone else noticed the same? And, just something to think about, if this continues, the blasts of “sediment”, chemicals, ash, smoke into the atmosphere, how long before we encounter, as has happened before and is forteold/promised again, a dimming of the sky?


  5. Alstradomus says:

    1902 April 23 Mt Pelee eruption (Caribbean) 1906 April 18 San Fran quake (California) 1907 January 14 Kingston Jamacia quake (Caribbean) the most recent example 2010 January 10 offshore Northern California two days later Haita quake January12 for every action ther is an opposite and equal reaction. Edgar Cayce west coast first Caribbean seconf middle America third.


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