‘Earthquake swarm’ shakes New Brunswick village- like ‘a bunch of dynamite going off,’ resident says

March 14, 2012CANADA Residents in a small southwestern New Brunswick community may continue to feel minor earthquakes for several more days or even weeks, according to a Natural Resources Canada seismologist. McAdam has been hit with four small earthquakes since Saturday in what is known as an “earthquake swarm.” “Certainly we are seeing what we are calling an earthquake swarm,” said John Adams, a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada. “It is a number of earthquakes all of similar and small size all happening in the McAdam area.” The first earthquake happened at 1:40 a.m. on March 10, which had a magnitude of 2.4. Three minutes later, an aftershock with a magnitude of 1.4 was recorded. Two more earthquakes were recorded on Tuesday within roughly 20 minutes of each other. The small quakes had magnitudes of 2.0 and 1.9 respectively. Adams said these small earthquakes could happen for several more days or even weeks. “We are absolutely certain that they are earthquakes that are underground. They are unpredictable. Of course you don’t know when the next one is going to happen,” he said. Earthquake swarms often happen in Ontario and Canada’s North, Adams said, but do not pose risks. These minor quakes are still unsettling for many people who live in the area. Gloria Nason said her house hasn’t sustained any damage and the only noticeable effect was a picture falling from the wall. But she said the events are scary. “We had two very large bursts of something, they are just like great big bangs like an explosion, very eerie, very scary,” she said. She said it felt like “a bunch of dynamite going off.” –CBC
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7 Responses to ‘Earthquake swarm’ shakes New Brunswick village- like ‘a bunch of dynamite going off,’ resident says

  1. Robyn Havis says:

    3/14@3:55pm– Thanks for the information!


  2. Kaos says:





  3. Wiseguy says:

    It’s along the North American Craton. For a few months we have swarms along this part of our continent. The Washiington quake last summer was part of it. What will happen… Is parts of Canada and US are going to break apart ?


  4. Lorraine says:

    Alvin, I have to wonder if any fracking is going on in that area?


  5. J. Bowman says:

    It’s likely the Fredericton Fault or the Oak Bay Fault slipping along a wee bit, and clearly there are active sub-fault lines running directly under the Village of McAdam. Here is the link to a map of known fault lines and bedrock composition: http://www.gnb.ca/0078/minerals/PDF/2007-18_c.pdf

    McAdam is located just a wee bit north of the Fredericton Faultline. Furthermore, the north-marching extent of the Oak Bay Fault is not entirely known, and may stretch further northwards than readily visible from the terrain. If you follow the Oak Bay Fault south to north and continue tracing, you will cross directly over McAdam. Here is a link to historical earthquakes in New Brunswick. http://www.earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca/zones/eastcan-eng.php#NASZ

    As well, within the village there is visual evidence dip-slip faulting of the bedrock (vertical slippage). Not only is the village hilly in some areas, but in some spots (within the hilly areas) you can literally see bare bedrock “jutting out of the ground”, clearly indicating vertical slippage. Furthermore, the lack of covering vegetation on the exposed bedrock would suggest this slippage is not that far distant in the past.

    While the village has been shaken from distant earthquakes (i.e. 1982) it has never experienced this sort of activity since its founding in the mid-1800’s. To get the local chatter, anyone can join the Village of McAdam FaceBook group. http://www.facebook.com/groups/2364459989/



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