Another solar flare and comet dives into solar radiation storm

March 14, 2012 SPACE Departing sunspot AR1429 unleashed another strong flare on March 13th, an M7class eruption that peaked around 1741 UT. Although the sunspot is no longer directly facing Earth, the blast will affect our planet. Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab say a CME is en route to Earth, and its impact on March 15th at 06:20 UT (+/- 7 hours) could trigger minor to moderate geomagnetic storms. Also, protons accelerated by the flare are swarming around Earth, causing an S2-class radiation storm.  A bright comet is diving into the sun. It was discovered just last week by SOHO’s SWAN instrument, so it has been named “Comet SWAN.” The comet’s death plunge (or “swan dive“) comes just as the sun has unleashed a strong flare and radiation storm around Earth. SOHO images of the comet are confused to some degree by energetic protons striking the camera. This is a Kreutz sungrazer, a fragment of the same ancient comet that produced sungrazing Comet Lovejoy in Dec. 2011. According to comet expert Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC, “Comet SWAN is one of the brightest Kreutz-group comets ever observed by SOHO, although not quite as bright as Comet Lovejoy.” Battams forecasts a peak magnitude of -1 for Comet SWAN, while Lovejoy was three magnitudes brighter at -4. Will Comet SWAN survive its plunge through the sun’s atmosphere as Comet Lovejoy did? Probably not, but experts also said Comet Lovejoy would not survive, and they were happily wrong. Stay tuned to Karl Battam’s blog for updates. –Space Weather
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11 Responses to Another solar flare and comet dives into solar radiation storm

  1. Larry Fairall says:

    Check this out, lower left of, sun cord and sphere detach. Play slow.:


  2. Larry Fairall says:

    The Sun is acting up?
    Previous post was Bad link, should work with this one.:

    EIT 171 512 resolution use start date 20120310 end date 20120315 search, put in slow motion and watch cord and sphere in lower left of sun detach. What was that?
    Sun is doing weird things.


  3. Larry Fairall says:



    • Here’s the video Larry. Thx


      • Phyllis says:

        what in the world is that?that is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.


      • Not personally examining all the data, I could only make a conjecture that it looks like something of an inverse of a sunspot, where a vortex that expelled enough magnetic plasma material reached up high enough from the solar surface and in the corona, against the vacuum of space and the million degree temps of the corona was pressurized into a spheriod shape. A magnetized tornadic storm in a super-heated vacumm for lack of a better terminology.


      • Jim says:

        Planet X. When NASA says there is no planet headed toward us, they are not lying…a planet would be visible by now. They need to drop the planet x debunking and address our suns binary companion. The Maya called it the black sun and the Egyptians called it the Destroyer. Both cultures said it appeared suddenly and brought ruin to the planet.
        When this object appears it will be invisible to the naked eye…all we will see is the plasma from the sun surrounding this object, making it appear like a black sun.


  4. yamkin says:

    Solar Flares Knock Out LightSquared Satellite As Run of Bad Fortune Continues

    Earlier this week we noted that recent solar flares managed to knock HughesNet’s Spaceway 3 satellite offline for a significant part of Tuesday. User viperadamr See Profile writes in to note that the flares also took out LightSquared’s Skyterra 1 satellite, which has been out of service since the original solar flare on March 7. The last update from the company was on March 9 insisting they’d have the satellite operational again by last Sunday — something that didn’t happen. The outage arrives as LightSquared slowly stumbles toward death after being rejected a necessary waiver to operate their interference-prone hybrid LTE network.


  5. yamkin says:

    Large Solar Filament Eruption On 16th March 2012


  6. Niebo says:

    If no one has submitted an explanation, please refer to this video, which shows several examples of this phenomenon. It IS a known structure, called a “filament”, and is a consequence of the CME process. Of course (see my post on 3/12, re: Niburu, in response to Jon’s post, a video where “it” breaks free), I had no idea what it was called until I went looking. Like Phyllis, I thought it was creepy.


  7. yamkin says:

    Vietnam May Be Affected By Many Geomagnetic Storms

    VietNamNet Bridge – The Institute of Geophysics has forecast that this year Vietnam will be impacted by around 45 geomagnetic storms, with the intensity up to the highest level (G5).


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