6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan- regional tsunami alert issued

March 14, 2012JAPAN A 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit the northeast Japan coast today prompting a regional tsunami warning to be issued, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said. The earthquake hit 146 miles (235km) from Kushiro on the northeastern island of Hokkaido at a relatively shallow depth of 16 miles (26km). The tsunami was predicted to be around about 20 inches (50cm). No Pacific-wide tsunami threat was issued. It comes just over a year after 9.0-magnitude tremor struck the country’s northeastern coast, leading to a massive tsunami which killed at least 19,000 people. The earthquake was followed by a swarm of tremors- several in the 5.7 magnitude but the strongest of which registered at a 6.1 magnitude.  –Herald Sun
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9 Responses to 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan- regional tsunami alert issued

  1. Yamkin says:

    Magnitude 7.4 has been recorded by the Australian Geoscience Centre which is subject to change.


  2. jeremy crawford says:

    Alvin what do you know of the 188 day theory , of the heavy mass object.. Thank you for all you do Alvin. God bless.


  3. radiogirl says:

    Per our discussions here Japan was a critical country to watch during our spring equinox.God Bless our friends in Japan.Thanks for your coverage,R


  4. Marshallrn says:

    There has been some recent activity in Japan over 24 hours with a few 5.0+ quakes in many different areas off the east coast. I’m sure Japan in on high alert with it being March and so close to the area that caused last years 9.0. The stress was released from that point but may have caused another area to mount stress and anything could happen at this point. Uncharted waters all around the ring of fire. Preparedness is key.


  5. Yamkin says:



    Depth: 47.8 km (29.7 miles)

    Distances: 178 km (110 miles) ENE (68°) from Kandrian, New Britain, PNG
    204 km (127 miles) SW (219°) from Rabaul, New Britain, PNG
    343 km (213 miles) S (176°) from Kavieng, New Ireland, PNG
    462 km (287 miles) ENE (75°) from Lae, New Guinea, PNG
    599 km (372 miles) NE (45°) from PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea


  6. Julie says:

    Poor Japan. Praying for them.


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