6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes region of Papua New Guinea

March 15, 2012SYDNEYA 6.4-magnitude earthquake (6.2 USGS) struck Papua New Guinea Thursday, the US Geological Survey reported, but a tsunami warning was not issued and seismologists said “no major human impact is expected.” The quake hit the New Britain region at 7:13 am (2113 GMT Wednesday) at a depth of 48 kilometers (30 miles), 204 kilometers southwest of the main city in the area Rabaul and 598 kilometers from national capital Port Moresby. Geoscience Australia, which put the depth at 103 kilometers, said the quake may have been felt as far away as Port Moresby but “no major human impact is expected. It seems to be in a relatively isolated area with small villages to the south,” seismologist Emma Mathews told AFP. “It definitely would have been felt but earthquakes regularly hit these areas and people living there are used to these types of events.” Quakes of such magnitude are common in the New Britain region of impoverished PNG, which sits on the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire,” a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates. A giant tsunami in 1998, caused by an undersea earthquake or a landslide, killed more than 2,000 people near Aitape, on the country’s northwest coast. –AFP
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8 Responses to 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes region of Papua New Guinea

  1. radiogirl says:

    Wow its getting difficult to keep up!


  2. pagan66 says:

    I remember that PNG tsunami & the terrible toll in death & misery it caused, my ex was flying in PNG at the time & helped with airlifts & evacuations. That was years before catastrophic disasters such as what we are now witnessing had become so commonplace. Now, unless an EQ reaches a high magnitude such as 9+ or a tsunami kills thousands of people it isnt deemed newsworthy or important enough to hit mainstream. It’s almost as if it’s all stage-managed, it’s uncanny.

    People arent comprehending the true implications of what is unfolding before our eyes & so much is being hidden from us. An acquaintance of mine who I saw in town today didnt even know about all this latest round of volcanic activity & the CME’s hitting Earth, let alone the latest EQ in Japan or this one in PNG, but she knew all about the latest gossip etc & gleefully regaled in it’s telling which surprised me, because I don’t really get caught up in that stuff, no interest in it & people know it, but because I was stuck in a hairdressers chair with no escape for an hour I had to listen to the total inanity of it. People really need to arm themselves with knowledge because complacency & ignorance are going to doom them.

    The Truth shall set you free.


    • Misstroas says:



    • Irene C says:

      I so agree, pagan. People around here (the U.S.) are more concerned about who’s going to win American Idol than they are about what’s going on in the world. Even with the storm warnings, people are complacent, unless something happens that interferes with their own, little world. Nevertheless, I continue sharing Alvin’s posts, praying that I can wake one person up to what’s happening, although most times I’m considered a conspiracy theorist, a kook, or just ignored. What is really sad is, these are the same people who will be caught totally off guard when something does happen and then cry and complain that no one warned them.



      • K says:

        I also agree! And Irene i do the same, I have shared posts with friends, family and just recently I posted something and a family member said things treating me like I was a fool but I didn’t reply to their sarcastic, rude comments (I had posted a video about the boom noise heard in NC saying no earthquake and no military activity what could it be? I’m curious) and even though they may call me crazy it is the Truth and I hope someday soon their eyes are open.


  3. Michele B says:

    Is it my imagination, or has the number of volcanoes and EQs been ramping up just since the New Year? Maybe I’m just more aware now thanks to Alvin and his tireless efforts at keeping us informed. It certainly feels like we are living in some wild times with wilder yet to come!


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