5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Alaskan peninsula

March 10, 2012ALASKA A 5.6 magnitude earthquake was reported just off the coastline of the Alaskan peninsula at 5:10 am. The earthquake registered at a depth of 17.7 km or 11.0 miles below the surface and struck the ocean floor. The epicenter of the earthquake was 819 km (508 miles) SW of Anchorage, Alaska and 1455 km (904 miles) W of JUNEAU, Alaska. Both seismicity and volcanic activity has been steadily increasing along the Alaskan region over the last several weeks. People in high-risk areas should stay alert for the potential occurrence of seismic episodes.The Extinction Protocol
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7 Responses to 5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Alaskan peninsula

  1. I’m sitting here at the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains, where we don’t think “Ring of Fire” like these Alaskans must do. But we have had a series of moderate quakes on the Rio Grande rift in the past year–usually about 5.8 and centered near Trinidad Colorado. So, anywhere….


  2. Jemma says:

    Things are really starting to pick up in this area! I’m also keeping a close eye on the various increasingly active hot spots around the world, for some reason in particular Mt Etna and El Hierro in the canaries. Alpine belt stirring too in many places.

    Sorry I have not been in touch lately Alvin, although I confess I still look at your site everyday! I hope the new year has been good so far for you and all your loyal followers of this exemplary site!

    On an important note – your book was incredibly eye opening and a thrilling read – if you haven’t done so already you must buy Alvin’s book. It contains everything you need to know about what’s happened before, what’s happening NOW and what might come to pass in the future!

    I am amazed/blessed as always by your dedication to your work and your wealth of knowledge. Huge thanks.

    Peace and Blessings



  3. Kaos says:



    Sunspot 1429 Flares Again
    Sunspot 1429 is back at it again, this time with a strong M8.4 Solar Flare peaking at 17:44 UTC. This event triggered and R2 Level Radio Blackout and a Type IV Sweep Frequency Event was detected as well. A bright Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was produced and is most likely headed this way.


  4. Dianne Ford says:

    How many earthquakes were registered just today? Does anyone know? Everyday there are more and more of them and solar flares and snow and ice in Hawaii. Wow, weird weird things happening everyday.


  5. james says:

    Plus a tornado in hawaii 2 days ago aswell it started as a waterspout but went on land and caused a bit mf mayhem here is a link to the aftermath http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQReRHR5KdU


  6. JOEL RANDOLPH says:

    Remenber everything that is shakeable will be shaken. This is the begining of shakeing. Joel


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