Scientists warn Tokyo could soon be hit by major earthquake

March 9, 2012JAPAN A year on from one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history, Japanese scientists are warning anew that Tokyo could soon be hit by a quake that will kill thousands and cause untold damage. Greater Tokyo, home to 35 million tightly packed people, has seen a three-fold increase in tectonic activity since the magnitude 9.0 undersea quake that unleashed a killer tsunami last March. Every day, an average of nearly 1.5 quakes are recorded in and around the city, one of the most populated places on Earth. But Tokyoites are so used to being shaken in their beds or at their desks that the majority pass almost without comment. The city is, without doubt, one of the most earthquake-proofed places in the world. Even the monster quake of March 11 last year that struck just 370 kilometers (230 miles) away caused little structural damage. Public transport was thrown into temporary disarray, leaving thousands stranded, but no buildings collapsed and there were no large-scale casualties. The University of Tokyo’s Earthquake Research Institute says the city, built at the intersection of four tectonic plates, has a 50 percent chance of suffering a major quake — anything above a magnitude 7.0 — in the next four years. “We must prepare for the earthquake that will happen,” says Asahiko Taira, executive director of the government’s Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. A simulation by the agency suggests that if an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 occurred in the northern part of Tokyo Bay on a weekday evening, around 6,400 people would die, with 160,000 injured. Approximately 471,000 homes and buildings would be destroyed, most of them by fires, or because of liquefaction, a process where reclaimed land turns to mush. Around 96 million tonnes of waste would be instantly generated — four times the total left behind by the tsunami that hit the northeast coast. Millions of people would be unable to get home and emergency shelters would be over-run. More than one million households would be without water, gas, electricity and telephones for several days. Economically, the cost would be a colossal $1.45 trillion — around a third of Japan’s GDP. –Terra Daily
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5 Responses to Scientists warn Tokyo could soon be hit by major earthquake

  1. Tim says:

    Health uncertainties torment Japanese in nuke zone – Yoshiko Ota keeps her windows shut. She never hangs her laundry outdoors. Fearful of birth defects, she warns her daughters: Never have children.

    This is life with radiation, nearly one year after a tsunami-hit nuclear power plant began spewing it into Ota’s neighborhood, 40 miles (60 kilometers) away.


  2. radiogirl says:

    If I remember correctly the US called our military home from a base there not long after the earthquake.I would imagine within the governments of Japan and the US these risks are being heavily weighed concerning all aspects of this country’s future.There are a lot of wonderful people in Japan…God Bless them.


  3. dan says:

    i guess we will find out in the next couple of weeks then,seems to be the cycle lately….dont forget that anywhere is at risk… guess was japan again…but san-francisco or christchurch in new zealand are at risk of a big one aswell.
    if i lived in these areas right now…i would be thinking about moving away lol.


  4. Bone idle says:

    Not only will this be a tragic event for loss of life. It could trigger the black swan event that causes financial Armageddon.


  5. Lonnie Scott Teragawa says:

    Yes, it had been a long time since Japan has suffered a devestating quake. The last one was at Kobe in 1995, which was a 7.3 on the Richter scale if I remember correctly. but then last year a monster 9.2 struck Sendai and became was one of the largest quakes in the history of mankind. It was just as destructive as the 1755 Lisbon quake, the 1964 Alaska Good Friday quake, the 1985 Mexico quake, which devestaed Mexico City, the 1979 quake in Cina, and the 2004 Indonesian Boxer Day tsunami. Now however, Tokyo has to worry once again about their “big one”. The last time they saw one was in 1923–and that way over 80 years ago. Then on the anniversary of the Sendai quake a 5.4 strikes the Tokyo region? Should they worry? Yes very much so, for when it does happen again, and it will, it could go as high as an estimated 8.5 on the scale. Time for them to get ready eh? Lonnie Teragawa, and by the way, I am half Japanese. But born in U.S.


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