Another Aleutian Island volcano stirs- Iliamna volcano rumbling, no known eruptions recorded

March 9, 2012ALASKA (Aleutian Is.)Iliamna volcano experienced several episodes of increased earthquake activity over the last three months, according to a news release issued Wednesday by Alaska Volcano Observatory officials. One of the episodes is currently ongoing and is characterized by numerous small earthquakes. The increase in activity may be related to movement of magma at depth and additional observations, including an airborne gas sampling and observation flight, are being planned to help constrain this interpretation, according to the release. A similar but longer episode of increased earthquake activity occurred from September 1996 to February 1997 and likely was related to the intrusion of new magma at depth. That incident did not result in an eruption. The AVO reports there have been no known historical eruptions of Iliamna. “AVO will continue to observe Iliamna carefully and will report on new observations and interpretations as warranted,” the release states. The volcano’s alert level remains at normal with the aviation color code at green. –Peninsula Clarion
Other than a questionable report about a possible incident in 1876 at the volcano, the Alaska Volcano Observatory reports there are no known volcanic eruptions of this volcano.
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2 Responses to Another Aleutian Island volcano stirs- Iliamna volcano rumbling, no known eruptions recorded

  1. radiogirl says:

    Not to far after the big quake in Japan one of the cable news networks reported that experts in these matters have stated that no volcano could be considered dormant any more.A very short story that probably didn’t gain much attention with the general public….but wow…that spoke volumes to me.Have a great weekend everyone.R


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Usually on the USGS site, this chain of islands always has something going on.
    Although I must admit, on the other side of the world, haven’t received many notifications of action from the Tonga Trench area. usually, i get more email notifications on that than spam mail.


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