Tropical Storm Irina kills 72 in Madagascar

March 8, 2012MADAGASCAR Tropical storm Irina killed 72 in Madagascar. At least 72 people were killed when the tropical storm Irina hit northern Madagascar in late February, causing floods and landslides, authorities said on Thursday. Three people were also reported missing and some 77,911 displaced, said the National Office for Disaster and Risk Management, BNGRC. The authority added that the storm destroyed 1,348 homes. Irina passed through the country on Feb. 26-27, mostly in the north of the island. “The dead are either buried under the mud or have been washed away,’’ Fanja Ratsimbazafy, secretary-general of the Madagascar Red Cross said. “Many roads are blocked due to landslides. Rivers overflowed, isolating many villages. The isolation of affected areas slows the arrival of information. This also complicates the organization of relief.’’ According to the U.S. space agency (NASA), as of Wednesday, Irina, with wind speeds close to 45 knots (52 mph, 83.3 kph), was moving toward Mozambique, and was now about 552 miles (889 km) east-southeast of capital Maputo. –Vanguard
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