Kamchatka’s Bezymianny volcano put on highest alert- eruption can happen anytime

 March 8, 2012KAMCHATKA Bezymianny, one of the most active volcanoes in the world has been put on aviation color code red, the highest alert given by the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team. KVERT assigned the code on Tuesday and warns of an imminent eruption. “Activity of the volcano continuously increases,” says the alert. “Strong ash explosions up to 42,640 ft (13 km) a.s.l. possible at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft. –Weather Space
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12 Responses to Kamchatka’s Bezymianny volcano put on highest alert- eruption can happen anytime

  1. Mary says:

    I enjoy the updates from the site. Since many of these happenings are in areas I am not that familiar with, I have to google the whatever I can find in the article that would give me an idea. It would be nice if a brief description was added (off coat of S. Africa-etc) The print is too small on my World Book Globe to find the area.


  2. Carla Burgers says:

    Hi Mary look at this website: http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php


  3. susan blake says:

    kamchatka… is a vodka? and vodka is russian so this is in russia? please give complete locations so we don’t have to guess, thanks.


    • This is not a geography class, Susan. It’s a news blog and free at that. If I’m going to educate you on geography, may I ask for tuition? I’ve aways been delighted by the fact that my readers are not afraid to dig for information between the blanks rather than having everthing spoonfed to them.


  4. Alberta says:

    Excellent site. I have been coming to this link a few times a day for two years .. keep up the good work,, and thanks a million for all the work done. Cheers.


  5. Irene C says:

    I also find that area I’m not familiar with are in these news articles. My solution is Wikipedia. I just google the area and find out where it is. I am thankful for these articles. I have been following this site since last August. (Wish I would have found it sooner.) I have learned a lot. Personal research is the best way to learn.

    Oh, and I also love your new comment header. Good move. Most of us who post of various blog know that comments are usually moderated. That’s why I love this blog. That keeps most of the trolls away. I thank you Alvin for taking the time to do the moderating. (That’s what you get for being so popular. 🙂 )The wait time doesn’t bother me a bit. I will continue to comment and ask questions as I am able. Personal opinion here: I feel sorry for those who think their words are so important that they don’t like to be moderated. But, it happens.



  6. Gen says:

    Mary, Susan, ……….

    Just type Kamchatka or Kamchatka volcanoes and all manner of things will be shown unto you.

    God bless, Gen


  7. Larry Fairall says:

    Good site for locating volcanoes.:http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/volcanoes.html


  8. Bonny says:

    Thank you this the best site ever i share with everyone we all feel the same way fantastic job Alvin thanks Bonny


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