Cleveland volcano explodes as epidemic of awakenings across planet continues

March 8, 2012ALASKAA restless Aleutian volcano exploded Wednesday night and may have blown off a slow-growing lava dome that was building for months in its summit crater, volcanologists say. Cleveland Volcano, 940 miles southwest of Anchorage, probably burped up a small amount of ash — a potential hazard to trans-oceanic air travel — but the ash did not appear to reach above 20,000 feet, said Steve McNutt, a researcher with the Alaska Volcano Observatory. Because of its remoteness, harsh weather in the area and budget constraints, Cleveland Volcano does not have instruments on its flanks. As a result, scientists cannot listen to its inner rumblings. But distant seismometers and specialized microphones detected the explosion about 7 p.m. Wednesday, according to the observatory. The explosion caused a displacement of air and an airwave traveled out from the volcano at the speed of sound, McNutt said. Instruments at volcanoes 60 and 90 miles away detected the explosion several minutes after it occurred, he said. Clouds on Wednesday and today prevented clear satellite views, so scientists are not sure exactly how much ash may have shot out of the 5,676-foot volcano, which makes up the western half of Chuginadak Island. “It is the Aleutians in winter, after all,’ McNutt said. Either way, the researchers do not think the volcano poses an immediate threat to planes. McNutt thinks the explosion blasted away a lava dome building inside the volcano’s summit crater. As the thick, pasty molten rock flows slowly into the crater, it piles up and plugs gas vents, he explained. An explosion can occur when the gas builds up enough pressure, McNutt said. –ADN  
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26 Responses to Cleveland volcano explodes as epidemic of awakenings across planet continues

  1. nickk0 says:

    Amazing that in a country such as the US, we’re too CHEAP to place even a single seismometer in the vicinity ??!?

    I can understand not putting any equipment up at Nabro in Ethiopia, but you would think that Authorities would want to monitor Mt.Cleveland, since it has the potential to disrupt air traffic.


  2. Megan says:

    Could this be a precursor to earthquake activity or is it unrelated? Thanks.
    Appreciate your hard work and check your site everyday.


    • Definitely, the most powerful earthquakes in North America have struck Alaska in the past. This will be a region of great turbulence because of its geology.
      Glad you appreciate the work…

      God bless,


      • Megan says:

        Thank you Alvin for your reply.
        I have a loved one near the Pacific NW coast How concerned should I be if there were to be a 9 magnitude EQ in Alaska around March 22?
        Thanks again and blessings to you as well,


      • I

        Megan, I think such events cannot predicted with accuracy but, in my opinion, Alaska is overdue for a major earthquake in the 8 to 9.0 magnitude range. This is a more volatile and dangerous region of North America than the Northwest US, because seismic events and volcanic unrest has been steadily increasing over the last month. This morning, the Alaskan peninsula was rattled by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake which comes as no surprise. The only thing I will say about the timing is the planet is at high risk of an event through the Spring Equinox through about March 22, or 23rd.

        *Bahamas & Central America
        *Java Strait Indonesia

        Here some of the high-risk areas, in that order, but this is by no means an earthquake prediction; only a risk assessment based on current trends of seismicity.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Well, there has been alot of shaking going on here and up and down the chain and I think
    this action should have been expected.

    Alvin, how are you doing?


    • Doing great Dennis, thanks for asking. Yourself? The northwest coast of the U.S., Chile and Japan are big concerns right now


      • Dennis E. says:

        Doing ok. Has been a very active first three months of the new year. Hard to believe it is almost
        mid-march 2012. Yes, since I’ve been visiting this site and reading your book and postings,
        I’ve kept a eye on The West, especially Japan, because the worst is yet to come in earth changes. As you have said, be prepared, be watchful.

        I was just wondering how you were doing because you are doing a great public service. Many of us would not know about the reality of earth changes that are developing if not for you.
        God bless


      • Thank you, Dennis and to God be all the credit. It’s an extended and ongoing story of His love in getting a message of warning out to the world and I’m both humbled and delighted to be apart of that process, as are all of you.

        Grace in Christ,


  4. Brandon says:

    What is the normal average of erupting volcanoes per year? Are we seeing an increase in eruptions or is this normal? I’ve read an article stating eruptions are not increasing. That’s why I ask.


    • I

      A lot of people scoffed at my theories on volcanic thermal induction and argued with me that volcanic eruptions were not increasing, but before long; no one will be laughing or doubting the facts that are unfolding exactly as I said they would. We’re on pace to see the most volcanic eruptions ever since records were kept. Besides, 2010 which I mentioned in my book, the most volcanic eruptions ever recorded were 78 in the year of 2008. We’ve already had 26 volcanic eruptive incidents in the first nine weeks of 2012 along.


  5. streams13 says:

    Great map! Thanks.


  6. Good Luck says:

    Lots seismic/geological activity occuring!
    It does appear that something major is going on.


  7. Good Luck says:

    what data resource do you use to show there is a marked increase of volcanic activity?


  8. Brandon, as I alwasy say, the facts will stand on their own and the truth will unfold. That’s why I don’t argue with people about the facts, I compiled in my book. In the final analysis, it will be vindicated.


  9. Many will kill themselves and the bodies will be plenty. I see little hope that any human being can carry such a burden of guilt and anxiety through these ‘unimagiable changes’ ahead while fighting for survival knowing they publically, and vehemently rejected every warning and ray of light that had fallen on their path. Like Judas Iscariot, it would be better had they never been born for “if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?” 1 Peter 4:18

    While there is still time, let’s pray for these eyes to open.


    • J Guffey says:

      Alvin, I agree and what a terrible burden to bear. And thanks for also reminding us to pray for their eyes to be opened before it’s too late. I pray almost daily for the lost and for the Lord to return and put an end to all the suffering.

      What a blessing you have been. Thank you for listening to God’s call to inform those of us that just couldn’t quite put all the puzzle pieces together. Thanks for being patient with those of us with much less knowledge than you. Also, thank you for explaining things in terms the average and sometimes not-so-average person can understand.


  10. dan says:

    the volcanoes on earth are just venting points for internal pressure release…obviously!
    so the thought of periods of time where internal pressure inside the earth increases by causes unknown to humans….could very well lead to a simultaneous eruption of volcanoes worldwide!
    just a thought.


  11. dusty wright says:

    Thank you for all the welcome knowledge…I have been watching Canary Islands…if the Volcano blows there and the west side of the mountain slides into Atlantic, I have read in several different
    venues that north american East coast will have about 8 hours to evaculate…curious as to your
    thoughts on this…..Also any comments on thousands of coffins at the ready in numerous states in
    USA, stockpiled in farmers fields…Do you think it is becuase the the New Madrid Fault or Yellowstone volcano..???? Thank you…Dusty


    • P

      The tsunami scenario of which you speak is believed to be from a threat posed by the island La Palma not El Hierro, the site of the most recent volcanic activity in the Canary Islands. About 1/3 of El Hierro has already slid off into the ocean in a landslide or escarpment that is believed to have happened thousands of years ago and volcanic activity on the island has regressed. As it stands now, the 4 most dangerous tsunami threats to North America are:

      1). A major earthquake off the NW or West coast of U.S.
      2). An Alaskan landslide by avalanche or from a major earthquake – extremely dangerous
      3). Caribbean plate earthquake
      4). Lake Tahoe avalanche

      The largest tsunami ever recorded was in Alaska in 1958


  12. matrixlnin11 says:

    MAJOR DISCOVERY of LEY LINES from the 188 day Mega-Quake Pattern

    One of the best and most important videos of 2012!


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