Irish residents’ lives wrecked by mysterious ‘humming noise’

March 3, 2012IRELAND Despairing residents in a remote Kerry parish have told how their lives have been made a living hell by a mystery humming noise that is disrupting their sleep and causing chaos every day. They are pleading with the Government to investigate the source of the constant, pulsating, low-frequency noise that cannot be traced despite repeated efforts. Frustrated locals in a rural part of Beaufort, 15km from Killarney, have been hearing the bizarre noise since early last year but cannot find what is causing it. Resident Barry Lynch said: “The first time we heard it was in Apr 2011 and it has been there 24/7 since then. We are nearly gone out of our minds because we can’t get a decent night of sleep and its there all day, every day. There are no mobile phone masts, windmills or generators in the area and the ESB has assured us that the problem is not due to any high-tension wires in the area. We thought the noise might be coming from water pumps installed in the area by Kerry County Council but an engineer switched the pumps off for a trial period and the noise was still there.” He said that neighbors over a 7km radius have also complained about the sound. “One neighbor went to the doctor because he thought he was having a problem with his hearing. It is placing a huge strain on my own partner who can’t sleep at night, even when she wears earplugs.” Mr. Lynch said the noise was even more noticeable inside his home and despite extensive insulation, the whole building appears to vibrate, particularly in the stillness of night. “The whole thing is very unpleasant and it is really bothering us. We don’t know what we can do. We are pleading with the Department of the Environment or some other organization to help us before we are driven out of our homes,” said Mr. Lynch. He said he had found out a similar mystery noise had been reported in many parts of the world. –Irish Examiner
contribution Vicky G.
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48 Responses to Irish residents’ lives wrecked by mysterious ‘humming noise’

  1. Reminds me of the “Taos hum” which was a recurrent sound in New Mexico a few years ago. I had been told about it, and then I heard it one night when the windows were open. It was rhythmic, a deep tone almost like a faint foghorn. It went on for hours. People had reported it for years, but some people never heard it. I do not know why it was called “Taos hum” as no one identified a source in Taos. It didn’t go on 24 hours a day so no one feared madness from it like the residents of Kerry.


  2. nickk0 says:

    The ‘Taos Hum’ was never explained, as far as I know.

    Another odd thing about the Taos Hum, is that some residents heard it – and others did not – which led people to dismiss the phenomenon as unverified.

    This ‘Irish hum’, however, seems to be more persistent – and therefore, ‘verifiable’.
    I am curious to see what scientists find. They may not be able to determine the cause; but hopefully, they won’t have to ‘dismiss’ the reports this time.


    • John says:

      I can hear the hum since 2011 it is like all the other people that can hear it louder indoors and very disturbing now my wife she just started to hear it as well in march 2014
      Is this some sort of frequency use for mind control like the one I heard about in Long Island New York when a mass amount of frogs piled onto the Long Island expressway back in the early 2000’s .? Why is it not been properly investigated ? It is getting worse i fear I just started getting nose bleeds some thing I never had my whole life I am now in my 40’s the hum wakes me up from my sleep in the middle of the night ,co Tyrone N. Ireland


  3. Niebo says:

    Sometime in the late nineties I read an article about extreme low frequency disturbances in areas near US Naval bases that served as submarine communications centers, the antennae for which are subterranean, and, if memory serves, directional. The areas disturbed were “downwind” of the transmitters, that is, in the path of the EM waves, and residents voiced similar complaints, along with headaches and nausea, inability to concentrate, lethargy from lack of sleep, and increases in epileptic-seizure activity. (Not too long after I caught a re-run of an episode of a popular sci-fi series which dealt with the subject, though with dramatized, exaggerated effects, such as violent psychosis and explosive hemorrhages.) Since then, in light of more recent scientific research, discoveries, and implementation of sonic/subsonic/supersonic weaponry that utilizes sound waves, I have wondered if the inspiration for these “tools” was not the inadvertant, accidental consequences of these communication arrays.


  4. Gordian Knot says:

    The Earth is harmonically tuning itself note-for-note, scale-for-scale much like a musician tunes their instrument before a performance. The Earth is (perhaps) in concert with other instruments as it begins to fine tune itself with ‘other’ frequencies for the concert of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the Earth instruments are out tune and intolerable to human ears.


  5. Christine says:

    I only came across this article when trying to investigate the same disturbance in the area I live in – Rawtenstall, Lancashire, England. My partner had complained about it for the first time only a few weeks ago but I was away visiting family and never heard it myself. However having returned home, I have been aware of it for the past two nights and its even in the air as I type this morning. I can only describe it as a low humming noise that hangs in the air. Some people describe it like a diesel engine being left running and I can see the resemblance. It would appear that this noise is known as “the hum” and unfortunately little is know about it. I just hope that it isn’t hear for the long term!


    • jani says:

      I live in Rawtenstall and am hearing it top. It was not on yesterday and I cant hear it today. Sounds like an aircraft in the sky and pulses a very low note. Bottom key on piano. So loud the other night I went out to see if it was coming groom the factory down the road. Strangely enough I could also hear it in Salford on the evening of the following day.


  6. Lucien says:

    Maybe Low Frequency noice from underground pipe lines, gas transport or oil transport


  7. Luisport says:

    I never see a so long event… we continue in a c territory.


  8. john says:

    This is odd. I remember a friend of mine, a Malaysian staying near Seremban, telling me that he heard such low humming sound in 2011 there too. He felt the earth move.


  9. Thera says:

    Two things for sure: it’s either man made or natural.

    Where are these hums coming from? People who have experienced the hums say it is coming from under the ground. Many hums mysteriously stop as suddenly as they appear.

    Is the government digging underground bases in the spots that have hums?

    Is the government expanding their territory underground right under our noses?

    Could there be another explanation? What other causes of these hums could there be?

    Hums are being heard around the world.

    The first mysterious hum was in Bristol, England in the 1970’s.

    Other famous hums are the Kokomo, Indiana hum and the Taos, New Mexico hum.

    There are many other places that have experienced hums: Canada, France, New Zealand, Scotland, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Why is this unsolved phenomena going global…..could it really be mother nature?


    • Ilk

      It could be and may likely be related to the migration of the north pole, that is dragging the magnetic field with it and in some cases, like the South Atlantic Anomaly, pulling it closer to the ground. It likely generates a low-level hum on resonate propagation. These reports are coming in now from across the globe and it lends credence to the idea that this may not a mechanical artifice. We have to consider for a moment that the planet may be warning us of ensuing changes- the last warning to the frog who thinks he is taking a bath in the soon to be boiling water.


      • Brandon says:

        If this is a warning from earth that our time is short, then WHAT is earth warning us of?


      • I think it’s more indication that the planet continues to change and that is the only universal constant. We must change with it, or perish. As humans and by our own inexplicable natures, we have never fully embraced the concept of dynamism but this is the nature of a universe that appears more rooted in abstraction than in static reality.


  10. Rick says:

    Ahhh, therein lies the question, Alvin–just what are we supposed to be changing? If I were to answer, I’d say we need to raise our consciousness towards each other and our loving earth–which will raise our vibratory frequency. And I agree with you–if we don’t, we perish!


    • I

      Rick, I think change spiritually is the most important thing. As you mentioned, this raises awareness, increases simpatico and makes our world and connection to nature and each other a little more encompassing. Besides that, when the Earth renders one portion of the world severely damaged or uninhabitable, we will have to relocate in concert with these changes- be it extreme heat, drought, partial glaciations, seismicity, solar radiation dangers, or extreme storm threats. We have to but look to Rome and the ancient Maya to see how quickly a civilization can collpase due to duress of the natural ecology.


  11. Ray7182770 says:

    I would guess its the LHC which hit new record speeds in April 2011 but that wouldn’t explain why its heard over 600 miles away and isolated to Ireland… strange


  12. Ralph Sylvestersen (sherab rabsal) says:

    Yes, maybe deeper parts of the psyche are coming onto the surface – I have an article on what I call “Buddha Sound”,


  13. Could this hum be caused by small rural transformers , as used to convert high voltage into the household 220v current ? These are often mounted on poles , and distribute the lower voltage to small groups of rural houses . It also brings to mind ( for those of us old enough to remember ! ), the humming noise caused by the little transformer inside the old , valve radios , when no station was tuned in .


  14. This type of noise is most likely being generated from man made source but being transmitted through geological faults. It is most likely low frequency but such noises can be transmitted over great distances, they may or may not be locally generated. The reception of same at a particular site depends on the rock strata and soil. It is likely that new health problems may emerge in the area as a result of same.


  15. I remember when I was growing up in the country fifty years ago there was an electrical transformer near where we lived and it was constantly humming. This noise in Kerry may be coming from some quasi military source underneath the sea. Some government has done something that they cannot admit to.


  16. Beth says:

    This and many articles that I have now read explain exactly what I have been experiencing in Seattle Washington, USA. It is maddening and affects my sleep, causing headaches, hurts my ears, etc. At times it is as if it shifts into a lower and slower “gear” (to go along with the idling diesel description) – when that happens it feels as though everything is vibrating (to my core) and it disrupts whatever I may have been in the middle of at the time. I work about 12 miles from my home – in downtown Seattle – and do not hear it there. A friend of mine mentioned this Hum concept to me and I and I have just started to research it. Everything I am reading – when the sound is described – is what I have experienced. There is some comfort in knowing I am not the only one – I just wish there was someone closer with whom I could actually talk to. Of course some folks think I am bonkers and that it is nothing that a visit to the ear doctor wouldn’t fix. HA! I welcome any ideas or suggestions……. Beth


  17. Tom says:

    It is not actual sound waves in the air that I hear. This pulsating (throbbing} hum can be momentarily disrupted by a quick shake of the head.


  18. Fred says:

    Both my friend and I have heard this same sound in Estonia. And likewise, other members of the family did not hear it.


  19. Thomas says:

    I hear it in Norway. Started hearing it about two years ago… There is one disturbing case though. When the power were off once, i didn’t hear it anymore. Though within half an hour, the power came back again. So did the sound.. The power disappeared several times through the night, however the hum/sound stayed..


    • Monsun says:

      I heard the sound for the dirst time in Hamburg/Germany, I believe in 2010. It made me almost go crazy! I experienced lack of sleep, pain in my heart/chest. Nausea, body tension, muscle spasms, lack of concentration, extreme ear pain, numb extremeties, digestion problems. When the noise suddenly started (mostly around be time in the evening, but also waking me up in the middle of the night), I felt as if something would push down on me. As if gravitation made me heavier (I know it sounds strange). Of course I was scared, given that I also had my baby daughter next to me (who also reacted wirh restlesness and crying as soon as the hum started). I tried everything to find out and eliminate the source. I unplugged every household item. No change. I completely shut off all power. No effect. I heard the sound in many places of friends and family, but not everywhere. Of course, No one can compare if two places are hum free at the same time. Especially, as it is not heard by everybody. Some of my family members heard it, some did not. I really want to believe that it has to do with the earth’s own frequency changing and can only hope that it is not any kind of modern weaponry. But who could tell? A whistleblower maybe? I contacted goverment and private scientific institutions in Germany. No one could give me an answer to what this sound is. Maybe they did not want me or anybody to know. We had articles in different newspapers about the hum in Hamburg, also in various blogs. Many people heard this intense deep frequency hum all over Germany. I personnally also heard it in Dallas and now near Boulder, Colorado. It was very intense since the 2nd of July. For whatever reason it just stopped (3:30am). Up until now it kept me from sleeping. My daughter next to me just did a deep sigh and is breathing deeply for the first time tonight. I hope we can find a solution to this (ear plugs do not help). Good luck for us.


    • Stefan says:

      I’m getting it too in lillehammer ….I thought it was a big electric cable near my house but i have moved and i still hear it .


  20. mark says:

    I have also heard the Hum in Bangor N Ireland and to less extent in Blackpool.It could be due to Fracking, or gas Drilling in the North sea.It could also be the Russians hitting us with a short wave frequency device to send us all mad???. Strange thing about it is that you only hear it inside the house, it definetly sounds like a generator and keeps you awake, not all poeple are sensitive to it.


  21. lissette says:

    I’m experiencing this humming sound each and everyday in Puerto Rico. I live close to the Observatory of Arecibo but they have told me they aren’t transmitting anything except for the wow message on Aug. 15th or so. I do have a clip of the humming sound but don’t know how to embed it on here. I can not catch it with a cellphone only with my pc. However, I can only hear the low vibration with my headphones plugged in to the pc. So, I wanted to ask, if it was this sound people hear? At one point, several days ago, my head and ears wanted to explode. I thought I was going insane but then family members were able to hear it. Someone please let me know how can I add the wma on here. Thanks.


  22. guy says:

    I live in Havelock North New Zealand and for the two past early mornings I have been hearing this Hum sound, it sounds as though it goes up a tone and then back down. I first thought it was a distant sound of a sub wooffer in a car but soon could tell it was to long and repititative. Usually the wind mills are blowing and that is all you hear,now that it is warming the wind mills have stopped and I can clearly hear the hum. Sounds better than wind mills!!!


    • Janyl says:

      I live in Havelock….but it’s North Carolina, USA. We hear a Hum here, and have nicknamed it the “Havelock Hum”…..both my daughter and myself hear it & we have different hearing abilities. Still wondering what causes it but we highly suspect that cell towers play a part along with some other factors. It is definitely not pleasant living with the Hum and not able to figure the source adequately.


    • I live in Havelock North New Zealand and for the two past early mornings I have been hearing this Hum sound, it sounds as though it goes up a tone and then back down. I first thought it was a distant sound of a sub wooffer in a car but soon could tell it was to long and repititative. Usually the wind mills are blowing and that is all you hear,now that it is warming the wind mills have stopped and I can clearly hear the hum. Sounds better than wind mills!!!


  23. christina says:

    Christina December 17th 2012 9.30 pm. I have been experiencing the constant hum of an engine for the past year. It never ceases 24/7 but worse at night. I use earphones to listen to music, it helps a little but I still hear it. I am searching for answers. It drives me around the bend, but do what I can to keep it together. I also have pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear for years that I thought was the worst until this happened. Living in the south of Ireland.


  24. Hello, I have just moved into a new basement flat with my wife and am experiencing ‘The Hum’ on a nightly basis. I seem to be ultra sensitive to it when sitting in the evenings (from 8.30-9pm onwards), then when I try to sleep. Have only managed about 4-5 hours sleep in total over the last three nights. My wife cannot seem to hear or sense it. A few years ago I used to live in a house fairly close to this and very occasionally would experience this, but took it to be an engine running outside. After the last couple of weeks, I now know this to be not the case. My location is Lambeth, South East London (SE27). I don’t have this experience any other time at present, although my right ear feels like it is constantly searching for the noise, if that makes any sense?


  25. Sandy Brandt says:

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada USA and since Thursday January 10, 2013 I have been hearing “The Hum”. First I heard it in the bathroom and it was coming from the wall behind the sink. Then I noticed it in my hallway too. It sounds like a big bee always humming and it dimmers for like a 2 second count and then loud for about a second and down again. It was really windy, so at first I was under the impression that it was a sewage pipe being hit by the wind and bouncing off the walls. I also thought it was the loud roof vents …. The winds have calmed down a lot but the humming is still there. I hear it loudest in the bathroom because it’s the quietest room. I fall asleep listening to on my iPod.


  26. James Mackie says:

    This is going to be the new method of social control as we move into a dystopic commutarian future. This is the auditory harassment people like Dr John Hall have been talking about. It happened to me after a period of political activism. Never had any problems then all of a sufdden got this humming and buzzing 24/7. In the case of Kerry what you will find is the hum is a corporate trick used by the bankster boys to reduce house prices in the area. People sell out cheap to escape the hum and the bankster boys buy the property. The hum then ceases, prices go up and the bankster boys sell for a profit.

    This type of harassment can be done by a variety of means. It can be done by neighbours incentivised to do it but it can be done by satellite to cover a whole town. That’s where the metal particles in chemtrails come in. The electromagnetic pulse vibrates the particles in the air causing the hum over a wide area but it can also be done with a powerful RF transmitter on the ground.

    In the futre as people become more desperate and resort to crime these techniques will be sued to control them and they will stay in line to avoid the torture of sleep deprivation, nausea and overall discomfort.


  27. Carlos says:

    It’s 5.08 am here in Offaly, Ireland. I’ve been unable to sleep all night because of this low humming. I’ve heard it on and off over the past 8 or 9 years. In that time I’ve had severe back pain which, at its worst point, left me chair-bound for 6 weeks. I attended a specialist for some time. I was told it could be a slipped disk, although nothing showed up on the x-ray. About a year before the back problem I developed severe digestive problems. This was diagnosed as IBS. It has often flared up since, and it’s only recently I have noticed the link between the timing of episodes of both conditions and this humming noise.

    I don’t buy the ‘earth magnetic field changing’. There’s no solid evidence for this, only incomplete data, as we have not been studying the magnetic field long enough to be authorities on how it really behaves. An interesting thing I stumbled upon online : HAARP. There’s plenty of information available on it. It involves high-altitude electromagnetic wave manipulation, and it is claimed that it can be directed globally.


    • The Haarp is only one of a number of man made radio frequency sources that might lie behind this earth humming noise. It is for sure tied into earth frequency because it is through the medium of rock strata and geological elements that such forms of radio frequencies are transmitted depending upon the purpose of the transmission. So if you are hearing low frequency noise in a rural area, then we cannot dismiss earth frequency.


  28. Michael, ( aka Mikaele deMuse, a pen name I write under) says:

    Michael, in Winlock, Washington, USA, here.
    I became aware of the low frequency “humming” a couple of years back while out bow hunting, and sitting quietly simply meditating and becoming One with our planet and nature.

    It sounded to me as if there were a huge diesel engine idling somewhere nearby that would shift upward and downward in pitch at regular intervals. Having previously done research about, and being aware of HAARP and its ELF potentials, that was what I’d attributed it to at the time.

    I believe that several of those who have commented herein are either on the mark, or darn close to it.

    It could also be the Earth’s harmonic resonations in response to the man-made HAARP frequencies that are being sent all around the planet by the governmental agencies who are using the Tesla technology for weather manipulation and creation of earthquakes, etc.

    In one sense, I now find comfort in knowing that I’m NOT crazy, and was NOT imagining what I’d been hearing.

    I’m not presently aware of the thrumming as I was then. But that could be due to the changing of the focus and frequency of the waves that the aforementioned governmental agencies are transmitting. This would also explain why different places on the planet are being hit by the “hum” at different times.

    As with the chemtrails, I believe that the Powers That Be have multiple purposes for all of their uses of these technologies, all of them nefarious in nature, and none of them intended for the betterment and well-being of mankind, in general, or our planet, itself!


  29. john says:

    I live in North London this so strange I have the exacxt same noise sounds like a helicopter in the distance hovering , what the hell is it , its driving me nuts , if I knew it was drilling to make the gallows to hang our politicians and bankers and of course any one works for
    the bbc, I geuss I could put up with it.


  30. Anthrax says:

    man made have tapes of no noise and no radio interference across all band widths and peaceful. Starts up it bothers animals birds and people. Satellites and sounding last geo survey across globe cooked everything including atmosphere!


    • Anthrax says:

      Oil and gas greed had corp spooks in listening post by home over gas and shale play, then all hell broke loose with the hum and sounds! Just greed and technology people and idiots in board rooms!


    • spartocus says:

      There is a misconception or damn right lie that people can`t hear their “Hum”(The police)but they don`t seem to understand that some people have better hearing than others.

      “The hum from mains electricity is proving to be a valuable ally for British forensic scientists in fighting crime.

      A report by the British Broadcasting Co. said the hum helps investigators determine if a recording to be used as evidence is authentic or merely cleverly edited.

      Since 2005, audio specialists at the Metropolitan Police forensic lab in south London have been recording the hum of mains electricity – about 50 Hertz (cycles per second).”

      You can tell if it`s a frequency hum by, talking then, stop talking. The “Hum” stops and starts
      as and when you do this “Scientific method” (Lol)

      The best thing to do is to force the police where ever they resid, use the “Freedom of information act” to force them to disclose whether or not they are using the “Frequency hum” in your location.

      If they do, sue them.


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