Slight rise of magma at Boliva’s potential super-volcano, Uturuncu but no signs of an immediate eruption

March 2, 2012BOLIVIAThe San Calixto Observatory director of La Paz, Estela Minaya confirmed that there is a small rise of magma (molten rock in the form of lava and gases) from the volcano Uturuncu, however, but immediately rule out a possible eruption. Minaya told the Red Erbol said now one of the purposes of the Observatory is to trace the progression of the volcano and to determine how high and fast magma is rising inside the volcano. “Then, (known) that the molten material begins to rise and generates what is seen as a strain at the surface. Studying this method indicates what kind of deformation and “growth,” the volcano is experiencing. Right now, indication there is a slight rise but the magma is rising at a very low speed. Now that this ‘growth’ isn’t very large and can’t generate a volcanic eruption,” he said.  He noted that this work takes place two years ago with the interferometer system and the last eruption in Uturuncu would have registered more than 1.6 million years or so.  A week ago, was reported in international scientists are studying the changes introduced Uturuncu volcano, since satellite measurements show that the mountain has been growing at a rate of 1.3 centimeters per year over the past two decades. –Erbol translated
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