8 Responses to S & P declares Greece in default

  1. radiogirl says:

    Any opinions on whats next?….Greece…Europe …Japan..America. Anyone else want to weigh in?


  2. is this it?is this the moment they were trying to avoid?


    • has there been anymore info on this,I mean,I had heard the rumor that they would default sometime in march and that it would bring about a chain reaction,but I have not heard anymore on this,this is a bad moment isnt it?


  3. It seems that the whole world is in deep debt. Even the lions share of the US citizens owe more than their assetts are worth. I only know a few people who are debt free. The majority where able to leverage& borrow themselves deeper in debt than they ever dreamed was humanly possible. It will get much worse and hard to say how it will all end. However it is for shure not gonna be good.


  4. did not know where else to post this Alvin, have you considered a page where TIPS could be posted?

    This seems very strange: 101 Banl Resignations

    Clare in Tasmania JMNINT


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