10 Responses to Israel won’t warn U.S. before strike on Iran

  1. Thera says:

    Israel is intent on making way for the Anti-Christ to rule over the majority of mankind. (for a while.)


  2. Michele B says:

    It’s not really a matter of “if” they launch a strike, but of when. In my opinion this is inevitable.


  3. oh no,it just gets worse every day,it looks like this war is a done deal,I am so scared,this will be bad,we cannot fight russia and china too and they will put their two cents in.


  4. Yamkin says:

    Amazing Debate With George Galloway About Attacking Iran


  5. Apple IIGS says:

    So many people ignorantly believe this will pass without issue. That it is just a matter of Iran posturing, and they will eventually back off much like India and Pakistan back in 2002, or the United States and Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis the 1962.

    This unfortunately is not remotely the same. In those cases MAD kept them from unleashing the nuclear genie. With Iran however, MAD is meaningless to them. Death by nuclear annihilation is an OK option, as it simply means all Iranians will get set to heaven and rewarded with virgin brides in the afterlife. We’re talking suicide bombers with nuclear weapons in their hands!

    If Israel does nothing, Iran will soon launch a nuclear attack against them. If Israel stages a preemptive attack on Iran to avoid this, then Iran will strike back and so will every other country allied with Iran. The saying “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” very much applies here. I honestly do not see a good outcome here….at best, just delaying things.


  6. terri says:

    all the wourld people are very ignorants Of what’s is comming very soon.
    God’s tru laws are marching on and no one could stop them.


  7. Apple IIGS says:

    Terri: I keep wondering when something will finally happen that will wake up those ignorant or those with their heads in the sand. We’re seeing more and more warning signs, but nothing earth shattering. Stuff that might turn a few heads monetarily, but it’s then shrugged off and people go back to their daily lives and routines as if all is normal. The way things are going however, it would seem we’re just weeks or months away from that “something”.

    Honestly though, there are times where I feel like nothing is going to happen, it’s easy to fall into that frame of mind. It seems though if its not nature that is on the verge of collapse, it’s human society that is. Weird how all this seems to be happening so suddenly, and out of no where (I think it being 2012 is just a coincidence, I don’t actually believe in doomsday prophecies).


  8. Robert says:

    “Israeli officials say they won’t warn the U.S.” Like the US doesn’t know. Which doesn’t say much about US Intelligence. Of course, US knows. It’s a way of absolving US of responsibility. The problem is, Both China and Russia will come to Iran’s defense, and it will be WWIII, and US did nothing but invoke it, or nothing to prohibit Israel from inviting WWIII. After the dust (or radiation fallout) settled, and Billions of lives are lost, what would be the remorse from either Israel or US (what’s left of these two countries)?


  9. Taffyduff says:

    Its checkmate to any kind of peace. There is no way out now. If you are religious and have a god, now is the the time to get close to the real God and start praying big time, because once the match is struck – there is no turning back! This is going to light one hell of a bonfire and all the world is going to be affected – lives lost, economicaly, people displacement and Warfare like never before.
    This is going to be bigger than World War 2, and we will ALL be affected!


    • I

      It has all the makings of a nightmare. Both sides have pre-emptive policies, 200,000 missiles pointing towards Israel, 1/4 of the world’s remaining oil supplies in a radioative hot-zone, and a nuclear equation at least in the hands of Israelis- dirt-bomb potential from the Iranians from enriched uranium deployed in a RDD warhead. Any day now, we can potentially wake up to the news that a mushroom cloud is now suspended on the horizon in the Middle East. This event will change the world forever in a flash of time. Once, these weapons are used…they will become the lust of nations. It will be acquire one to prevent the same thing happening to you. We tetter on the precipice of a horrifying new age on this planet, unless this madness is halted.


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