Food-chain unraveling: Livestock plagues hit U.S., Nepal, and UK, mystery virus killing numerous animals

February 27, 2012BRITAIN – Thousands of lambs are dying in Britain. The Schmallenberg virus causes lambs to be born dead or with serious deformities such as fused limbs and twisted necks, which mean they cannot survive. Scientists are urgently trying to find out how the disease, which also affects cattle, spreads and how to fight it, as the number of farms affected increases by the day. So far, 74 farms across southern and eastern England have been hit by the virus, which arrived in this country in January. A thousand farms in Europe have reported cases since the first signs of the virus were seen in the German town of Schmallenberg last summer. The National Farmers Union has called it a potential “catastrophe” and warned farmers to be vigilant. “This is a ticking time bomb,” said Alastair Mackintosh, of the NFU. “We don’t yet know the extent of the disease. We only find out the damage when sheep and cows give birth, and by then it’s too late.” It is unclear exactly how the disease arrived in Britain, but the leading theory is that midges carried the virus across the Channel or North Sea in the autumn. However, scientists cannot yet rule out transmission of the disease from animal to animal. Infected ewes do not show any symptoms of the virus until they give birth, with horrific results. Farmers have described delivering the deformed and stillborn animals as heartbreaking. The lambing season has only just begun, which means that the full impact of the disease will not be felt until the weather warms up and millions more animals are born. On the Continent, some farms have lost half of their lambs. So far the worst hit in Britain have lost 20 per cent, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Approximately 16 million lambs are born in Britain every year and sell at market for about £100 each. The effect of the disease on farms that are already struggling in the downturn could be severe. –Telegraph
DHADING, NepalMore than 20,000 chickens have died of unidentified disease in Naubise VDC’s Dharke and surrounding areas in the past one week. Livestock Development Officer Dr Shivaji Prasad Das of District Livestock Service Office said chickens had been dying but since the farmers kept mum more chickens could not be prevented from dying. It was only yesterday that a team including Dr Das went to the incident site. It sent dead chickens for tests to Kathmandu’s Central Livestock Disease Control Laboratory today. According to Dr Das, test report will be out in three days. In the poultry farm owned by Ram Koirala of Dharke 3,500 died within two weeks. In Salikgram’s farm 3,000 fowls have died. Thousands of chickens have died in other farms as well. Farmers estimate that they have lost more than Rs 50 lakhs. Ram Koirala, Proprietor of Dharke-based Ram Laxman Poultry Farm, said, “We had taken the chickens to Kathmandu’s Gauri Shankar Vet Farm as soon as we found out they were suffering from some disease. The vets there said chickens suffered from Ranikhet disease.” Farmers are worried that chickens are dying even after treatment of Ranikhet disease. Meanwhile, the Cabinet decided today to declare three districts of eastern region — Ilam, Sunsari and Jhapa — as bird flu affected areas and directed the government agencies to adopt effective measures to control the disease. – The Himalayan Times 
MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. — Horses are dying and now cattle as well and detectives in Maury County have been at a loss to explain how or why it is happening. First, seven seemingly healthy horses turned up dead last week at a Hampshire farm in Maury County.  The state performed a necropsy and released the results. “They ruled that it’s undetermined. The cause of death cannot be determined at this time. It is a mystery. We don’t know what happened,” said Detective Terry Chandler with the Maury County Sheriff’s Department. Now Detective Chandler is investigating more deaths: Two dead cows at a farm across from the one where the seven horses were found. And he’s consulting with police looking into more mysterious horse deaths in Dickson and Giles County. Chandler said there is no evidence anyone is intentionally harming the animals. He said they have not ruled out the possibility the livestock died from eating contaminated hay or a poison plant.  It’s possible the toxins were not detected by the state testing. –News Channel 5
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18 Responses to Food-chain unraveling: Livestock plagues hit U.S., Nepal, and UK, mystery virus killing numerous animals

  1. THE CAUSE? Contamination from (Oil and Gas) Deep Injection Wells in MAURY COUNTY
    “CONTAMINATION: Three documented sites of contamination are known for the basal sandstone (fig. 11). All three sites are associated with deep injection wells in Humphreys and Maury Counties. These waste-injection wells are open to a thick stratigraphic section, from the lower part
    of the Knox Group to the Precambrian, and as best can be determined from existing data, the injected fluids have invaded the permeable zones throughout parts of the entire section. The area1 extent of the injected waste in the basal sandstone is not known. Deepwell
    injection at these sites is discussed by Warner (19721, Resources Services Incorporated
    (1975, and (Geraghty and Miller (1978).”


  2. Meridian says:

    Very alarming news…!!


  3. nickk0 says:

    Now this, is rather scary.


  4. Xavier says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Did you read the latest newsletter on zetatalk ? It says something about Extinction Protocol.

    From Zetatalk:


    • I won’t even dignify that by responding. The people that have gotten my book more than a year ago are seeing the signs unfold along a scientific juncture just as I said they were and they’re spending their time following the trail of science not chasing phantoms in the night sky.


  5. Lucie Sinclair says:

    I am wondering when and if the National news feeds will pick this up or even draw a correlation to these incidents , or the global impacts these would pose if the cause and remedy is not found,
    Seems to me ” Mad Cow ” disease made the news circuit much faster, but then again those were different times…..


  6. Niebo says:

    “…behold, a pale horse, and the name of the one sitting on it was Death….” Revelation 6:8

    It started with sheep and progressed to cattle, so what of their family Bovidae relatives, goats, oxen, antelopes, bison, water buffalo, gazelles, yaks, et cetera? Given the explosive rate of contagion, the typical rate of mutation for viruses (and a vector/carrier with wings, no less), how long before this is a “no kidding” plague among livestock? Then, add drought, blight, and some random, freakish, extreme weather, and “…behold, a black horse….”


  7. Grandpa says:

    What a coincidence when people dont want to eat poop burgers , nanobots,pesticides,antibiotics,and vaccines.


  8. TM says:

    Mass Extinction of animals worldwide? The cause is Bee cause – – – nature has whats called life and death – both of a individual animals/humans and same goes for the entire species – Nothing last forever –

    How many heart beats does a man have on average in his life time?
    How many months is he in his mothers womb?
    How many years does he live?
    How many years does a specie live that has shunned nature and embraced the un-natural in every aspect of life? Man dont even know him self anymore he is self deceived and that deception is the death of him and his environment he infects with the un-natural hybrids of plants and animals – even the water has turned against man who is alergic to nature and scared on bugs – – – eat, drink and laugh with joy – threemorrow we die


  9. Theresa says:

    Check the animals JOINTS for toxins. Just a hunch.


  10. Roger Aak says:

    (Isa 24:3-5) The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken this word. 4 The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish. 5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant (the sabbath – Exo 31,16).

    There is a reason fo everything, and the reason is us.


  11. Charlie0 says:

    Christ is the only answer


  12. Well 2012 is starting out with a bang – Nashville on The Extinction Protocol. Never thought I’d see the day (before winter 2012, that is). Always remember: Be Prepared – Not Scared.


  13. Dave Bernazani says:

    P.S. why is everyone afraid to use their real names here? Stand for something!


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