4.9 hits southeast France: the strongest earthquake in 15 years

February 27, 2012FRANCE The earth shook in Crévoux, 16 km northeast of Barceloneta, tonight at 11:37 p.m. accurate, according to the website of Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).  The earthquake measuring 4.9 (4.7 USGS ) on the Richter scale was felt in the Var, Alpes-Maritimes and even Marseille where many people reported they felt the tremor for 3 to 4 seconds. It is the strongest earthquake to hit the region of the Hautes-Alpes since 1997. –La Provence
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5 Responses to 4.9 hits southeast France: the strongest earthquake in 15 years

  1. paula98270 says:

    Quakes are becoming more widespread as are all major storms. We need to become acquainted with our neighbors. In this time of living through the internet we have lost touch with those who could be support and aid in times of need. Be conscious!


  2. Smile says:

    The number of earthquakes with higher magntude has increased.Now most of the earthquakes are above 4.


  3. kristoffer94 says:

    France has shaken again today of a new earthquake at magnitude 4.1:


  4. Alstradomus says:

    Fiji /Vanuatu is directly across the globe from France. The South Sandwichs are across from Japan let,s watch for quakes there in the next few hours


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