4 Responses to Two U.S. army officers killed as violence escalates for 5th day in Afghanistan

  1. The mood in Afghanistan after the burning and desecration of the Holy Quran by U.S. soldiers is extremely heated.Even in Pakistan are US flags burning in Peshawar in protest. The events are evidence of the deep cultural divide between the U.S./ NATO and Afghanistan, more than ten years after the invasion of U.S. troops to overthrow the Islamist Taliban. The Holy Quran is to Muslims the direct word of God and the burning of the book as blasphemous.I thought all members of the NATO troops knew this by now. — The death of all this people is so unnecessary.


  2. Chris from Melbourne says:

    The only reason to burn korans is to antagonize Muslims, pure & simple, the whole world surely knows this. It’s disgraceful the amount of respect the west shows the rest of the world, arrogant & doomed for failure with attitudes like this. This attitude only stems from the fact our corrupt leaders have been the top dogs on earth for so long, controlling these foreign countries, but we forget we are cattle as well with slightly ‘easier’ living standards since we sit a little closer to the seats of power. But not for much longer, the whole world is under attack now as the death throws of Babylon finally reveal themselves. 2012 London Olympics, the symbol either spells Zion or is Lisa Simpson going down on someone with that distinctive hairstyle of hers mimicking the crown worn by the statue of liberty (which admittedly represents lucifer). Something wicked this way come & we must all fight this evil & these staged events, every1 on here needs to keep spreading the word, the only way to defeat this evil is if we all fight from within, don’t burn korans if you know it’s hurtful to others & unnecessary, stop proving yourselves, sucked in by pride & other deadly sins (remember, the sins are most deadly to the sinner, as you seal your own fate, but like a virus help spread sin to the victims as well). It starts with us looking at ourselves in the mirror first & foremost, not just pointing fingers & making excuses!!


    • Larry Fairall says:

      The west ? Most really believe it is the U.S. who is at fault leading the rest. I am an American and I love all the people of the world and my country, and there are many more Americans who feel as I do. We are not the problem. I have watched for 60 years people all over the world burn my country’s flag and my Gods Bible, did we riot or kill ???? I think not. America did not start World War I or World War II, we came to the aid of the beaten and oppressed countries who were faced with that evil. We are not the only ones responsible for the problems of the world today. Yes some of our Leaders are making mistakes, no more than all other countries Leaders are doing. I just can’t understand after all of these years of the American People giving aid,love, protection and lives to help other oppressed countries. Thousands of American soilders have died on foreign soil, not on American soil to make sure the world could be a safer place yet the world turns around and slaps us in the face. The problem is NOT the U.S., Lets spread the blame around to all ! What would you do if there were a gunman outside your house who was going to rob you and kill your family and you picked up the phone and called the police and they said they couldn’t come because the world would say they were interfearing !!!! As Iran is going to rob and kill israel. Place the blame where it is due. Why do you believe Russia helped Iran with Nuclear power, lets blame Russia or China or North Korea or………… Just quit pointing the finger at America. WWIII is being planned and will start by someone else but make no mistake we will face the evil beside our brothers in God and He shall prevail.

      God Bless America and All the World


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