Giant whirlpool churns up ocean south of Africa

February 23, 2012AFRICA A NASA satellite has provided jaw-dropping pictures of a huge ‘storm’ brewing under the sea. The swirling mass of water – which measures a whopping 93 miles wide – has been spotted off the coast of South Africa by the Terra satellite on December 26. But there’s no need to alert international shipping, or worry about the poor fish that might find themselves in an endless washing cycle – the body of water poses no threat. Indeed, it is more likely to create life by sucking nutrients from the bed and bringing them to the surface. The sea storms – which are better known as eddies – form bizarre whirl shaped shapes deep beneath the ocean’s surface. This counter-clockwise eddy is thought to have peeled off from the Agulhas Current, which flows along the southeastern coast of Africa and around the tip of South Africa. Agulhas eddies – also called ‘current rings’ – tend to be among the largest in the world, transporting warm, salty water from the Indian Ocean to the South Atlantic. Agulhas eddies can remove juvenile fish from the continental shelf, reducing catch sizes if one passes through a fishing region. The bizarre phenomenon was spotted when the Terra satellite was conducting a routine natural-color image of the Earth. –Daily Mail
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6 Responses to Giant whirlpool churns up ocean south of Africa

  1. Mike says:

    It is not a storm in the atmosphere or under the ocean, that is a lie. There are no clouds over it. Keep in mind that Earth is 24901.55 in circumference. If you looked at it from a side view like a plate, it is 12450.775 wide, Making it from were you stand 6225.3875 miles to the center, which is 1200 miles hollow by the way. The deepest part of the ocean is in the The Mariana Trench which is 6.78 miles deep. The Earth is more then capable of swallowing the whole ocean. It is most likely a gigantic pocket within the Earth that has collapsed and will keep swallowing water until it fills up.
    An Ocean SINK HOLE, per say.


    • Larry Fairall says:

      Mike, what does the 12,450.775 (metric?) measurement and 6,225.3875(metric?). apply to? The earth is 7,908.72 miles in diameter and 3,954.36 miles in radius to the center. Looks as if you have mixed metric with miles, as the earth is approx. 24,900 in circumference or 40.000 + in metric as you stated. Also could you please tell me the resource for the 1200 mile hollow theory. I do know there are many empty pockets in the crust, however I have not heard of 1200 mile theory.

      Thank you and God Bless


    • heather says:

      So how long has it been there and has it left yet? When I pulled it up on the net, it was stated to have been here since December. Is the water being sucked down in the earth or is water going in different directions?


  2. Bobi says:

    That is interesting as from what I have read, everything above the equator flushes counter clock wise, and below flushes clock wise…. Guess that’s not true of deep ocean whirlpools…..being they are so huge, they can go any direction they want…


  3. rheziel vincent says:

    omg dats a big wrl pool but still 8 can help to suck the nutrient but maybe it s pobile that it can bring the land to the other land and connect each other because the wirl pul is sucking, the water and we know dat the land s just floating in the seas


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