6 Responses to China preparing for space warfare warns U.S. army general

  1. J. Harrod says:

    No doubt that a lot of this technology was either stolen from or given to the Chinese by the US. It baffles me as to why we are so willing to give knowledge away when every adversary we face protects their information at all cost. Our sharing has gotten us no where.


  2. Thera says:

    Hi Alvin…. I realize you may not aloow this to post.

    The Secrecy Behind Space Based Weapons”

    But please read it. And all else you can about Carol Rosin and or Werhner Von Braun.


    And thank you



  3. Thera says:

    Very interesting!


  4. james says:

    China is a long term strategic chess player.


  5. Larry Fairall says:

    Right on the money, that’s what it looks like to me… Good advice, not much we can do about it anyhow. Just pray and watch.

    God Bless


  6. totohanthala says:

    yea! go china..stifle that terrorist united states of mordor!!


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